The Real Bullies in the World, Liberals

Do you know why I hate liberals so much dear reader, as if the millions of words that I have now written about them up to this point didn’t make the situation clear? Because they are bullies. Their political philosophy without question requires the destruction of individual thought and to enforce it they are more than willing to use force. I have always been open with them, willing to sit down and listen, but they have not been that way with me and of course my policy is never to turn the other cheek. So my relationship with liberals has always been contentious, even when they called themselves Republicans. I have seen the ugly truth about liberals more than once and way too up close for my liking and it is always the same. They are like mobsters, even the suburbanite soccer moms who want their school levy support for free babysitting. They always seek to impose themselves on the world around them and if you get in their way, they will try to destroy you. Whether it is with physical force, or by attempting to destroy your career, or your place in a community, they will do anything to destroy someone they perceive to be in the way of what they want as a group. Liberals pose themselves as friendly, but their ruse is only skin deep. The essence of them is nothing short of the morality of a snake, and that is probably giving snakes a bad name undeserved.

All the proof you need is in how they are seeking to demonize William Barr who clearly acted correctly regarding the Mueller report. He was just put into office. He provided a summary of the Mueller report once it was turned in, then he put forth a redacted version. And an actual unredacted copy was offered to select members who would put forth the effort under controlled circumstances. But Democrats know they can’t beat President Trump in an election so they put all their chips onto this Mueller Report which tried as hard as they could to find something from nothing, and now that nothing has been found, Democrats are desperate. So what do they do, they seek to destroy the reputation of William Barr for going against their wishes. In the end, that’s all any of the talk of holding the new Attorney General in contempt of congress is. And the way they are trying to destroy him in the media, and in his career is a story we have seen over and over again.

I’ve seen this all many times but for me it hit hard during the Lakota school levy days in my neighborhood when I was leading a group of business owners to stop the tax increases suggested by the progressive tax advocates. I was the point person to give many of the business owners anonymity because they literally feared for their careers and social status if it got out that they didn’t support the tax increase for Lakota schools. One name did get out and the pro tax supporters did what all leftists did, they organized a boycott against the business and lobbied against it in the financial circles to literally get his business taken away from him. They tried the same thing against me about a year later when my continued radio appearances and debates against their side didn’t give them any wins. They figured they’d have to destroy me in every way that a person could be destroyed. Only I didn’t care about the things they normally extort which left them toothless. And when they tried the physical violence route, well, that was disastrous for them as well. They found that they couldn’t take anything from me so that fire was put out really fast. But they did try and for that I will always hold it against them. I have a thing against bullies. I have never yielded to them going way back into my school days. I believe so strongly about it that people have died in the process. So I’m not going to start accepting that behavior now. If anything, it sickens me more when I see it.

What is even worse is that we all know why they are going after William Barr, because now the new Attorney General has the power to come after them for all the crimes they committed, and this attack by liberals against Barr is simply to beat him to the punch. That is the way all liberals play, even the docile bra burning environmentalists. They are all bullies and con artists. Very little of their personal ideology contains any truth, only a Game of Thrones like lust for power within groups and they’ll run over anybody to get what they want. Liberals as I have said are all suffering to some degree or another a form of mental illness. And what makes them dangerous is that they wish to continue in that state. Rather than respect the Attorney General and the law he represents, they would seek to destroy him completely, just as they tried to do with Justice Kavanaugh. I’d like to think differently about them, but there is no evidence to the contrary.

The problem with liberals is that their philosophy about life is wrong and stands against the trajectory of time. So the only way they can compete is to destroy anyone and anything that presents facts to them. Liberals are dangerous because of their refusal to deal with the nature of reality itself, and their willingness to live life with blinders on and nothing else. For those who can actually see, they detest such people and will resort to violence to keep the effects of reality from coming into their minds. They hate people who can see them for what they are most of all, and if they can overcome such people with violence or other methods, they will do so and not care if the other person is destroyed or not, no different than classical mobsters used to behave.

The contempt for the law that all the liberals involved in the FBI coup against President Trump is appalling and is filled with thousands of bullies who are all trying to stand against the tides of history. And now that yielding to those bullies have not worked under the Trump administration, they are seeking to destroy his AG before the investigations into the real crimes can take place. And with liberals, they will do anything to put a stop to Barr’s plans. Just as liberals will instigate boycotts against businesses and advertisers whom they disagree with, always with them is the threat of violence or pain if the people they are targeting do not comply with their intended thoughts. They have no other way of obtaining favor but through force, which is why they stand against the 2nd Amendment, and why they are attempting to control the 1st with online censorship and “editorial” censorship. In many ways they have complete control over most human resource departments through government control of labor relations. And they never trust that their ideas are better, only that theirs are the only ones that survive. That’s all they care about and is completely reflective in the William Barr case. If he didn’t do what they wanted him to do, then they would bring pain to him any way they could. And in the past, this has worked for liberals. That is, until now where some are starting to fight back. As they should have all along.

Rich Hoffman

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