No Inflation and a Booming Economy, What’s Not to Like?

Yes Larry Kudlow, no inflation. And everyone was wondering why Facebook was and other social media platforms along with Twitter were starting to ban conservatives. Well, it’s for the same reasons that all banning occurs, it is to continue pretending that things are one way when in all reality they are quite another. Banning people who know otherwise is a feeble attempt to control the flow of information. In this case the United States was set up by a political class that wanted global socialism and was trying to redistribute the wealth of the United States into other countries. And while they were doing it they didn’t want anybody to figure out how the game was really played. Heck, in college economic classes they were teaching this idea that America was on a declining cycle and that everywhere else—such as communist China were on the uptick. But that’s just not the truth. In reality the virtues of capitalism is why America had wealth in the first place and it all it would take to rekindle it would be to give credit, and jobs, where it had been from the beginning. What it would take was a presidential administration who understood the basic economic principles of deregulation, and pro growth management to unlock it, and the Trump administration has certainly done that and the results are obvious. But the biggest number of all isn’t the 3.2 percent rise in the GDP or the addition of 263,000 jobs in April 2019 or even the unemployment rate of 3.6%. The biggest stat of all is that it was all done with no inflation and maintaining the value of the American dollar.

We’re not talking about economic theory here, but statistical facts that have been well-known for many years. But there has been an agenda and most people have been following it in the United States. Most schools teach it, and it has certainly slipped into our mainstream entertainment. The measure of an economy has been to the limit that we measure such things and it has been mixed with all these altruistic causes. In politics the measure of economic success wasn’t in the wealth that economic activity produced, but in how it was distributed. More or less, instead of focusing on the food on the table, the measure has always been on the amount of table scraps that end up on the floor feeding some quadruped tag along. As I’ve pointed out before the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana long ago made up their mind about communist China. They have a whole exhibit they’re preparing the next generation for the ultimate reality, that China would be taking over the United States and that their version of communism would be coming here. Cities like Seattle are already well on their way as well as the states of California and Illinois. That was of course until we elected Donald Trump.

It’s not that Trump was filled with magic or anything. But as a business guy, he understood what the rest of us already knew, that we were being crippled by our politicians to intentionally fail so that the economic effort the world desired at this present time could be filled by European and Asian economies. Personally I have no problem with those economies having a strong presence, but what they have had was artificially created politically. Their gains were United States loses, and it was in America that the economic foundations were created, because that is where the buyer’s markets were generated. But Trump knew better, he was already rich and knew how the sausage was made and was able to attack the economy rather easily. But what was different for him was that he didn’t rely on advisors to guide his thoughts on the matter, like all the previous presidents before him did.

I knew when I was pushing so hard for him during the last election and even standing by Trump over these first contemptuous years in office that the key to his success was his independence from the political class that was well-trained to take America down a dark road letting its wealth along the way so that socialism and communism could be propped up and countries that had done very little by way of economic growth could suddenly be rock stars. As long as the political class was advising top politicians like presidents what could and couldn’t be done, and they listened, the restrictive economic activity could flourish in the grand scheme of it all. There is a similar scam going on in the business world, the world of consultants keep companies from seeing their true growth by fitting their scope of work into confines of established practices. The same with presidential advisors. They would say that you can expand the economy with deregulation, but that there will be a cost, a loss of jobs or you will inflate the dollar. The choices were never you can have this, and this and this, but only that you would have to choose between this or that as if some artificial limitation existed that everyone had to conform to. Only that limit was created by the political class of advisors to satisfy a global vision that they came up with long ago.

I can say I certainly knew better so that was why I supported Trump early on and very enthusiastically, and I still do. All the stuff against Trump has been made up by that political class, for which entertainment is a big part of. And their desire in doing so was to avoid what we are seeing. An economy that has no signs of weakening, its only going up. At some point we will run out of people to do the jobs that are being created, which is why robotics and A.I. are so important to our continued growth. But Trump understood from the very beginning what makes wealth, and it’s not governments. Its people free to go out and create it. I never believed the business cycles that they taught in college, I always felt that growth was a choice not a limit. But we just never had a politician in the White House who understood that. Bush Senior was too interested in global expansion, Clinton was a socialist loving globalist, Bush Jr. was a drunk who tried to make up is lack of knowledge with false bravado and lots of advisors. Obama was a socialist from Indonesia who again was policy driven by advisors, who were also socialists and communists. My favorite, Reagan was an actor who had learned enough about economics to get by, and his policies of deregulation and low taxation created the 80s, which I remember very well, a vibrant, thriving culture. But I always felt we could do better and now under just two years of President Trump, we certainly are—finally.

All those numbers mentioned are good, but the reason the no inflation indicator is so important is that the down players out there—the consultant class—have always said that if you get growth in the modern context that you will spike inflation. Well, that just isn’t true and this quarter shows that. I remain convinced that if we could get all the consultants out-of-the-way, especially those who work in the news industry because they aren’t good enough to do the gig on their own in real life, that we can push our GDP up over 5% and 6%. And others are beginning to see that as well, which is why there is a panic now on social media, a hope that the message can be controlled and people won’t understand just how good the economy is. But it won’t work, that cat is out of the bag and its only going to get better. The momentum is certainly in the favor of Larry Kudlow’s handling of things. Our best days are in front of us and quite frankly I’m very proud to have played my part of it. It certainly wasn’t easy and it pissed off a lot of people. But then again, why did it piss them off? That is the real question that has a rather ominous answer. To that I say “so what.” Enjoy the great economy and everything that comes with it. We deserve in America everything. We should be proud of it, not ashamed. Other countries could have it too, if only they embraced capitalism instead of other failed methods. The evidence is quite clear now.

Rich Hoffman

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