The Socialist Failures in Seattle, and Everywhere Else

I tend to not think of political things as ideology and harmless thoughts cast into the swells of democracy, but in good or bad ideas. A bad idea is not a harmless thing, if a politician gets something wrong, lots of people suffer. People put a lot of faith into the people they elect, which is also a problem. But what they are asking is essentially a representative to conduct management on their behalf, so if they get it wrong and pick a bad manager, then the ramifications can be quite disastrous, so elections and the people who end up elected is no small matter. That is also why I care about these kinds of things so much. It’s not just about ideology and the beliefs that come from such endeavors, it is literally about success or failure. When put to practice you just can’t hide the results of bad ideas which is becoming obvious in American cities that are now overrun by liberal thoughts as conservatives retreated away from the high taxes of city living for the suburbs.

You might remember dear reader when many years ago I covered the election of Kshama Sawant onto the Seattle City Council. That event was notable because she was one of the first politicians in the country to openly call herself a socialist, and to be elected. Up until that point people like me were considered “radical” for even talking about the effects of socialism in our American political system because honestly the enemy was conducting themselves as a Trojan horse and nobody wanted to spook the guards, so they didn’t want anybody talking about it. But I was one who did and I remember covering the election of Sawant and warning everyone what would happen to Seattle.

I turned out to be correct, which doesn’t please me to say. Socialism is bad management and when you spring forth such elements the results will be noticed in the day-to-day conduct of whatever is being managed. Bad ideas do have consequences and the drug abuse, the homelessness and the general impression of the city of Seattle are now dangerously bad. They have real problems in Seattle that are a direct result of electing socialists into their management teams of city management. And now they can no longer live off their former reputations as some of the best cities in the world. Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other cities come to mind in following the trajectory of failure that Seattle is currently on, so this isn’t a case of just one city failing. It’s about the failures of a proper management philosophy running the cities and how people suffer as a result.

And I’m not speaking from a vacuum of comfortable midwestern political beliefs developed in the suburbs of a very conservative part of the world. Some ideas work and some don’t, so it’s not a matter of respecting the opinions of people who elected losers like Mayor Catherine Push in Baltimore who has just resigned due to scandal. It’s about electing people who can bring success to a city and avoiding the mistakes. Seattle is an interesting examination because it started with some really good attributes. It has a lot going for it as far as resources, population, and location and that gave it a reputation as being a destination of desire. Until the elements that made it good were taken for granted and socialism parasitically picked away the value of the city and left it a bleeding husk of a previous life. The same could have been said of Detroit, a city where Motown produced some of the greatest music of the modern era, and the big automakers were producing cars the world wanted. Heck, even the Howdy Doody show was produced there. I was surprised to learn while I was doing a television gig in Dayton, Ohio to learn that the studio I was in was the former set of the Phil Donahue Show, which I had thought previously was produced in Hollywood somewhere, or New York. I thought the studio I was in was particularly run down, the part of town was a disaster, so I couldn’t imagine that anything inspiring popular culture the way that show did for a previous generation could have come from such a place. But it didn’t take long for Democrats who were elected to the regional politics to destroy the town, and it was obvious in the crumbling studio.

I’ve traveled to places around the world where the socialist failures are more mature because they had openly embraced socialism much earlier than we had in the United States, places like France for instance. Notice how the investigation into the burning down of Notre Dame has just fizzled into the background. That is because their policy of immigration has destroyed the city of Paris. And why did they turn to immigration as their ultimate fix to most of their problems, well, because their high taxes pushed out all the wealth as France itself has been openly socialist for a long time. That’s not to say that the French people are bad, but only that they had turned toward a failed political philosophy supposedly out of compassion and the results are obvious. To maintain their tax base they opened their doors to immigration and now they can’t support their traditions and have insurgents who are still angry about the First Crusade, and they are activists out for revenge, so the churches around Paris are being desecrated by those angry immigrants who have come from the Middle East. And look what they have done to their cities in Lebanon, and Syria. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Paris is not holding up. Coming out of the train station in Paris from London the first thing I saw was a homeless man threatening to drop a concrete block on the head of another guy as they argued in French at each other some erratic emotional diatribe. They were literally right outside the door to the train station. No police were there to scurry them away to maintain order. Additionally, beggars were everywhere harassing anyone who would listen for a scrap of donation so they could eat. It was a two-mile walk from there to get into the tourist areas where Paris could still be seen.

I also stayed for a time in the English city of Canterbury where my son-in-law is from and saw first hand the homeless problem they have there. You literally have to step over them when walking around the old city which predates Roman occupation. In the name of compassion liberal management has created a situation that produces more people who end up homeless than a city that produces successful people who can actively live life with a real job and contribute to the world around them. In socialism the desire to work hard and have things in life gives way to the human trait of just letting someone else do all the work while the lazy mooch off the results. And some people are so lazy that they will sleep on the sidewalk if they can get just enough food to get by. For them life is so detrimental that they’d rather take drugs to avoid dealing with reality so under socialism they are empowered to yield toward the worst of their natures. And that is how Seattle has been going for a long time now, and the results are showing.

The video above is worth watching. It’s a little over an hour-long but its an honest look at a great American city that is now in decline. But this is not a unique problem to just America, it’s a problem of all socialist management systems and anywhere where it occurs, failure is not far off. When a city is failing it is because of bad management and one thing that is very much proven it’s that socialism in any form brings about failure. And that should be a warning to anybody who is heading in that direction, don’t do it. Because it doesn’t and never will work. Socialism always, 100% of the time leads to failure, even in Scandinavia. The only reason that people like Bernie Sanders don’t see that failure is because they put a fresh coat of paint on it. But if you look just a little under the surface you can see the same failures that are obvious now in Seattle. And it’s not pretty to look at.

Rich Hoffman

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