College Has Always Been and Continues to Be, a Scam

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about it, but my article on the most successful people who never went to college, which I produced nine years ago continues to be one of my most popular, and most accurate. With all the talk these days about that collapsed dream, the scandal of parents buying off college admissions, the socialist proposal for free college for everyone paid for by the state, and the general liberal nature of the whole experience the truth is never talked about regarding the necessity of college and how it was designed from the beginning for all the wrong social matrixes. At the heart of liberalism is the desire for social tiers, the kind of structure where blood lines mattered and the power one obtained in life depended on the ancient notion of what kind of family one derived from. Much of the world still functions from that primitive state where even weddings are arranged between families to preserve bloodline authenticity. It’s an ancient notion that we have outgrown in the United States and it has taken the world a long time to accept the idea. The truth is that college and the concept of it was invented to preserve that ancient notion and to avoid the realities of capitalism and the merit-based society that derived from it.

It doesn’t take much to understand why parents like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin would go to so much trouble to get their kids into a prestigious school, because they understood that the nature of the endeavor wasn’t to actually teach their children anything, it was what going to a specific school meant to their future lives in the form of social structure. Even in the way that people follow sports teams of their alma mater there is a notion that has replaced family blood lines present that still preserves the European, or even Asian notion of kingdom building and where one fell on the structure of royalty. By going to a school with a reputation for giving social access to its students, just having attended the place meant that a level of social acceptance would be granted to the student participant. In the same way a child born under some family name might have been a complete idiot, but due to the abilities of some great-grandfather who managed to curry favor in some king’s court a hundred years ago, that reputation still gave that idiot access to owning good lands, and a higher stock of a wife just because of the family name.

When America came along with its capitalism and a merit-based culture this whole bloodline thing died quick. It didn’t matter who your daddy was, if you were smart, ambitious, and hardworking, you could become anything you wanted. That’s how it worked in theory anyway and does in practice. But reluctantly, those who were lazy, and certainly not willing to do the hard work to climb a ladder toward success enjoyed the tiered structure of yesteryear where you were invited to social events based on your family name. As the bloodline sentiment died away in Western culture, the idea that University participation would replace it became more urgent and it took hold for about 50 years in the United States. But it has never been a priority in America because deep in our hearts we know the truth, that college participation is not emphasized to gain intelligence or to learn anything, its to satisfy the whims of a social class that is desperately hanging on to an ancient notion of class structure that would protect them from a merit based society.

We are learning now that the notion of a college scam has had a crippling effect on our economy in the West as it has been expanding faster than there were minds filling its needs. Kids going to college were learning all the wrong things and it has been taking them decades to unlearn all the bad things they learned there. The reality in the business world has been that Yale name as a alma mater still got you an interview, or even a job by a boss who still valued such things, but it certainly didn’t give anybody an advantage over another applicant who was actually smarter and harder working. Following the alma mater route has crippled companies with sub par employees who just weren’t as effective as a merit-based hire.

Effectively public education has always pushed the college notion in preparing young minds to attend the institutions of higher learning. The government schools of course want to keep this bloodline notion alive because it makes the lazy and unimaginative seem less complacent. Government for its purposes doesn’t want a free flying mind that will challenge its authority all its life, it wants the clipped wings of all those who fall under its authority. So the purpose of any government sponsored education system isn’t to teach a mind to be free and independent, but to have its wings clipped so it stays on the ground and under the control of the government through a structure they find acceptable. And for many of them, if they can have a decent house, a decent car and some money for social events, they are happy to trade what they could be for what their lazy natures prefer. Public schools spent all their time breaking kids down into their proper structures that would follow them all through life, then the colleges would finish the job. If a student managed to go to college, they would then get access to an interview at a company playing along with this system where you could only interview if you had a bachelor’s degree. Or that you couldn’t get a pay raise unless you had a master’s or doctorate. The effort there was to preserve that ancient system so that the participate would trade a free life for that of a clipped winged life so that they could have a good paying job.

But the reality has not been conducive to that sentiment. Employers have discovered that merit is the best indicator of getting the best people for a job. And that list I published all those years ago show that college has nothing to do with success as long as capitalism allows merit to rule over the old bloodline notion. Don’t marry that spouse just because they went to the same school as you did, but because you love them. Just as many couples ran away from arranged marriages in Europe seeking an authentic experience over a socially arranged one. We have seen that companies do better with hard-working and hungry applicants instead of one who went to Harvard by brown-nosing their way through life to arrive at a job interview filled with liberal propaganda and to play company politics like the Game of Thrones just so they can get the corner office. Companies wanted something better for themselves and the college graduate has not given it to them.

The reality is that the entire concept of college, while admirable conceptually, is entirely a scam designed to extract vast amounts of wealth from parents who secretly just want a good life for their kids. To get at that wealth colleges had to convince society that parents could buy a bloodline status for their children with a tuition fee, and that has worked for the most part until our expanding economy revealed the truth of it all. When companies had no choice but to consider employees without college degrees the ruse was revealed and now the entire structure has come into question, as it should. And liberalism all along thought they had a fertile ground for their future existence by forcing anybody who wanted to play the bloodline game to run their gauntlet of liberal propaganda. But now they have all been exposed and what we are seeing are the remnants of that belief system. And its sad to see given its true form which has been revealed by the neurotics that were revealed in the great college scandal stories of our present time. The parents never did really care if their children learned anything. They just wanted to give them a name which would give them access to decent things in life. And that kind of life value never had a place in a capitalist country just as the future will determine such things to be even less so.

Rich Hoffman

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One thought on “College Has Always Been and Continues to Be, a Scam

  1. Depending on the student’s course of study, parents are paying for a very expensive party time. Pre med, pre law, accounting and many science studies require dedication to the books and attendance to the classes. I had roommates that were going into teaching that slept in every morning and partied most evenings. I had to study at the library in order to find a quiet spot where I could study. You get out of an education what you put into it. Unfortunately, many of today’s public schools are not preparing students for a lifetime of learning. If people will check their district’s report card, they can find out the scores. Lebanon received a “D” on the progress section and a “D” on the “prepared for success” portion. These poor results, even with above average income for schools their size. They have a new levy on the May 8th ballot. AUDACITY!!!


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