The Assasination of Jesus Christ and Attempt Against President Trump

Considering things on a very historical scale, western civilization has grown tremendously through the religion of Christianity, and so we should think hard about the meaning of Christ during Easter, and more recently, President Trump. We must consider what the concept of removing sin from the concerns of mankind was all about. With the devil in the garden just before Jesus was arrested tempting him with doubt about his ultimate fate, that one man would take the whole world upon his shoulders and advance it with the removal of sin which was hung on the necks of all humanity with the fall of the Garden of Eden. It’s a very Ayn Rand like concept, or even Nietzschean—the idea of one man taking away from the world the burdens of sin that they were condemned with before they were even born. And of course, the institutions at the time needed that burden in place so they could control their populations with guilt. If Jesus took away that guilt, then how would those in power control humanity? So “they” killed him for no good reason but to remove hope from people’s minds that this one person through his teachings could free people of the burden of guilt. That is the only reason Jesus was tortured and killed, because the authority figures at the time needed to show that they were in charge and that anybody who tried to break free of that inherited enslavement would be killed and eradicated from the earth. And that is exactly why Donald Trump was harassed and even tortured, because through his presidency he is trying to take the world to the next step in that long Christian crusade, personal freedom and awareness not confined to the regulation of institutionalism. And for all the same reasons “they” have been trying to kill President Trump any way possible, legally if they could—preferably so their hands would be clean, but if not that way, than some other.

That’s not to say that President Trump was or is a son of God in any way, but that the concept of western civilization has emerged from a violent past to manifest into this present time with a lot of spilled blood. No matter what you believe, or to what degree you believe it, Jesus was a good person conceptually. What he was teaching was likely Buddhism which he encountered during his days in the wilderness and that concept of accepting the transitory state of existence was the foundation of all his teachings. To believe literally in the miracles he performed is probably a crossover of mythology and legend that were added to give him more flare to the ambitions of antiquity. But that doesn’t matter, what does is the concept of one man saving humanity from the simple beginnings of a carpenter who did not share a long royal bloodline through the randomization of birthright. That anybody could be a king of their own kingdom and that heaven is truly everywhere in every state and that typically man does not see it. But that the way to it is not through our institutional control, but through our own consciousness. This is something that is specific to western civilization and is the reason there is so much strife today from the world, particularly the aims of Islam to replace Christianity in the western world. They essentially have the same Bible but the relationship to eternal life falls back to the recognition of the priestly mediums to imprison the mind back to the roles of institutions, not the kind of independence that Jesus was talking about, before the Roman Catholic church tried to institutionalize Jesus Christ, which was never the intention.

Going even further than Jesus Christ was the role of President Trump, a modern King Solomon like figure, only he doesn’t claim to come from the power or lineage of God. He’s just a builder from Queens, New York who went into the family business and ended up President of the United States and the leader of the free world. He didn’t go through the institutional controls to get there, he’s not a member of the Skull and Bones society, or a Harvard Graduate or even a member of a military background, he was an entrepreneur, a television star, and a one time politician who trusted himself and ran for the highest office, and won. And for that he had to be destroyed because the fear is that others might follow him, just as they were prone to follow Jesus 2000 years prior. Even though a lot has changed in 2000 years, I don’t consider it much, conceptually we are the same people. Looking at ancient Egypt for example, their society lasted intact for around 3000 years before eventually falling to the Roman Empire and being absorbed into the Occident. Considering that the efforts against President Trump are precisely the same efforts that were against Jesus Christ, the teaching of individualized pursuit over the grips of institutional control and the way that power is maintained is through fear and control. To maintain that fear institutions, seek 100% of the time to assassinate those individuals who are attempting to free mankind of those burdens. They prefer to ignore them if they can, but if they gain too much popularity, they seek to kill them every single time.

The gains we’ve made in the Occident since the times of Christ are that we believe we are nations of laws and that we are trying to give a platform for individuals to function freely from, which is the nature of the American Constitution. But that is on paper only, in practice the Bar Association and the political levers of our current state are still very much reflective of the rise of western civilization before Christ came along, and has for every century since been pulled back into that slavery mentality, obedience to the state and if power was the desire then you had to lick the feet of those in power, either through some secret society, a church, or a royal line of psychopaths.

Not that Jesus could have or would have, but the key message for our modern times is that President Trump has refused to name superiors on earth to him or lick the feet of anybody at any point and his example is a real threat to the long lineage of institutionalism. I view the Presidency of Donald Trump to be a natural extension to the original teachings of Jesus Christ and the true intention of the creation of all humanity. We have learned as a species the keys to ever lasting life, we have returned to the Garden and pushed away the forbidden fruit and are now nurturing back to life our relationship to the Tree of Eternal life. Yes Heaven is all around us and the reason people did not see it was because they were too occupied with their place on the pecking order of existence, of their fraternities, their boot licking, and their fear of eternal destruction and status as a family name. With Trump beating back the aims of the FBI and the political institutionalists of our current time and firing all the people around him who have not performed well, he has done all civilization a great service and this time such a character didn’t end up on a Cross. They wanted to put him there, but he refused to play along and take the beatings and that is the real lesson from all this that will carry the Occident forward. Don’t empower evil by yielding to it, even with cooperation. The way to beat them is to not need them. That is why Jesus Christ was murdered by his own church. It’s why the FBI tried to destroy President Trump and it is the same force that keeps every breathing human being imprisoned intellectually to the sins of the past. Once you don’t need any of them, they lose all their power, and that is the way of the next two thousand years, and it essentially starts today.

Happy Easter, we do celebrate the resurrection on the third day, but in the context of the Occident, that resurrection has taken place in the Presidency of Donald Trump and we should all be thankful for it.

Rich Hoffman

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