Julian Assange is an Alley, not an Enemy

I felt bad for Julian Assange after being ripped out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London after his 7-year asylum there. But it had to end eventually. I know the Embassy well, and understand the geography around it, while visiting it was obvious to me that Assange couldn’t stay there forever. The conditions are better now for his freedom than they were 7 years ago when he had to seek shelter from Ecuador from prosecution over the publication of the Bradley Manning’s classified document disclosures which caused him to be court martialed from the United States Army in 2013. From there the little fella turned himself into a girl and received a pardon from President Obama. But Assange and his Wikileaks was the outlet that published the classified material and authorities have been after Julian since. I’m not supportive of the whole Bradley Manning/Julian Assange relationship, but I became somewhat of a fan during the Trump campaign. I think its safe to say that without Wikileaks, Trump wouldn’t have been able to be elected president, because it was the only fair and balanced media functioning in the world it appears, and that’s what Trump needed, a level playing field which Wikileaks gave him. And as we now know quite well, maybe the secrets that Wikileaks did publish were good after all as we’ve learned just how corrupt the Deep State truly is. I’m all for freedom of the press to keep the bad guys under review. Unfortunately, these days the bad guys in the press are helping the bad guys in the world, so Wikileaks has become something I value.

Honestly, I think extradition to the United States is the best thing for Assange and Wikileaks. Being held up in the Ecuadorian Embassy wasn’t much different from prison, Assange is more effective out fighting than hiding. If I were in the Trump administration, I’d give Assange immunity and hire him to crack open the Deep State. After all, it was Assange who has said that he didn’t get his information on the DNC which was published during the summer of 2016 from the Russians, which was at the heart of the Mueller investigation. So whom did he get it from and can Assange reveal who exactly killed Seth Rich, the Democrat operative who was turning whistleblower before he suddenly ended up dead? There are a lot of bodies that need to fall over the documents revealed by Wikileaks regarding John Podesta and the rest of the DNC for crimes they openly committed, that are much more severe than anything done by the people who were prosecuted within the Trump administration—such as General Flynn and Paul Manafort.

There are some real bad people functioning within the American government who are directly connected to people in the mainstream press and the politics of the Democrat party who need to be brought down and Julian Assange is just the guy to do it. He knows who did what and when which has been no good to any of us with him hiding from trumped-up sex charges in Sweden. Authorities there have been pursuing a rape case against Assange but given what we know about the world of this last decade, I have no illusions that the whole thing was a set-up. Assange should have been careful whom he had sex with, but the rape looks clearly to have bee a set-up from the beginning. Just like the case with the nice kid from Texas Cody Wilson, who was running Defense Distributed. Authorities couldn’t beat him in court, because the kid was too smart so they lingered in the background until the fame and attention went to the young man’s head and he ended up having sex with a sixteen year old girl that he met on SugarDaddyMeet. Once he did that he lost all his leverage as a First and Second Amendment crusader and has been effectively silenced. It is clear that the same kind of thing was going on with Assange. It is the MO of all authority figures.

The bad people of the world aren’t going to stop what they are doing, they live by different rules and they aren’t afraid to let us all know that. If someone like Assange or Wilson steps out of line, they throw the legal book at them because they control the law. What we need Assange for is to check the authorities’ power with real reporting. In the United States the bad guys have taken over the media so they can control what the public learns about their misdeeds and they are after Assange not for any rape that might have occurred, but because Wikileaks is a threat to them. They need to control the message so they need to shut down the voices that are most prone to exploiting them. They aren’t worried about ABC News or NBC, but they are worried about Wikileaks. For the Trump administration, Assange is the best witness to his own innocence that there is, and he is the best outlet for freeing Roger Stone from his own case which is motivated by the same forces—to shut down challenges to the system’s control over the masses.

You don’t have to look hard to see the pattern, whether it is Julian Assange, Roger Stone, or Alex Jones, the system itself which is global in nature is seeking to shut down the most vocal voices against them. In the case of all those people they all have vices which are easy to exploit so authorities use the rules to their own advantage to do so, and hopefully send a message to the rest of us to behave. It’s not going to work, at least not with me. In the case of the names mentioned, they are all smart guys, but as I said, they had vices which the bad guys were able to exploit. Especially in the case of Cody Wilson, a young man suddenly very popular and a desire to have female worship in the form of young girls. But if you really want to win this fight, you can’t have vices. You have to be smarter than the bad guys, and more morally perfect. You can’t give them anything and you have to assume that they are watching you everywhere you go, because they are. They are constantly monitoring your web browsing habits, they watch and track you wherever you go, and they know when you are speeding on the highway. If you give them anything, they will use it against you. If they can get to somebody that you care about and ruin them to get to you, they’ll do it, you better believe it.

That is why I think Trump should cut a deal with Assange and help him with his case in Sweden. Make Assange an ally not a villain and use him to destroy the Deep State, once and for all. Destroy the Democrats by exposing their role in creating the Russian hoax and in the death of Seth Rich. Set the world of corruption on fire by putting a very motivated witness on the stand in Assange and let the whole thing just burn. James Comey, Clapper, Brennon, and the Obama administration in general wanted to burn all of us to the ground, to advance a global objective that was to spread socialism to every corner of the earth. Why not throw it all back at them? Julian Assange is the key in doing so.

Rich Hoffman

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