“Sawed Off Shotguns”

Sure you have a right to be angry dear reader. They have been lying to you. All these climate losers who are trying to propose that the world is coming to an end in just 12 years from this point in time are the types of people who are the premier examples of why drugs in our society should be illegal. Because they are dumb. Dangerously dumb. They don’t understand climate science, they trust scientists are part of the problem and don’t see how academia has been corrupted by a lift leaning political class. To understand the type of people who are falling for these schemes I wouldn’t go so far to make fun of them, because I honestly don’t think they understand much about life. To understand them I recommend listening to the song by The Glorious Sons titled “Sawed Off Shotgun.” Those types of people reflected in that very below the line song are those who are getting suckered by the climate change advocates. They have grown up stupid and crippled intellectually making them victims to every little ailment and its sad to see, but it is they who are now functioning as voters and democratic participants in our culture, and a lot of them, way too many of them are hooked on OxyContin just as the song states.

Even if the United States adopted all the climate measures proposed by these radical new Green Deal advocates, China and Russia as well as most of India and the rest of the world all the way over to the Mediterranean Sea will continue polluting at an alarming rate and none of them, especially China is about to give up anything to halt the expansion of their economies. They are going to pollute in great abundance. The only thing that needs to be understood about the entire Green New Deal nonsense is that the goal is to attempt to stop the American economy so that the other economies of the world can gain strength. You won’t see any of these green advocates protesting China, because communism is their goal anyway. They aren’t protesting Russia, if they did most of them would be killed. No, they protest America because that is the big dog economy and they want to end it. That is the game and to get everyone to forget how the game is played they have created a society of drug induced losers who know they are being played but don’t know how to step away and to end the cycle.

I had a pretty good day a few days ago, it was nice outside so I took the long way home and drove about 100 MPH down the road listening to the “Sawed Off Shotgun” song on my car stereo while I listened to Sean Hannity on my phone. It was an interesting contrast of thought processes that came together quite nicely. Watching that music video for that song I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the audience. They know they are being manipulated and toyed with politically. They know they have been drug induced to be suckers in a society that has hostile elements trying to penetrate it for the destruction of all American influence, but they don’t know how to deal with it but through more cigarettes and alcohol to drown out the effects. I’ve noticed this trend in other musical artists of this generation, they understand that there is a game being played, but they don’t know who to trust, literally. Their minds have been robbed from them and they are defenseless in a scary world. If someone tells them the world is coming to an end in 12 years of course it scares them. They are purposely too stupid to know better.

But that’s the only way it works. You have to be stupid and deliberately void of an understanding of current events to believe that liberals really want to save the planet from a path of 12-year destruction. It’s as much of a hoax as saying that Santa Clause will be president of the United States in 2028. It’s just not in the realm of possibility. The only way anybody could believe such a thing is to get hooked on some drug and to numb your mind to such a degree that you can’t process any real information. And currently much of the youth, people under 30, are in the state represented in that music video and they are truly victims of reality, because they have been taught to be that way. They are losing it and they want to protest but they have no idea where to direct their anger. They have been lied to by everyone and now they are supposed to participate in our republic to keep it going and all they can think to do is to take another drink and talk about getting a sawed-off shotgun. For what we have no idea, but the idea of it gives them a little strength to even pose the proposition.

And so it was in my experience in listening to that song while Sean Hannity laid out the case of the phony Mueller investigation that if I didn’t know better, I could see how people would fall into that trap of believing all the Green New Deal garbage. So since those people don’t know any different I feel confident to assure them that the earth will still be here 12 years from now. Humans don’t have much of a measurable impact on any climate conditions. Climate change is a natural condition that will happen long into the future and it occurred long before humans were ever on the scene. The goal in attempting to connect climate change with powerful economies is only to stop the growth of capitalism so that the world will turn toward communism. Communism is the way of life in China and the left still hopes that it will take root in the West so that is all there is to the climate change arguments. They (the left) hope that enough people are hooked on so much OxyContin and are afraid of the tax man that they won’t question the nature of the Green New Deal. They’ll just follow along and direct their sawed off shotguns at the Trump administration instead of the liars and cheats that are so dominate in the Democrat party.

But the anger is real, the way that young people feel, it is not misplaced. They know someone is lying to them. They are at least that smart even though their minds have been deliberately clipped just like some caged bird so that they can’t fly away. I don’t like the words of that song, but I do like the spirit. People understand that something is happening and they literally don’t know who to trust. So I offer this much, you can trust that the world will be here at 2030 and climate change will have no impact on the state of it. Rather, we’ll be traveling to Mars and settling other destinations in space. And things will be better tomorrow than they are today, especially if you let the Trump administration do their work. The entire premise of the climate change argument is to gain power and I think people are rebellious enough to see through that. Maybe not consciously, but their innate instincts are correct, and so long as they keep asking those questions, everything will be alright. Just make sure to stay away from OxyContin and alcohol and the world will make a lot more sense.

Rich Hoffman

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