H.B. 174 Advances in Ohio while Pennsylvania Goes Backwards

Things are going in the wrong direction in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as they have introduced a gun registration act that advocates an annual gun registration with state police of all the guns a gun owner owns. Simply put, its none of their business what guns you own. The law proposed in Pennsylvania is way over the line and runs against the spirit of our federal Constitution in the United States—a great work of philosophy, not just law. A premise that has been established that is every bit as important as the 1st Amendment in protecting liberties which then protect the very nature of our society. It’s not guns that are dangerous but are representative of a very powerful economy worldwide and resides deep within the very nature of what makes America great. Enemies of gun ownership who want to fundamentally change the nature of American life understand that to do that they must remove private gun ownership from the mind of Americans. So it is very sad to see that Pennsylvania is falling backward not forward. President Trump may have won there by a hair, but they obviously have a long way to go before they “get it.”

In Ohio however, where I live, nearly half of our Ohio House Republicans are co-sponsoring new legislation to abolish the state’s current conceal-carry license and training requirements with House Bill 174. The legislation expands the allowable concealed weapons list to include rifles and shotguns instead of just handguns, which I think is fantastic. In reading the Ohio Constitution again recently, as an older person I was quite inspired by the open language within it toward gun ownership and its role in protecting private property. Of course private property is the key to our economic powerhouse as a nation and any state which adapts such understandings. For a functional society to work correctly all people need to be born into a family which provides some basic educational foundations and values. Those individuals need to grow up into people who want to work to achieve things in their life and acquire property. And they need to have the ability to defend it. Those sets of circumstances are key to the successful continuation of western civilization and economies that are power and advocating technical advancement. The gun is not a primitive possession from a war-torn past, it’s a philosophic representation that mankind has stepped toward autonomous self-government as opposed to centralized control which restricts the imagination and perpetuity of individualized effort.

I’m not crazy about Mike DeWine’s gas tax initiatives, but I was less crazy about the former liberal John Kasich’s spending in Ohio into oblivion which has caused the current administration to find money to maintain our roads. DeWine is doing the right thing to adopt a pay as you go theme with Ohio drivers while we recover our budget for which Kasich squandered away. However, DeWine does support this “constitutional carry” measure and he will likely sign it once the legislation gets through the House and Senate. While big government types continue to view gun ownership as barbaric and backwards the truth is quite the opposite, so it is a relief that Governor DeWine understands that very basic concept. I remember well an event that I was at set up at Premier Shooting in West Chester where I was with Jon Husted, George Lang, Sheriff Jones and Mark Welch at a table and we were talking about these types of measures, concealed carry, rights of individual citizens and that type of thing in the VIP room overlooking the property and the fishing lake. At that time Husted looked to be a long shot at becoming the lieutenant governor of Ohio on the DeWine ticket so I was thinking how great it would be if the people at that table won their elections and continued to advance individualized philosophy through law in Ohio. I was very happy to see that DeWine and Husted won and are now embarking on that journey of individual rights that is represented by gun ownership because it indicates that Ohio is on a great path trajectory toward future prosperity.

The anti-gun crowd, which is always pecking at the door to freedom of course is against this H.B.174 Bill, because they still hold the belief that an anti-gun society can advance into a mature and technical state. Obviously that is a wrong assumption so it doesn’t matter what the FOP organizations believe about the matter or progressive gun control advocates, they are all on the wrong side of history. Gun ownership isn’t about shooting people. It’s about knowing that the protection of your private property has been decentralized and resides within you personally all the time. And in knowing that, you can live a life of material acquisition that fuels the economy and the life of a free society. Gun ownership is a very above the line thing to do whereas progressive society which so closely embraces below the line victimization behavior advances the thoughts of equality no matter what behavior or circumstances mandate. An unarmed person in such a society is always in a position to be a victim of aggression and a dependent on the State for protection which is wrong in so many ways.

People who don’t work hard in life or have built a life of values for themselves do not have the right, or ability to just scoop in and take whatever they want from those who do work hard. And while a person is working hard in life to live well and prosper they shouldn’t have to spend enormous amounts of time learning to defend themselves without a gun. Gun ownership makes personal defense much more efficient and less time-consuming. If someone wants to rob you a Ohio voter shouldn’t have to wrestle away a knife from an attacker or deal with some 300 pound aggressor who is on welfare and spent all their free time working out so that they could use their big bodies to intimidate others into giving them free stuff to mooch off of for the rest of their lives, a gun owner should be able to rectify such perilous attempts at their individual liberty with a firearm so they could quell such actions hopefully without further violence, but if necessary with a life ending verdict so they can get back to work in our productive oriented society.

Anti-gun advocates who utter that HB 174 makes Ohio a more dangerous place only think so in regard to their liberal base, who truly want a gun less society so that they can feed off the efforts of the ambitious more freely, which is the tragedy of what is going on in Pennsylvania. The opposite is true, guns make a society safer and less dependent on bureaucrats and slow minded law enforcement. So while one state is going backwards the other neighbor in Ohio is going forward, more guns on more people being carried around openly and concealed keeps the bad guys hidden and away from society. Taking guns away emboldens them, it’s that simple. What anti gun advocates hate is that the centralized control they wish for so much is removed from consideration and that the power of personal protection then resides squarely on the property owner, where it should be. That property might be a home, or a business. But it could be a car, a spouse, or a sandwich, whatever it is that an individual person needs to protect through their efforts at living. Those protections are not granted from the state, they are a natural extension toward effort, one creates the other. That is why gun ownership and carrying them around in public makes for a better society and better individual people, because they can exist without worrying about some slob coming along and taking everything they’ve worked so hard at life away from them. And once that assurance is granted, people are freer to build a lasting economy with wonderful options for everyone.

Rich Hoffman

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