Beating Bad Guys

Personally, I think the best way to deal with scum bags like Adam Schiff is to beat the shit out of them and to leave their bloody husks begging for one more breath. Culturally, which drives all moral conduct in a human society, it is the rise of the Beta Male that is causing all this corruption in the world, allowing people like Adam Schiff to cause so much trouble because they know they only have to survive legal problems because nobody will physically beat the crap out of them. The reason there are so many of these losers running around these days causing trouble is because they don’t fear getting their asses kicked. Since they are dishonest losers who count on manipulation to survive, the real solution is to just smash their faces into pulp. That would save a lot of money and teach them and those around them some hard lessons that they obviously need to have bestowed upon them. This is why it’s dangerous not to have manly men part of the balance of power in the world, because it allows weak people to behave as the strong using their powers of manipulation and malice to wreak havoc in the world. If they worried about getting the shit beat out of them, they likely would behave much more civilized.

However, we have President Trump and he’s willing to use the legal system in the proper way to balance out power. This supposedly prevents the need to beat the shit out of bad guys when they show their ill intentions. So long as there are people like Trump functioning in our government I’m willing to let the process play out toward justice. And in this case justice isn’t defined by social justice where the weak take from the strong to level out equality. Usually the strong are the way they are because of the work they have put into whatever endeavor in life that has made them that way. The weak are usually weak for one primary reason, because they are lazy and won’t put for the effort to better themselves. This holds true even for those born with handicaps, physical or mental. Anybody can become strong, it’s a matter of effort that makes some better than others. No, when we talk about justice we are talking about the protections of individuals to live their own lives free of the forceful imprint of others. In order to have real justice a person must be restored to their ability to function as an individual without fear of group imprint by force.

There is no such thing as a poor person. There are people who lack opportunities, but there is no such thing as a poor person. There are lazy people and there are people who are achievers. In the United States with all the public libraries that there are, the public education opportunities that were all built with good intentions and the many, many, many job opportunities that there are, nobody needs to be poor. Being poor is a choice, especially in America. The big crime people like Adam Schiff are guilty of is in exploiting people from a position of power into staying within the parameters of social behavior that allows for class warfare to be conducive the winning of elections. Schiff and his fellow Democrats can’t win elections unless they keep people performing in a victimized state, below the line where they feel they don’t have control of any of the aspects of their lives but through government. And they only get away with it because we live in an age where ass kicking is not a normal form a behavior. I would argue that when it was, people didn’t behave this way, because they might end up getting killed for it. The victimizing and exploitation of other people for the effort of gaining political power is a big no, no.

One thing is very clear after the Mueller investigation is now over, the failure to punish evil people when they attempt to suppress people for the efforts of trading power to themselves has unleashed many bad characters into our political system, and we have to put an end to it. You either have to kick the shit out of all them one by one, or you have to use the long arm of the law to throw them in jail and take from them all that they’ve gained by acting as such malicious characters. Schiff is just an obvious example because with the investigation over his attempt to use our justice system as a personal weapon for his own power grabs has left him vulnerable to the world. Even stupid people can see now what he has been up to all along. But we can’t stop there. The election of President Trump has exposed so many bad characters and it forces us to enact justice on them legally through the measures that our republic dictates. Or we beat the shit out of them. To my mind the Adam Schiffs of the world have deliberately attempted to live in a lawless fashion so why not beat the shit out of them? The only thing that protects them from ass kickings is the respect for the law that we all have. Yet that same law they seek to subvert so that they can gain power. Their intentions have posed the problem. It forces us to react to it, and we cannot do as we have done, and that is to just let it go unchecked. The amount of bad behavior they conducted as aggressors against the election of President Trump is a shot at all of us who supported his election. It’s not about Trump himself, but in the people who put him in power. President Trump was put in place by people like me and you so that we could have a proper representative in place who covers our interests. Not to allow defenders of the lazy and corrupt to have power over our government to serve their own selfish interests by means of villainy.

Now that people know the truth, which I have been saying from the beginning, they are outraged. But what are they going to do about it, just sit on their hands? In the case of the Beltway insurgents, corrupt people like Comey, Clapper and Brennan who have allowed people like Schiff to have a platform to stand on to enact much vile behavior. They have provided us all with a gift of obvious injustice where punishment is not even up for debate. Their crimes are so obvious that even the blind could see them. They should be in jail, not on CNN attacking our president and his administration because the attack is not on the Executive Branch, its on us, and quite deliberately. And if we don’t have a legal system that has the stomach to punish the bad for the sake of the good, well then lets just admit it to ourselves so that we can then resort to physical violence. Because allowing the behavior to continue is simply not an option. Allowing the bad guys to function as terrorists from the land of the Beta Males is not conducive to a world of justice and opportunities for all. It’s just a cesspool of the malcontents intent on evil, and when thus so confronted, it needs its ass kicked one way or the other, for the justice of all.

Rich Hoffman

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