The Choice Between Life and Death

We are on the healthcare debate again, where Democrats only have the one real approach, Medicaid for all, or some other government centralized system, which could and only will net a debilitating result for its participants. Like most things in their political philosophy, their version of healthcare is centralized, expensive, and only results in delaying bodily breakdown, not preventing disease. It wouldn’t take much for Republicans to become known for healthcare except for the process of completely reinventing the concept. When it is said that all other places in the developed world have free healthcare, what they really mean is that the intention of the health maintenance is in pain maintenance, not the actual repair and sustainability of life. To be entirely honest, the best and cheapest healthcare is simply not to have to go, to maintain a body well into old age without needing treatments that are expensive and cumbersome.

The concept of a doctor is one of those things that has evolved during the progressive age as part of the interconnectedness of society. A culture of dependency so that no one person can roam about on their own without the support group of one’s peers. In that regard we have given doctors way too much power over the course of our lives. For instance, a doctor’s note can get an employee out of work, or demand that we shift our incomes into prescribed treatments that are not part of our personal decision-making processes. We turn to the doctor for every little itch and scratch these days and that is another aspect of the progressive dream society to have other people decide your personal fate, because once you accept that, you will gladly accept other invasions of your personal decision-making processes, allowing a centralized government to provide dictates for which you will live.

Of course your local doctor would never tell you that, they are unlikely aware of it themselves. These ideas are not talked about on Oprah or The View, the are created in social clubs behind wine glasses, likely in Europe where everyone talking to each other is full of themselves on such limited knowledge that they have managed to acquire in their lives between gossip columns and tabloid utterances. Sure some of them hold Master Degrees and doctorates but their knowledge is often too specific and overly specialized. They never really see the big picture, only what they have been taught by other underdeveloped people, so they never question the insanity of the system for which they are advocating. That is how we ended up with the medical system we have today, doctors who essentially prescribe medicine to override the body’s natural defenses to slow the debilitating effects of the aging process so that the system itself can make as much money as possible along the way. For the liberal always looking for more people to be dependent on a centralized system our medical industry is the perfect partner for them, because it essentially takes independent, self-reliant people and makes them dependent first on medicine, then on a government to help make that medicine available to them. It’s a bad system that only brings about bad results. The cure for cancer is not in the next Medicaid expansion, if ever at all. The cure for cancer will happen when it is realized that there is a lot more money to be made off fixing people then in killing them.

Wrapped up in the hopes and dreams of the typical liberal is to live a wild and reckless life when we are young so that our bodies contract diseases for which last our entire lives. Then we find ourselves at the doctor regularly dying at a predictable age once the system has looted itself off us for an amount of time that has been determined not to stress out the earth. Liberals are anti-life in most of their assumptions contrary to their utterances of wanting to help people, it is in their actions where their true nature is revealed, in their support for abortion, for the destruction of the family concept, in reckless personal practices such as drug abuse and unregulated sex. When you really get into the mind of a liberal what they want is for human beings to get off the planet so that mother nature can live free of the human being, because that is where their collective consciousness puts them intellectually, as mere bacteria in the body of the cosmos and they don’t see a need for the human to put its imprint into the universe—especially not on earth which we are supposed to sacrifice ourselves to for its preservation at all costs. Liberals are anti-life so obviously their approach to healthcare will be full of sickness and a degraded lifestyle of gradual dependence on medicine and government until we are all dead.

Yet there are options, I’ve talked about them before. Regenerative medicine is the real wave of the future. There really isn’t any reason to get sick. The human body has all the imprints within it to regenerate, that is how we were all formed as babies anyway. That process is still within us even up to old age. It would be easy to have a Republican healthcare system that functioned on truly fixing people instead of keeping them in a depleted state. The reason we don’t have such a thing now is that the medical industry employs a lot of people, and those are voters, so we don’t make the switch from debilitating medical procedures to proactive, largely because the industry itself depends enormously on the perpetually sick people they mooch off of for their existence. It has become a reality we have slowly accepted over time even though the evidence for other options is abundant.

The difference is literally a below the line or above the line option. Keeping people sick and always dependent on somebody else versus self-reliance and living an optimal existence. It is not for the government to provide healthcare, that is and has never been the question for above the line people and a society intent to function from that position, it is for science and medicine to actually improve people’s lives so that they don’t die of cancer and heart disease, or other ailments. But for them to heal as they did when they were five years old and growing. The best Republican healthcare plan would keep people from becoming sick, not focus on making them that way so they would become another dependent voting bloc hoping Democrats will give them free medicine to live five minutes longer.

It really is that simple, but to reach those lofty ambitions we as the human race have to turn away from our dependency on medical professionals to determine our state of existence. The goal of medicine is not just full recovery from all ailments, but improved lives as our souls occupy our fleshly bodies. Those bodies should run in an optimal condition always improving. That is how the medical industry should function and could if only we would be so bold. But we must take the dependency politics out of the mix because that is essentially what Democrats are advocating for. They don’t want to fix people, they want to kill them, so to preserve nature. But along the way they want your vote, and your money. And when you die, they want your kids, and your grandkids. They want the cycle to continue without a real solution forever, which is exactly why their proposals are evil and need to be defeated every way imaginable. It truly is a tale of two political philosophies and only one is right. It is in all reality a choice between life and death.

Rich Hoffman

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