The Obsession of Fecal Matter and creation of a typical Democrat

It’s by no accident that young children starting at the age of 2 are impressed with fecal matter and their ability to make noise by belching, or farting. The act of discharging waste from the human body is to the infant mind an act of creation so they are often quite proud of themselves for it. But of course we are all supposed to grow out of that stage and realize that any real creation comes from thinking, not just discharging bodily waste. However, all too often there are deep psychological problems that emerge from the parental relationships which retard children into suppressed development and these obsessions with fecal matter persist into adolescents and even early adulthood, especially these days were thought is discouraged, and obedience promoted. Under such a line of thinking, obedience to the body’s natural waste process only aggravates the emotional link to an obsession with fecal matter which lasts well into adulthood, and encourages yielding to the forces of nature, not in dominating them.

You can see this trend in any typical comedy these days produced by Hollywood where they are trying to appeal to this retarded state within their audiences. The sounds of farts and belching are common in these stories of stupidity which celebrate the unfinished product of human gestation, that forever fails to launch. Whether the cause is just bad parenting, or a deliberate clipping of the wings by the adults responsible for the growing child, it is quite common these days for young people, especially males, to never give up on it and to continue well into adulthood their fascination with fecal matter.

Of course the way its supposed to be is that children grow out of this debilitating state well before puberty and our cultures of earth used to promote such activity leaving the young man or woman prepared to face life intellectually developed beyond such fascinations. Farting, belching and even sexual endeavors involving fecal matter in any way are supposed to leave our minds as intelligence replaces primal concerns and by the age of 16 to 18 years of age we are supposed to enjoy the benefits of our own independence and the intellectual journey that comes from a fully developed mind. Yet when the mind fails to develop all the way what we end up with is a kind of man-child that is eternally dependent on others so functionally, and politically speaking, this is how a Democrat is formed. Under the conditions of personal independence where a person learns to function on their own after 18 years under the care of their parents, a healthy-minded person should be able to function independently within the world around them, which of course leads to a more conservative, self-reliant approach to life and its problems.

Becoming a Democrat doesn’t just happen, it is part of the development process, a person who never learns to think for themselves is prone to falling to this political ideology due to their undeveloped minds. The evidence is in their behavioral characteristics, a love of demented childish elements such as the smelling of farts and thinking that it’s an act of creation and even fecal matter obsession. This topic came to my mind as one of my grandsons was watching the YouTube sensation, Blippi, which I thought was a nice cross between Pee Wee’s Playhouse and Mr Rogers for children. A very energetic approach to modern video programming for very young children. But a quick check into the past of the real life character of Stevin John who invented and plays the character of Blippi will reveal that his first antics as a self-published YouTuber was a made up character called Steezy Grossman, a boy born from poop after anal intercourse. In one of Stevin’s grossest and now most embarrassing videos titled the Harlem Shake, Stevin actually defecated on the naked body of his friend grossing out audience members. Of course today that same person has found great success in Blippi and has deals worked out with Amazon Prime and a future agreement with Netflix to produce original content, so Stevin John is embarrassed of his early activity. He’s now almost 30 as of this writing and success in life has developed him into further intellectual understanding leaving him quite ashamed of his first Steezy Grossman character.

It should be alarming to anyone that the act of defecating on anybody would be funny, let alone to tie it to complex adult sexual rituals. Early in my days as a young adult I worked at a car lot and had to spend long hours with grown men competing for a sale that came by occasionally. I was very alarmed, and continue to be to this day to learn how many normal looking adults enjoy sexual practices that involve anal penetration, or just as a star of the event. One particularly sexually obsessed salesman who looked perfectly normal and was about twenty years older than me at the time told stories every day about the sexual exploits of he and his wife which often involved other people. His favorite sexual experience was to lay under a glass table and watch his wife defecate onto it straight at his face, protected by the glass so he could watch the whole thing occur. Their idea of a Friday night was to literally defecate on each other while people watched and he was quite obsessed with the practice. It should come as no surprise that he was a bleeding heart Democrat who despised Ronald Reagan who was president at the time. I understood even back then that the salesman was functioning from an undeveloped mind and had emerged into adulthood with a primal childhood yearning for the first creations learned by a young mind, the bodily discharge of waste, and to think of it as acts of creation.

Democrats understand too well that their political philosophy is rooted in bad behavior, so that is why they encourage more of it socially, their movies are dumb and adolescent in their concerns, their social outlook is one of dependency, the way a child needs adults in their lives to change a diaper or to pick them up and put them in a seat. The child who grows physically, but not emotionally learns to be a dependent on society at large and it never leaves them. You can tell who they are by their obsessions with farting, belching, and other gross adult behaviors. While little kids grow up and away from these traits under the ideal conditions, the future Democrat never does. They think it’s just as funny as a young 20 something to play with fecal matter, because they never learned as children that its gross, but they learned to think of it as something exciting that are elements of their first creative impulse.

For a number of years I have been a plant manager and had to deal with all the reports of when and where a bathroom needed the care of maintenance. I have never grown used to the number of reports where some employee actually picked up their own fecal matter either out of the toilet or off the floor ignoring the toilet all together and wrote messages on the stalls with it as if it were a pencil. Knowing all the employees I would not even fathom that any of them would do something so gross, yet many of them did. Those incidents occurred more than anyone would guess, and the root cause of the behavior was in the stunted development they experienced as children. But one thing became very obvious as investigations into who did these things became known, and what I can report on the matter is that not a single one of them voted for George Bush or Donald Trump. They always vote for Democrats because that is the nature of the people who vote under that political platform. They are undeveloped losers who are stuck in that age 2 mentality, and they have no way as adults to deal with the world but through liberal politics.

Rich Hoffman

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