What Did I Tell You about the Mueller Report From the Very Beginning?

So that’s what it all came down to, a report dumped on a Friday night in spring while March Madness was in its most vigorous state. After a few years and many millions of dollars, along with a lot of arm twisting for the first time in history the long arm of a corrupt law enforcement branch hit an immovable spot. Trump never budged and he just endured the most vicious fangs that the Deep State could garner, except for an actual assassination. But literal killings are not how this passive aggressive culture of ours does things these days. Instead they try to build a consensus against you and kill you by cutting off your contact with established society. For people like Trump who understand the game better than most anybody, he had turned everything around against his aggressors forcing an embarrassing news dump hoping that Robert Mueller could get away with a quiet exit from Washington D.C. culture.

Yeah, as usual I predicted everything from the beginning, even from the very first moments of this particular investigation. If this had been the early sixties, sure it would have been a literal assassination attempt, but the FBI and DOJ thought they had complete control over the justice system so they hedged their bets that they could destroy Donald Trump without making a martyr out of him, so they went the legal route of complete destruction. You could hear the panic in Chuck Schumer’s voice demanding that the Attorney General provide them with the first look at the actual Mueller report before anybody else had a chance to see it. He forgets that the Justice Department reports to the Executive Branch, not to some other branch of congress. But the panic says a lot about just how many chips Democrats had put on the complete destruction of Donald Trump by this point in his presidency. Even James Comey had to concede that there was a big nothing story and that it was time to move on. Trump had won the election of 2016 and was going to be president for the foreseeable future, and they were just going to have to come to terms with it.

Yet everyone doesn’t get to ride off into the sunset, there were a lot of crimes committed and many people still need to go to jail. I don’t think its disingenuous to point out how correct about these things that I typically am, even when it comes to things that some people consider outlandish. If I say something its money in the bank. It may be a few years off, but you can bet on it if I took the time to talk about it in some way. I don’t just rattle off nonsense, as much as political and career climbing enemies would like to fantasize about. For instance I knew what James Comey was up to before most everyone else and I put my opinions in front of the world while on CNN, well before this Mueller investigation was formed. It was a hit job from the beginning and I stated it as such. And with the same clarity I will say that if the perpetrators do not find themselves into trouble, a lot of trouble for the attempts against the president, then the credibility of our legal system will forever be tarnished. This whole ordeal won’t just go quietly into the night under the basketball scores and springtime cleaning of garages. This is much more serious and it can’t go without answer.

It is necessary for me to utter how brilliant all my work is, and my tendency to climb way out on a limb to talk topics way before anybody else because that credibility has power, and more people should come to terms with it for their own good. When I say that the entire justice system from our lower courts to the high offices of our nation are in jeopardy because of this investigation into President Trump it’s not just because I support and defend this president. It’s because the future of our nation is at stake when law and order have become so corrupted, and it has. Weaponizing law enforcement for political purposes is a serious crime, and most of the Beltway culture committed it, including some Republicans. They can’t be allowed to just disappear into history.

The McCain family is trying to protect the image of John McCain that has been nurtured by the press, the self-sacrificing POW who would do anything for his country. They are angry at Trump for continuing to shine a light onto the now deceased senator showing what a scumbag he really was. Like most things in Washington D.C. the culture there has learned to run out the clock on people’s attention and the rules state that when someone dies, that everyone should be hands off. That McCain isn’t around to defend himself so the antagonists against President Trump want to keep the McCain legacy intact that he had the last laugh through death. But in life or death a scum bag is still a scum bag. It was John McCain who brought the dirty dossier into the center of this entire story. Without his action there wouldn’t have been a Mueller investigation. They didn’t care how much it hurt Trump and his wife to have such a salacious story revealed to the world at the precise moment that the Trump team had just won one of the biggest free elections in the history of the world. They went for blood and McCain was a leader in that effort, not a passive participant. He was a never Trumper who died his way out of the fight while President Trump gets to continue on. The McCain family is just going to have to deal with the ramifications of what John McCain left behind. He went too far and helped usher in evil by using the dossier to commit illegal actions by our highest law enforcement professionals leaving them in a shambles of corruptions.

And so many people played along hoping that the ruined lives of all the President’s men would scare off Trump from the office itself and seek some hiding place and to stay in it. But that didn’t happen, Trump stayed and fought. Most of us supported him all along and now with two years left in his first term, the opposition is out of gas and there isn’t a gas station anywhere nearby. It’s going to be a long walk and they may not survive. I remember another prediction I made on a radio show several years ago, where I said that the Democrat party might not last into the 2020 years. I stand by that assertion with the same vigor as my other predictions. Without a way for Democrats to stop Trump, which this Mueller Report was all they really had to anchor hope to, that political party is on a path to lose itself, which would be fine with me. These are dirty rotten scum and complete losers who were involved in this conspiracy, especially the former CIA Director John Brennan. No wonder the CIA was so messed up around the world and everyone hates us. He was as guilty as everyone else, maybe more so for this Mueller Report which was designed to overthrow an American election. For all those involved, they have hell coming to them, and they deserve ever lip tick of a flame that they feel as it burns away at their caricatures and reveals what’s been underneath for so long. And I’m glad to see it.

Rich Hoffman

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