George Conway, the “Total Loser”


People forget in regard to the John McCain story that just because he’s dead, it doesn’t give him a free pass to sainthood. President Trump has every right to express himself on the matter of how the McCain family has treated him dead or not. Nobody gets a free pass in life just because they have died, or because they served in the armed forces. A bad guy is a bad guy no matter how you slice it, and John McCain was a bad guy. And so is Kellyanne Conway’s husband George. President Trump is not obligated into silence just because Kellyanne Conway works for him and her husband has been obviously jealous. I personally like Kellyanne quite a lot, well before she became the campaign manager for the Trump campaign, back in the days when she wasn’t invited on television all the time to pitch the plots of the future administration. Her husband’s comments about President Trump seemed oddly placed, he hasn’t been much of a supporter. Obviously that would make it hard for Kellyanne to go to work each day without the support of her husband so I haven’t had much to say about George Conway. But now the cat is out of the bag so some discussion is certainly merited.

At some point in their life Kellyanne and her husband George obviously liked each other, they have four kids together. With him being a big time lawyer, and her running a little polling outfit it was obviously a deal where George felt fulfilled whereas Kellyanne was not, as a person. She was raising the four kids but children don’t stay little forever leaving yearnings of bigger and better things looming in the back of the mind, which is often the case for most of us. In the case of Kellyanne Conway, she had the opportunity to prove herself and run the Trump campaign to a victory putting her at the top of the political world giving her a step into professionalism all her own, without the help of her husband. What’s good for her isn’t necessarily good for him so his jealous reactions toward President Trump could be understood to a point. He was no longer getting the kind of attention from his wife that he wanted so he was lashing out at her employer. Big deal, until he started publicly questioning the sanity of the president, and at that point, Trump had every right to defend himself, which he did by calling George Conway a “Total Loser.”

Men, especially in regards to a marriage where an obvious dominate other man shares the affections of a wife will often do whatever they can to undermine the other person in the eyes of their wife hoping to steer her mind away from a rival. The other man often can be a father where the newly married young man might seek to erode away the relationship a daughter has with her father so that he can steal away her values so the same expectations he gave her are not placed on the new husband. So the undercutting in that case is quite common and is a means of psychological control, and abuse aimed at relieving the pressure off the spousal relationship. After all, in the mind of the young man, he married a woman and he expects to have her complete attention. And to a large extent this is obviously part of the case in the Conway marriage, only the parental figure has been replaced with an employer which is fulfilling a need that Kellyanne has that is not being obtained in the marriage. But the fault is not hers, its George Conway’s, because he is not doing what he needs to do as a man to fulfill her. It’s not her job to dumb herself down to his limits, its his job to step up and become better so that she might be more fulfilled in the marriage. And that is where he has gone wrong and why Trump has called him quite correctly a “total loser.” What is a loser but a person who plays at life to lose, and seeks to lower the standards of the surrounding world to fit his self-image which is obviously lacking.

Granted, Kellyanne essentially went from being a housewife to one of the most powerful women in the world within just a few short years. To some extent I’m sure we can all sympathize with George Conway. She is obviously beyond his reach and he was lucky to have had four kids with her. But if the couple doesn’t grow together it quickly could become that the kids are all that hold the marriage together. If he’s not there for her and she needs something, she has an obligation to go and get it as a person. It’s not her job to sacrifice herself to the limits of his world view. So she has left him behind by his choice and he has nobody but himself to blame in the matter. President Trump is loyal to those who are loyal to him and Kellyanne has been there with him from day one and stood by him no matter what. So he has given her a high place in his administration, but he certainly isn’t limited to what he can say or do because of her crazy and jealous husband. Kellyanne I’m sure would love to share her life with her husband but if all he has become is a pouty loser at home, then she isn’t obligated to chain herself to his misery. Its his job to step up to where she is in life and he has obviously failed to do that, which is why she took the President’s side in the duel between her husband and her employer.

Every woman hopes that her relationships will get along with each other, life is too short for nonsense. But in that effort of bridging radically different personalities in her life to the peaceful transaction of communication between all parties, if all the players refuse to participate then there isn’t much she can do about the situation but drift apart from the restrictions in her life that is causing all the trouble. From the perspective of everyone they are their own heroes and victims of abuse. But when it becomes public, Trump has no obligation to yield to the feelings of George Conway. Kellyanne doesn’t owe her husband a dumbed down version of herself just so she can stay married to a fat slob who isn’t the best and brightest. George should be happy that a person like Kellyanne had children by him. That is far more than just pity sex, that was quite a commitment by her to him. But it was he who was too lazy and lacking a dynamic personality to fill her mind with yearning. If he allowed himself to be boring and unattractive, he was smoking crack to think that he could rob her of ambition and keep her stuffed in a box all her life. Women always find some way out. The more a man presses, the more the woman develops a hatred which they seek to fulfill by some other means, whether it’s a new job, or some personal hobby. Men when they aren’t happy with their spouses often have affairs. Women find careers. The intent is all the same, to fulfill a blank spot inside them that was created by the failed marriage. And for that, George Conway has only himself to blame. Certainly not President Trump.

Rich Hoffman

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