The International Union Conspiracy at Lordstown

There has been a lot of talk about President Trump’s relationship to business and his comments made about them when they fail, such as the Lordstown GM plant in Ohio recently which has closed. Of course the cause of the closing has been the subject of much debate, as socialist minded people think that jobs just arise out of thin air and just always exist without much effort from them. General Motors in general is a company that displays the result of what happens when management of an industry falls to the “workers.” It’s like wondering why putting a wolf in the hen-house results into all the chickens being eaten. Workers are not inclined to the management of their own efforts, in fact the word management isn’t something they are interested in at all. Most people simply want a pay check from week to week and they don’t care about the details of managing millions of dollars in assets. So when they run something like a General Motors organization through their labor unions with straight up and down votes that do not occur at the speed of business, nobody should be surprised when everything falls apart. A wonderful exhibition of this mystifying sentiment can be seen below from an article contemplating the universe and how the latest General Motors plant in the automotive industry has ended up going out of business.

On Sunday, Trump also criticized David Green, the local UAW president at GM’s Lordstown plant, labeling him a Democrat.
Green didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Lordstown Mayor Arno Hill said he disagreed with Trump’s criticism of the local union leader.
Green “is in the same boat as me,” Hill said. “We have no local control, as it is between GM and UAW International. They both have a stake in this now. We will still push for a new product and remain optimistic. I am not going to beat up GM because they’ve been here for 53 years, they’ve been good neighbors.”

Brian Rothenberg, a spokesman for UAW International, said that the union’s focus is on its members and that it “will leave no stone unturned in working to keep the plants open.”

So the union is at a loss of words to understand why they are now out of a job, which I have covered extensively in other articles. Essentially, you can’t remove a brain from a human body and expect the hands and fingers to move. There is no collective force in the universe that can transplant good leadership, and the basic socialist elements of all union membership eliminates the nurturing of good leadership in any business culture. Leaders so inclined toward thoughtful transactions of strategy to tactical implementation go other places to express themselves leaving companies like General Motors to die in the business world like some poor soul in a guillotine from some Dark Ages Biblical conspiracy getting their head chopped off for not agreeing that a goat is their new god of worship.

However, the operative word in that little MSN article was “international.” How can a labor union with international membership and a value system incorporated outside of the United States function properly to represent the needs of a country and their business environment? This has been an issue for me with every trade union especially the government ones such as the International Firefigher’s Union. What does an international union with members in Europe or elsewhere know or care about fighting fires in a local community, yet the charters and values of the union members aren’t to the United States but to the values of global socialism. Sure they typically hang American flags in the firehouse and the local firefighters are paraded around as patriots, even the members themselves think they are the very sentiment of patriotism and danger, because society tells them that to inflate their egos, but their value systems and overall management come from international concerns. Specifically in the case of the Lordstown plant, the UAW had to defer his responsibility for his members to the “international” union values which are far away from any local control in Ohio, as to why the situation in the General Motors plant couldn’t be rectified.

All these labor unions, especially the government ones for which teachers are admitted to are international socialist organizations that have nothing to do with American patriotism or local management of resources. They are chaos bound monstrosities that simply throw money where managers should be and circumstances derive out of the mess until a consumer decides to stop buying the product of the company sieged by such nonsense. Only in the government unions tax payers have no other choice but to support the international trade unions of their local firefighters, police, and teachers, so the costs just go up forever until the society of their origin collapses eventually. That is why everything that has the word “international” associated with it is too expensive and inefficient, because it essentially states that nobody is in charge and chaos is driving the endeavor. To hide that chaos huge amounts of money are spent because the concept of such an approach to anything is rooted in socialism. There are no capitalist labor unions. They were all formed straight from the pages of Karl Marx, not Adam Smith.

Yet we never address the issue as to why all labor unions are failures because we have been trained by them from our inception never to ask the question. We certainly don’t get such training in our public educations, which is completely controlled by international labor union sentiment. Which is the same as saying, nobody. Labor unions are controlled by blobs of socialist hopefuls who have no idea how to manage anything, yet they are in control of the means of production. That is after all the dream of all socialists, to control the means of production. Well, what happened at the Lordstown General Motors plant is that the international UAW union had control of the means of production and the result was a product that was too expensive and couldn’t compete on the open market when buyers had a choice between the piece of crap GM was making and all the other automobiles that were on the market.

What does the Lordstown mayor know about production, as a politician they are typically of the same mind as the union laborer, a hack of bad management hiding their incompetence’s behind vast sums of wasted money. We elect politicians to provide leadership, but very few people really understand what makes leadership possible so we always end up settling for some process driven geek that learned how things should be done by some organizational sentiment. The United States military is a fine example of this, they use mass to crush a fly because that is the nature of their organization, and they often have no competition, so they can function with tremendous inefficiencies and still be considered good. But rarely do they ever nurture along leadership, they produce bosses, but not cutting edge thinkers. There are millions and millions of people who learn to boss people around based on some system derived from tradition, but there are very few leaders who can think on their feet and guide people to greatness for everyone’s benefit. International trade unions simply don’t understand the difference between a boss and a leader. So they drive away the incentives that make great leaders in favor of process driven bosses who enforce compliance to rules established by inefficient people from a far away point of reference who don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. Then when everything fails, they stand around pointing their fingers like idiots looking to blame some invisible force. But the real villains, especially when it comes to international trade unions are the collective approach to problems and the remote elusiveness of the systems that evoked the failure to begin with. And the Lordstown GM plant in Ohio is a perfect example of just such a failure. They did let down America by allowing international influences to control the means of production, and the result was a product that people didn’t want at a price they found laughable.

Rich Hoffman

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