The World Needs to be Thanking White, Affluent Men–Not attacking them

As I have said many many times, there are few people who deal with as many diverse people every day than I do, I deal extensively with people of color, people from other countries and I have interactions with lots of women and there is nothing about any of that which makes me anxious as a white, affluent, male in America. I would go so far to say that I have zero insecurities about my masculinity or role in the world. None, perhaps even less than that. But it is ridiculous for progressive advocates to believe that they are going to get away with attempting to attack me because I’m a man and white and not get push back for it, and that I’m going to go sit in the corner and let the world turn. Listening to the Brie Larson controversies over the Captain Marvel film and the media sentiment applied to quickly to the liberal shooter in New Zealand attempting to chain every white man in the world to the terror act, some hard facts about the state of things needs to be articulated.

There is of course a lot more to the story, it’s not specifically white men of any kind of affluent nature that is the real target, not ideologically. They are the tactical target of a much larger strategic desire that is global in its assumption. The hatred that we are seeing right now is essentially global jealousy for the successes of Western Civilization. White males with a tendency toward affluence and the creation of successful economies stand in the way of global socialism so that is the goal of the hatred toward that specific demographic. But that hatred cannot mask reality. There is a reason that Oriental civilizations in the east are always lurking behind western cultures. While the orient has had their share of success, and were likely some of the first in the world to build great ships which navigated the world well before the Vikings or Christopher Columbus ever stepped on a boat, the authoritarian regimes of the east prevented their cultures from achieving greatness.

The idea for America emerged over a great deal of time as Europeans like Martin Luther challenged assumptions of power that were passed from age to age over thousands of years. Such a philosophical push didn’t occur anywhere else on planet earth in a sustainable way. There may have been rebels here and there in cultures in Africa or South America who showed promise of advancing their societies, but their cultures were not stable enough to move forward with a history that could drive it. It took a long time for the concepts that made America into a great country. It didn’t happen by accident. And as to America there aren’t many places in the world where so much diversity in people make up a country. It’s not white males so much who are identified as Americans, but it was them who formed the philosophical concepts that freed so many people and built the world’s largest and most successful economy. It wasn’t the Russians who did that, it wasn’t the Ethiopians, and it certainly wasn’t the Indians. It wasn’t China, less than a hundred years ago they were begging the United States to save them from the aggressions of Japan. Only the Americans were able to do anything to help the world and that trend was started by affluent white males.

America has a chance to teach the world how to have a better life. But to demonize white males is disingenuous toward the nature of reality. It isn’t that white males are superior physically, or spiritually, but culturally, it was their culture who built a western civilization that ignited so many great things in the world. Nobody else has come close. The attempts to repackage successful cultural attributes and apply them to people of skin color or their sex is ignoring the elements that make a successful culture, and is doomed to fail. Success as a country, or as a person is not based on skin color or reproductive designations, but in the behavior and the values of that culture.

The belief is that by attacking white males that the insurgents of socialism can have a chance to try their hand at micromanaging the global sphere of economic means. Currently the United States is moving ahead of the rest of the world culturally and economically leaving those old jealousies to evolve in a raw way that is starting to panic. With the election of President Trump and the ignition of Western Civilization’s commercial space ventures there is a real threat to those old stagnant cultures around the world struggling to keep up. I’ve been around the world a few times and I can say that my own eyes have witnessed a great death all across the earth that doesn’t wake back up until an airplane gets over the soil of North America. That’s not a racist comment, its an assertion of truth. It is not the fault of wealthy white men that there isn’t great horse races in India, or Formula One Racing in China. It’s not the fault of the United States that there isn’t an NFL option in China. It’s not the fault of Hollywood that the world doesn’t rush to the box office to see the latest Chinese and Indian films—or what about that latest blockbuster out of Kenya? Culture is everything and the ideas that build culture are critical to any level of success. And the culture has to be strong enough to last for centuries not just decades. Is it because of white privilege that the three people leading the current space race are all white men from different places around the world? Why aren’t there blacks? Why aren’t there women? It’s a free market? The reason is because it’s the ideas that built the men which gave them the intellect to solve the problems of commercial space travel. It’s the books, the movies, the music and the political beliefs of their culture which propelled them toward greatness, or to yearn for it. The strength of an idea must carry a culture forward to mature into something like the United States which is no easy task. It has to survive wars, philosophic challenges, every kind of adversity and to progress economically into something the world values. For that it was a long string of white affluent males who have that success to put on their resume.

There is room for everyone in the world to have success, people of all color and circumstances. But eliminating white males from the equation is like unplugging the power to a television. Without them the thing just sits there and does nothing. Its not that other cultures can’t do it, its just that their cultural maturity isn’t strong enough to cut through all the opposition that it takes to build a society. Without those affluent white males, the engine of the world shuts down and everyone regresses back to tents and buggies. It’s a fact of reality. It has nothing to do with any other factor than the quality of the ideas of the culture from which people spring forth.

So I’m a little tired of lesser developed people with terrible ideas criticizing white men, I happen to be one and it’s starting to really bring forth a lot of anger. Not only is it irritating, but its dishonest, and unappreciative. Things just don’t happen, it takes individuals functioning within a culture to bring them forth with great effort. And the white men of western civilization have given the world many gifts and continue to do so. Getting rid of them on the world stage won’t suddenly make socialism more successful or give other people a chance at success. Eliminating competition of the best idea makers won’t suddenly give South Africa an opportunity to become inventors of the next great technology. Only an advance culture can do that and the people who make up that culture. If the focus on such cultures are just to survive or bang together a few pots and pans to scare away a demon threatening to overtake a family home, then don’t be surprised when things don’t work out so well when the white men aren’t around to make everything good and exciting for everyone. Success isn’t an element of nature, it is pounded out through lots of hard work and the ideas of people diligent enough to emerge them forth from existence.

Rich Hoffman
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