No, We Don’t Have a Shortage of Teachers–we need to rethink the whole concept

I keep hearing this nonsense about the teaching profession, that there is a shortage of them and that we need to throw more money at them to keep people wanting to enter the field. Here’s the deal, they aren’t worth the money. What a physical teacher in public schools is producing these days are little Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez types and Bernie Sanders supporters. What public schools are teaching children is far more dangerous than a shortage of people to teach it. And that is what must be made clear when talking about education funding and the employees who occupy the profession. Lately there have been too many labor strikes across the nation which has fed off this perceived shortage and school boards have done nothing to stop it but throw money at the hostile agents, the teachers themselves. The labor unions have destroyed the profession during the 20th Century and it will never come back to anything useful, so why continue to toil over it. Education doesn’t have to be a stuffy teacher standing in front of a class. And its in options that the real answer resides as to how any educated society will function in the future.

Many people on the union side of the education argument think that because I don’t support the current model of education that I am anti-education. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, I may be one of the most education advocates on planet earth. I consider everything an education and I continue to believe that reading and video games are keys to the future of all education. Kids who learn to learn and to keep learning throughout their lives will be properly functioning adults and that was always the purpose of any education measures that countries put forth to deal with the need to educate their societies. Any advanced society needs to have an educated population, but what are the best ways to achieve such a thing?

This idea of a centralized teaching system that people leave their homes to be instructed by a unionized worker is ridiculously stupid. What has been taught has been proven quite audaciously to be destructive to the intellect of individuals and poorly prepared them even for basic necessities in life. In many cases public education destroys people forever sending them on a path of internal psychological destruction for the rest of their lives. So why would we scramble to hire more teachers and lure them into the field? That doesn’t make any sense. The truth about public education is that we have propped it up to make ourselves feel better that as parents we are too lazy to care for our children directly, so we pawn them off to the government to act as baby sitters while we conduct our lives as miserable messes climbing the ladder of our professions, having affairs that prove to be useless sexual fulfillments, and stuffing our faces with garbage at sports bars lobbying others to pass school levies so that we can feel that while we act as lazy slobs in society, our kids are being taken care of in the schools. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I have been asked by many people to run for the school board of my local school system to leverage these out of control costs with real management. But the problem is that there isn’t any management allowed. The typical school board member has no choice but to say yes to the ridiculous demands of their teaching employees otherwise they walk off the job and suddenly the parents of the district doesn’t have their baby sitters. So the pressure mounts after a couple of days and a school board has no choice but to cave to the demands. That is what has been happening across the country in all the labor strikes by teachers. The myth that they are in short supply gets passed around and when the are not around to babysit the busy parents of the school system, the desire to do the right thing flies right out the window. I personally think the whole system needs to be abolished, not further funded. That’s not to say that education is not a priority, but clearly the government should not be involved. Rather the parents need to shoulder that responsibility and the penalties of law should be transferred from the school to the parents. If a household raises stupid children, then it is they who should be penalized. I couldn’t in good conscience support the public-school model as a school board member because I think the system as it is should be abolished and much more competitive options introduced. But the real problem behind public education is that parents are too lazy to do it themselves these days and that is the devastating truth. We have made public education a center piece of our society, most people can’t see any other way of obtaining an education so other options are never entertained leaving us to continue doing the insanity of the same thing over and over again generation after generation.

We have built this myth up that the teaching profession is contributing to a better world and we have encouraged people to go into that profession without understanding the consequences. By the time a young student completes their college courses on how to teach they have become unnecessarily liberalized themselves and are expected to teach a state sponsored curriculum that is entirely too left leaning. The core of the issue is the notion of being dependent on others as opposed to individuality and being a good person. We are all taught that goodness is in collective endeavors, not in individual ones, that the path to success in life is in cooperation and sacrifice, which are all proven to be falsehoods. The teacher who advocates such things is actually destroying the ability of those individual students to think for themselves for the rest of their lives. It’s why they grow up to be parents ill-equipped to teach their own kids, and why they seek out baby sitters to care for their children instead of taking the responsibility to do the work themselves, because it was taught out of them from the beginning. And we have even went so far to call such people who teach “heroes” as if they were doing something of great social benefit. No, they are pretty useless to the real aims of education.

My position is that even if the teaching profession were cheap, which it isn’t, that it isn’t worth the destruction it provides directly to our children. Learning the wrong kind of things is far worse than not learning them at all and the burden of education needs to return back to the American family, not the state. That is a far cry from where we are today as a society, but nonetheless, that is the only real future of education. That is not to say that children shouldn’t learn to interact with the world at large, but human beings need their family structures to properly develop their minds which continue to gestate for 18 years outside the womb of a mother. The mind of children is incredibly fragile and we are kidding ourselves that the state sponsored unionized education is a proper method of making an intelligent electorate. Just one look at the young people coming out of public education tells us everything we need to know and its time to admit that it hasn’t been working, not for a long time. And if we want to have kids properly educated, we need to consider new options that are centered around their parental structures, and not the state.

Rich Hoffman

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