To Be a Man

Well, I suppose anything can happen. During a little speech given during a Town Hall he did with the NBA star Steph Curry in Oakland, California I have to say for the first time in my life that I agree with the former president. Which is unusual because I think of Obama as a hostile agent of the American Constitution who deliberately pushed a socialist agenda of economic collapse and social destruction on the very foundations of American lifestyle and have found him to be a despicable human being. But his comments about manhood and the role they play in society in that town hall are things I agree with nearly 100%. Young people, particularly boys, need to hear from the older generation in just such a fashion much more often and Obama did a lot of good with his comments worthy of praise.

I don’t do it often, but every single time I do in some way or another when men and women are out together talking and letting their hair down a bit, there are always subtle jokes about the role men and women play together. The assumption is that men are obligated to be subservient to the feminist movement which is completely stupid because it ignores the biological needs the sexes have for their interactions. But this women can do anything a man can social movement has been very destructive. I’m not sure its been good at all for women, but it has surely been detrimental to men. Among the current millennials it is as bad as I’ve ever seen it, the sentiment is essentially a “bros before hoes” kind of thing that is a direct spawn of this entire problem, what role do men play in society and how should one act.

The void in leadership on this topic has given rise to the rap culture, another direct attribute of progressive ambitions that are completely destructive to the human race and it was in that direction that Obama directed his comments to young men. I thought it was bold to say that he only needed one woman in his life, and that there was no reason to wear gold chains to proclaim their wealth as an advertisement of personal worth. That men should be pillars of good example and have that inner self-confidence that was comfortable with themselves so that others might follow them. Those are all great things to say so Obama deserves credit for taking leadership in that direction. I was a little surprised in Steph Curry’s reaction. I know the kid can shoot a basketball but he seems pretty immature to be a superstar that so many people look up to. What I know about him prior to this Town Hall is that he doesn’t believe America landed on the moon and that he’s a political radical who refused to go to the White House after his NBA team has won several championships. It sounds like he needed to hear some manly wisdom more than anybody.

I get it, the progressive era sought to destroy masculinity and introduce this whole gender-neutral mess because they wanted to destroy the American family and replace it with a parental government. That was the entire reason for their feminist attacks on masculine attributes—to neutralize the role men play in society. But in the process, they have also thrown out all the good things as well, things that women desperately want in their lives—men who stand for something and aren’t a bunch of douchebags who have no values or a desire to exhibit them. What progressives have done to men has been deliberately destructive and harmful to the human race, so it comes with some surprise that Barack Obama said the things he did. Those comments about men are undoubtably true, but for him to say them as a progressive himself was quite something.

I’ve had the misfortune to raise two daughters in this progressive age and it has been painful. I’ve had to watch them date young men who were clearly not worthy of their time and energy. Young men to declare their own independence from the progressive expectations have responded by becoming lazy, uncaring and just outright slobs. It used to be a man would dress up for a woman to have a date and work hard to get a little kiss. The young men of this modern time just show up for a date with their pants down already and expect sex the way someone might turn on a television. For young women like my daughters they have been robbed of the beauty and wonder of healthy relationships, because the world they live in doesn’t respect such things, because the men have had their part of that role robbed from them culturally. And that was on purpose as well, if women were allowed to enjoy their sexual roles with men, then they might want to start families and maybe even stay out of the workplace caring for their children—and nobody could have that. If children grew up with two parents loving and caring for them, then those kids might not grow up looking to government to solve all their problems which was the subtle plot behind progressivism all along. Destroy the roles the sexes play with each other, encourage abortion so that new family creation is limited, keep males and females from forming healthy relationships so they turn to government for their needs, and eventually turn all attention toward a centralized government overseer.

It has stunned me to see how many young people are on CareSource as their primary insurance provider and how addicted to government they all are. When my kids would tell the boys of their lives how hard I worked to make sure everyone had everything they needed the response was, “well good for him. I’m not doing that.” Their reference was in the way I raised them. I worked on average 80 to 110 hours every week for most of their childhoods. My reasoning was to keep their mother home so that there was always a parental figure around for them. I always made sure that their mother had a car even if I had to ride a bicycle to my jobs to keep them at home safe with reliable transportation. And I still spent lots of time with my kids as a father doing fatherly things. Sure it was hard, but doing the job of being a real man often is, and it can be very rewarding for everyone when its done right. But my kids had to go through the disappointment that most of the men of their age group didn’t have such desires or experiences. Mostly, the men of today come from broken homes where the male figure is a worthless piece of crap giving terrible examples of how boys should grow into men themselves. And its been a real problem.

So for Obama to say the things he did I thought took guts and was very beneficial to the young people watching. It will of course take hundreds of thousands of such speeches to undo all the current damage, but it’s a start. I wish boys would listen to such a town hall and immediately become better in their aims to be men, but they’ll have to hear it a lot more before even thinking of changing anything. But it was still good to hear and I never thought Obama would be the one I’d praise for doing so. He deserves some recognition for his efforts, God knows that the young men of this generation need to hear it.

Rich Hoffman

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