The Unjustified Disrespect of Donald Trump

Disingenuous was the only word for it. No matter what your political affiliation what the Democrats tried to do while Trump was working to end the Korean War with North Korea was just petty and disrespectful. Just to have an American president talking to Kim Jong Un is a big deal for anybody interested in world peace and it was the biggest story in the world, yet the Democrats scheduled Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer to testify before congress at exactly the same time Trump was meeting with Kim. It was the first witness that the new congress brought forth in their season and it indicated truly that all they were interested in was in getting Trump out of office. They had no other objective. It was also clear that anything Trump did with Chairman Kim would be wrong, no matter how it turned out because they simply wanted to deny the president any kind of diplomatic victory that could be applied to a case of re-election. That was the only objective they had which clearly wasn’t an America first one position. Even as much as many of us hated Obama when he was president, we didn’t root for him to fail when there was some terrorist attack or global menace which needed to be dealt with. We wanted him out of office, but we respected the presidency and his role in it. These people do not show the same respect and it says a lot about them.

Instead congress took the time to bring Cohen to the hot seat and grilled him on stupid stuff like, did Trump know about the meeting with a Russian chick who wanted to provide dirt on Hillary Clinton? Or did he know about plans to build a Trump Tower like project in Moscow? What about those payments to Stormy Daniels? And what about Wikileaks? All the things they talked about was nonsense. Wikileaks as it has turned out has been one of the only honest news reporting agencies that has been out there. It is far less concerning how Wikileaks came into the possession of information from the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC in general than it was our own FBI’s continued leaking of sensitive information to The New York Times and Washington Post. I mean if a big deal is going to be made about Wikileaks, then a much bigger deal has to be made about our own FBI’s radical involvement in overturning an American election and trying to blame the whole thing on Russians to cover their tracks. All that is a pretty sinister implication.

After all, that is the only reason to be concerned about a Russian interaction the Trump Organization may have had, was to fulfill the false narrative the Democrats and FBI working with them had to cover their own criminal conduct by using the Russians as a cover story. Trump was and still is an international businessman. Russia was a major country in the world, why wouldn’t he investigate putting a Trump building in Russia at some point? And why wouldn’t he look into any allegations of dirt on his political opponent? Does anybody think the Clinton campaign didn’t know that NBC was planning to release a dirt tape on Trump ahead of the third debate? Dirt slinging and opposition research is part of the game and Trump would have wanted to get anything he could. Its irrelevant whether he knew about the meeting with the Russian chick or not, certainly not something that was worth congressional testimony. It certainly doesn’t matter to me. Again, this is a nothing story about the meeting with the Russian girl because it was opposition research that funded the dossier for which the FBI used to obtain a FISA warrant against Trump so they could spy on him. That is a far more serious issue making anything Cohen says worthless. If we’re going to talk about what Trump knew and when he knew it, than the same must be applied to the FBI and the Clinton campaign—even to Obama himself.

We all know the answer to those questions, about the FBI, the Clinton Campaign and the Obama White House. It was all dirty, the money was dirty, the ethics were dirty, and everyone behaved very much as enemies of America. Just the deal the Obama administration made with Iran to prop them up was a bigger story than all of the antics of the Iran Contra Affair. The FBI wire tapping is a far bigger story than anything that occurred in Watergate, including the cover-up. And now it is obvious that there was no Russian collusion in overthrowing the 2016 election, it was all on the FBI which took an active role in instigating leverage towards the Democrats. And as audacious as all that was not a single one of them pulled together for five seconds of hope that Trump might make some headway with one of the last countries on earth stuck in the deep past under communist rule and to bring them into the fold of civilized countries. The summit with North Korea was something the nation should have been able to rally behind, but the enemies of America were only concerned about one thing in spite of themselves, the destruction of Donald Trump.

It was like a scene out of the Twilight Zone, the whole Cohen hearing while on a split screen Trump was walking around a posh garden in Vietnam with Kim Jong Un working towards world peace and economic prosperity. Under any measure, President Trump was doing a great job as president. It will likely take more time and a visit to the United States to get Kim Jong Un to commit to more capitalist ways of looking at the world. It will also likely take beating the Chinese at the current trade war which is ongoing. But you’d think everyone would cheer on the efforts, instead the enemies of America tried to undercut them for their own reasons, just so they could have a chance to win an election in 2020.

Like Roger Stone the Michael Cohen story is one of overreach. The former attorney of Donald Trump shouldn’t even have been in the situation that he was. The FBI raided his office and confiscated his belongings in an aggressive coup against President Trump, by going after anybody connected to his election campaign. People handle pressure differently and it didn’t take Cohen long to be exploited as a weak person who might turn against the president which was why he was attacked in the first place. And when squeezed as hard as they could all Cohen could produce was mindless gossip and irrelevant information which points much more seriously to the other side. Cohen wouldn’t even be going to jail or testifying in front of congress if not for the raid on his office by the FBI over nothing but a witch hunt to provide a cover story deflecting from their own criminal conduct. We are all supposed to sit back and be OK with the way the FBI has harassed private people just to lend cover to their own antics. And that even when the President was doing something that the world should have been supporting without political malice, that those same forces had only hate in their hearts and their objective of political manipulation under any means possible. And that is the reality of what we are all dealing with.

Rich Hoffman

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