The Most Dangerious Thing in the World is Stupidity, not Fictional Global Warming

The enemy as I call them these days, because they are anti-Constitutionalists keep saying that global warming is the greatest threat to our future survival. They are wrong, the greatest threat to our existence is stupidity which was quite evident regarding the exchange between Dianne Feinstein and radicalized students who confronted her at her office. As hard to believe as it may be, Feinstein came out sounding like the rational person among all the leftists engaged in the discussion over global warming and the artificial deadline created by that part of the political spectrum to lend credence to their short-term objectives of world domination. The sad truth of the whole exchange was that the little children involved were entirely too young to be driven to such passions, they were there because of their mind-numbing educations which feature instruction in all things liberal. It was their teachers who were the real radicals hiding behind the children for which Diane Feinstein had to defend herself.

There is a very good book called Anthem by Ayn Rand that describes the process that at least the political left is following, and eventually in that book society forgets everything it ever knew and the big event in the novel is that mankind rediscovered how to use a lightbulb. It’s a work of fiction of course but it describes well the process for which human beings regress intellectually if they allow themselves to think the wrong things in their culture. In this case, global warming is one of those stupid things that actually lowers the general IQ of society because it is completely rooted in falsehoods and political theater. The poor children at Diane Feinstein’s office have no way of knowing any better, their teachers were the ones who programmed in their minds the things they said. And that is precisely the danger to us all, the greatest danger. Our education system doesn’t teach kids how to think, they teach them what to think.

I would propose that the ability to think is the most important attribute that human beings have, and it makes us all much more unique than any environmental issue. At the core of all environmentalism is the assumption that humans are bad because what they produce while thinking damages the world instead of leaving the world to conduct itself in accordance to nature. However, humans by thinking and changing the world are acting in accordance to their own nature, the same as a volcano erupting, or a forest fire burning appears to have a destructive effect, the longevity of the action turns out to be very good for everything in the grand scheme of the universe. Understanding that, humans can think whereas everything else in nature, including animals can’t. There is nothing more important in the world or anywhere than thought, so thinking more should be encouraged, not demonized.

But we can see the effects of many years of radicalized left leaning public education where children have been taught all the global warming nonsense, and to believe it they have been taught not to think, but to accept as reality whatever the adults in their care instructed them to. And even the extremely liberal senator Diane Feinstein from California understands how bad it is. The collectivist goo that the children were functioning from actually had the audacity to think they were more important than the life work of the California senator and she took offense to it. The teachers there with the kids sounded like Ocasio-Cortez idiots, young people who themselves were forced to drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aid, or the Manson family cult doctrine. Instead of killing other people however their liberal cult is simply out to kill capitalism. That is their only objective.

There is only one objective to the global warming advocates, it is the destruction of capitalism and the products of mankind’s thoughts. The expectation is to place all human beings into a subservient role to the god of mother nature so to evoke in them a superiority that unites the world to something greater than the human being. But it ignores the question, and the reality, what if the human being were superior to nature? A thinking person looks at the world as tools to work with to create new things. It doesn’t just bend to the wills of nature, it asks what could be more, which is a very creative experience, something every artist in the world could sympathize with. Nobody would think to alter the creative output of Pablo Picasso, he is celebrated for his rebellious forms of art expression, which is to say, his inheritably human application to creativity. Yet during the war in the fascism of Europe where people could only pick the socialism of the Nazi, the fascism of Italy or the communism of eastern Europe the ideas of freedom from political tentacles were nonexistent. As an extremely creative person he had to pick one since he was at the top of the art world in order to survive socially. That is essentially what the New Green Deal has done to many of these liberals, it’s the new communism for which everyone must choose to unite under otherwise their network channels into society will be cut off for them. It is just a new kind of tyranny and was the theme to Ayn Rand’s book, how humans forget everything they ever knew just so they can survive in the theater of bad ideas and circumstance.

What is being taught in our public schools is stupidity, which is an odd thing to say considering that the entire effort of public education is supposed to be intelligence. Yet the products of public education, for which we are all a part of in some way or another, is to accept orders from the culture, to memorize what “they” tell you, and to not develop critical thinking on your own. That is the only way a hoax like climate change could be accepted among a population the size of North America or Europe, is if all the means of education were exploited in the same global way, so that everyone suffered with equal paralysis the effects. But the danger to that system of thought, especially in the United States where people are very autonomous and thrive to have options in their lives, for those left who can and do think on their own, they see very quickly the hoax for what it is. And Diane Feinstein isn’t the only one insulted with this new breed of young people who repeat what they’ve been taught but are unable to think on their own completely dependent on the system of education that created them.

The evidence is in the young people who were in Feinstein’s office, they were too young to have an opinion, yet they were sent there by the adults to evoke news headlines and drive the climate change narrative deeper into our culture from the mouths of innocent little children. It is the ultimate, non-thinking exploitation. But there is real evil in it because for it all to work humans have to give up what it is they are the most valuable at extracting, intelligence and creative thought from the world. Instead, the suggestion is that we are to yield to a power that is not superior but is instead regressive so that the political left can gain power by exploiting stupidity and fears. And that is the tragedy of our times, because too many of our youth are already ruined, and until we change the nature and focus of public education, that evil of non-thinking will continue.

Rich Hoffman

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