The Reason MAGA hats are Important

My recent interests in all things Constitutional is essentially because I have been considering the legal foundation for removing our present government from power and replacing it with something better. I consider the Trump administration something better, and if they were allowed to do their work unimpeded, I would not be thinking of such things—I’d just be happy to vote in elections and let the world turn. But that’s not what’s happening, the Jussie Smollett case in Chicago is all the evidence we need to see to understand just how bad the problem is. What Smollett did by hiring a couple of friends to attack him so that he could make Donald Trump supporters look like crazed lunatics is not exceptional, it’s quite common and is increasing in frequency. It’s quite clear that Democrats understand that the Make America Great Again hats from the Trump campaign are keys to winning in 2020 and they have no such message to compete with. So they are trying to tear down the message and put Republicans on the defense so that those hats can’t be used in future campaigns. That’s the game they are playing and the media is dying for examples. That’s where Jussie Smollett thought he could increase his profile by playing into that media game and it almost worked. Everyone on that political side of things knows the game. He was trying to be a hero to them and he got caught. But everyone from the FBI to most movie studios is in on the game and it has provoked the obvious need for perhaps an open rebellion to remove those people from our governing forces.

The real essence of the problem is that the entire platform of the Democrat party is a below the line one, meaning everything they stand for is about a lack of personal accountability and victimization. As we’ve discussed in the past no matter what size the organization is, people who think below the line must be removed before any level of success can be implemented. Governments and countries are not too big to fail, which is obvious by the current national debt in the United States. Much of that debt is created by below the line thinking, by throwing lots of money at groups of people who use below the line thinking to receive help from the government. The system obviously can’t afford that relationship which is why we have a debt. But the original cause is the below the line thinking that created the situation. Below the line thinking and above the line thinking are not conducive to each other. It’s like saying that you want to maintain good air conditioning in a building that has no windows and everything is open to the outside. You can’t have both things. A country and a government can’t have below the line people always trying to undo what above the line people create.

The real fight in America is for the below the line people to not be left behind as above the line people desire to advance as a nation and grow into new and exciting things. With Trump’s MAGA hats and overall campaign message, the below the line people understand that if the nation values those types of things once again, that there isn’t anywhere for them to hide so they are of course very opposed to such a national position. That is the reason for the violence, such as what happened on the campus of Berkley this past week to the conservative activist who was punched in the face by another person quite violently, and with no real provocation. The attacker obviously is a below the line thinker fighting for their right to maintain that status. The MAGA hats are a very positive message that is a threat to all below the line people because it doesn’t just give them political cover in a big scary world, but it indicates that changes are on the horizon for which they are terrified of. That is the only explanation for the kind of evil shown in the Berkley video where the attacker just wanted to smash the face of an above the line advocate through sheer intimidation.

The attempted destruction of the young fellow Nick Sandman from Covington Catholic is another such case, he and his friends were just wearing MAGA hat souvenirs from a field trip they had taken to Washington D.C. when they were systematically attacked by below the line people, which ended up being a national story. The media picked up on it because they were trying to change the narrative of the young kids learning positive things in Washington D.C. to an indigenous person who had their ancestry robbed from them by white Europeans standing up to the MAGA hat culture. Only that wasn’t the real story, the aggressor was the drunk old Indian who was simply a below the line loser living off the efforts of his ancestors. From there the story fell apart in much the way that the Smollett story did. Both cases were examples of a below the line culture trying to prop up their circumstances against the efforts of above the line people to elevate the efforts of the nation. That is essentially what the MAGA hats mean, they are refusals to accept below the line conditions and to take the country to above the line thinking.

If there is anything great about Donald Trump that any point in history would agree with, it’s that he is overall a very positive person who insists on functioning above the line. President Trump may not have led a perfect life, but he has always tried to even if it took smoke and mirrors sometimes to get there. His popularity through the many storms that have been thrown at him are that people want to move into the direction of being an above the line nation. But yielding to the whims of below the line people isn’t compatible so Democrats know that the longer Trump keeps the nation looking above the line, the less overall power they will have which is the reason for the all out panic they are now experiencing. If below the line thinking, specifically victimhood, is taken away as one of their public sentiment weapons, the Democrats won’t have a platform to run on. If Trump is successful in encouraging a majority of Americans to think above the line again, Democrats will lose most of their elections in the future because they have become completely dependent on the victimization culture.

The MAGA hats are a symbol not of hate, but hope. But to people who want to hide their own personal failures in a below the line culture, those hats are terrifying, and they will fight for the right to be a loser. And given that understanding it may be needed to use the Constitution to justify a complete takeover of our current government which is a very below the line exercise. In that case it is more important to be an above the line culture rather than a nonviolent one. There is no value in being a passive recipient that does not protect value in society through attacks of below the line thinking. And under those conditions the need for violence is obvious and likely very much-needed.


Rich Hoffman

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