Why We Should Bring Back Duels

I’ve said it before, but it is worth stating again, especially after the behavior of McCabe from the FBI. In reading the Constitution of the United States there is an element from that time which I think we should bring back, dueling. Pricks like Andrew McCabe have evolved thinking they are dominate players largely because we have a society that doesn’t challenge each other. When the Constitution was created, if one person gave insult to another the other person could demand satisfaction (a duel) which had a tendency to bring value to the exchange. People had a tendency to respect each other because if they didn’t then they might get pulled into a duel where death might become an option. So the general level of correspondence was higher among people, and the education level was additionally more of a factor. For our American Constitution to work the people it protects need to be somewhat intelligent and that was a byproduct of a society that understood the individual necessity for satisfaction. Dueling ironically seems to be a mandate for a civilized and intelligent society, because it increases the level of language and interaction between people. People tended to treat each other better so that they wouldn’t evoke a desire for another person to “demand satisfaction.”

Many people consider it barbaric to have a gun duel to the death, they think that the act of violence is a true breakdown of social behavior. But I would argue not. It is far worse to have prickly passive aggressive losers like Andrew McCabe operating behind rules and regulations instead of the ethics of respect and justice. The reason the FBI became such a corrosive force in modern America is precisely because they don’t respect the people they are supposed to be protecting. They are the ones with the guns and power, why do they need to respect some lowlifes under their care. The relationship they have with society thus became corrupted because they lost sight of what their role was with people. When there are no mechanisms to demand respect, one side gains too much power while the others are forced into subservience. In the days of the duel, this exchange equalized law and order, it didn’t corrupt it.

Of course, the great mistake was that people of law thought they could eliminate such a need by replacing violence with legal books and lawyers, but this has only served to distance valor from every day activity, and valor is at the heart of ethical behavior. Without being able to protect your name, it leaves such things up to the courts which takes away all the personal responsibility and thus then corrupts the society at large. Such a system allows people like Andrew McCabe and James Comey to have the illusion of power without the actual check for such things under the assumptions of valor. Valor is in taking responsibility for defending your name and the people who rely on you. Going to court to sue someone or to defend your name in such a way removes the valor from the process and greatly reduces the quality of the effort.

Not that people should go around fighting each other all the time. A few times in a lifetime is probably all it would take as an earned reputation tends to keep hostile agents from constantly challenging you, such a society is far more civil because of the emphasis on valor and honor than our present society of legal defense by lawyers and books. Such a system allows masters of the law to appear much more powerful than they really are and invites to their minds the temptation to become corrupt. If someone could have dueled Andrew McCabe at a dinner party for some reason or another it is unlikely that he would have evolved into such a corrupt figure. The origin of his corruption is in the lack of valor in McCabes life. Being a lawyer who can hide behind mountains of paper and procedure has lessened the ethic behavior of our society, not made it better. Early legal minds assumed the opposite would happen, but that has not been the case.

Most young men go through some form of dueling in their lives, whether it’s the fight with a bully after school, or a fight over a girl, it is the way that males test each other. In this age where progressive influences are attempting to paint such behavior as toxic masculinity, we should not be surprised to see the behavior of the males of our society deteriorating rapidly. Without some way to evoke valor in our society the values of people deteriorate rapidly. In the time that the Constitution was written duels were still quite common. The legal minds of those times tried a different approach but that has turned out to be detrimental to our civilization. Fighting another human being can be a terrifying experience and when someone challenges you, it’s up to you to overcome those fears to protect the valor and ethics of your individuality. Without that means of doing so, values disappear from society. The law by itself is not enough, it has empowered corrupt people to rule over others without the fear of overcoming another person and facing your own terminal end.

Most of the time, when a fight occurs between two people, after the conflict friendships usually form because the relationship is cemented in respect. Legal battles are not conducive to those types of exchanges. A fight between two people is a way of establishing valor and respect and once that is robbed from society the expectations of civility is much lowered. Having to face down an enemy with a gun in a fight to the death is a pretty terminal endeavor. There is the likelihood of not going home to your bed that night and that your life could end right then and there. That makes people behave better than they would if the conflict is just a bunch of name calling and legal assumptions. The terminal nature of a duel is a needed ingredient in a society of any kind.

Even though we have all been taught since the time we were little that guns are a barbaric sentiment and that our legal system is far superior to a duel in a dusty street, I would argue that the opposite is the case. We were better off and more respectful of each other when we could call someone out and demand satisfaction for their smearing of our good name. In order for a society to value something as well written as the American Constitution is, it requires a society to be knowledgeable and respectful of each other and the best way to do that is not to hide behind a legal system to resolve differences, but to fight it out among each other when those circumstances occur. When such moments of valor are robbed from people you get corrupt people like Andrew McCabe running our institutions and that is not a good thing. It is far more dangerous to have passive aggressive activists such as McCabe manipulating the law behind the scenes than to just have a duel in a city street to resolve a conflict. The duel is a much more honest and ethical resolution and perhaps its time we bring it back.

Rich Hoffman

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