Public School Teachers are Bad for American Culture

By now we’ve all heard that the Denver teacher’s strike is over and it ended the way they all do, with the school board giving way to more money and projected pay increases. In this case the Denver district has committed to 23 million dollars with an average increase of 11.7% over next year. I hear those numbers and I think its pure insanity, and only strengthens the argument that all labor unions should be illegal when attached to tax payer funded projects, such as the teaching profession, police and fire departments. The international trade unions are communist in their origin and are disgracefully global in their commitments so nothing about the Denver strike is positive for anybody. The district will now have to turn to the tax payers to fund this pay increase only to get essentially what they had before, before the teachers walked off the job and left parents hanging with no baby sitters to watch their kids for a few days. The details of the strike resolution are shown below, but in watching the interviews it reminded me of the real issue centering on public education—are the teachers even worth the money? I would say no, because what the kids are learning in public schools is so detrimental to their adult lives and the nature of America’s capitalist system. In many cases, once children learn to read, they should have alternatives to their educations that do not include low life idiots like these.

My argument about the whole education issue is that what children are learning is mostly worthless. Looking around at the products of public education, the young people of today, I truly believe most of them would be better off in an unlearned condition so that they wouldn’t have to unlearn so much just to function properly in society. At the core of this statement is the complete lack of understanding people have about leadership and how it is produced, and what it does. In public schools students are taught this nonsense that collective efforts are the way to go and this just isn’t true. All people are not equal, some work harder than others, some are smarter than others, some people are just better than others and those efforts can’t be watered down just to preserve the feelings of the less ambitious.

I see the detrimental results every day, people are naturally lazy because they had their natural autonomy robbed from them as children in public education, “stand in this line,” “stand in that line,” “sit down,” “stand up,” “do what you’re told.” Those are the value systems of a lazy society that desires a large centralized government that instructs its people to take orders all their lives for the greater good. But the truth about all life is that uniqueness is what drives culture forward and that we shouldn’t be pursuing sameness in our schools, but uniqueness. Diversity acceptance isn’t enough because the trend behind that effort is to state that equality among all is more important than uniqueness.
Dealing with people all over the world, I have learned one primary thing about them, most are lazy minded and seek always the path of least resistance toward whatever objective we have on the horizon—and they are never in a rush to get there. The entire world has a serious lack of urgency about anything and that is dangerous, as is most obvious in our national debt clock in America where we are now at 22 trillion dollars in the hole. Much of that debt comes from deals like that Denver teacher’s strike. Lazy people who use collective bargaining to get paid too much money just to keep the doors open. Our federal government is filled with lazy, unambitious people who make too much money to underperform in their tasks, and as a society, we are all too lazy to even tackle that problem. We are too lazy to even read about why the teachers shouldn’t be paid that much money. Most parents just want their baby sitter so they can get to their jobs and make their money so they can rush home and do nothing. That is the path of life that most people are on and it all started in public education when the natural autonomy that they had as children was destroyed by teachers like the fat slobs shown in the video above. I wouldn’t want those losers to teach anybody I care about how to walk down a sidewalk, let alone direct them into some philosophy on life. The teachers are not equipped for any kind of complicated thinking.

Years ago, I had teachers angry at me challenge me to teach their classes for a week, as if I’d be scared away from my assumptions. I responded to them, and the superintendent, and the school board personally that I would be very happy to teach their classes, in fact I told them to pick any four classes and put them all together with 90 to 100 students and I would teach it for a week. I know how hard the teaching profession is and I’m not impressed with modern teachers and their skills. I would consider it a nice job that could be mutually beneficial to both the student and the teacher. But I wouldn’t call it hard. Nobody took me up on my offer because they didn’t want to know the truth. I could take any child for one week or any group of children and teach them for one week and I would bet that would be the best week of their lives. And I’d do it for free. There are other ways to make money in life, teaching children to me isn’t one of them. There are many wise people in every community who if given the right autonomy would be happy to pass on their knowledge to the next generation in a school setting and most of them would do it out of the love of their hearts. That is what labor unions stand in the way of, and it disgusts me.

We have allowed our federal response to education to be based on labor union demands, we think that the key factors of education are report cards, performance standards set by the state, and the group interactions of the students learning to function in a compliant environment. But obviously, none of that is true, look at the kids of today. Most of them are losers. Not because of any fault of their own, but because the adults of their life let them down, teachers, parents and government officials. They all have gotten the education question wrong. They focus on the wrong things, they go about everything incorrectly, and they have no understanding of what they are trying to accomplish. Public schools in the vacuum of all that just work to get compliant students into their adulthoods. But what we get are messes of people who spend the rest of their lives lost and empty because their natural autonomy was destroyed during their school days. And for that we’re supposed to spend fortunes on teachers who wear red shirts in support of their communist oriented labor unions—backed by the federal government as a way to take their false assumptions and hang it on the neck of the property owner. The whole system is a joke. We would do better by doing nothing, which says a lot about just how screwed up the entire system truly is.

Rich Hoffman

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One thought on “Public School Teachers are Bad for American Culture

  1. Did even one single one of those teachers look professional?? Teachers used to have to be dressed professionally, men with suits and ties and women in professional dress attire. Classes were controlled where you could learn something. Disruptive students were sent to the principal’s office. These days they seem to take anyone that applies. Thus you have many unqualified people teaching. Walter E. Williams says that the lowest ACT scores list teaching as their college plans. Few people that go into teaching are experts in any field. We all know that most college kids party hearty. Those in the School of Education even heartier. The agreement reached is enormous compared to other professions. Does that raise or improve the level of expertise offered to the students? NO! Unions have no place in schools


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