The Enemy Ilhan Abdullahi Omar

After the testimony of Eliot Abrams consistent with the line of questioning Ilhan Abdullahi Omar unleashed, it is obvious that the freshman congresswoman is one of the enemies of America that I have been talking about. The problem with Democrats is that they have all the wrong values about what matters, in Omar they only care that she is a woman of color elected into congress and that she is one of the first Muslim’s to be in that body of government. She is one of those cases where a person was born in a region of the world hostile to American influence and she is now serving in our government to effectively change it into something else and everyone is supposed to just leave her alone because she’s a young kid, a woman, and a person of color. Yet after her over the top aggressive stance with Elliot Abrams, she lost all assumptions of goodness, because her actions could only be considered hostile to American positions and declared herself hostile to our Constitution. Whatever oath of office she may have taken obviously has no meaning, her interests are foreign and hostile to North America serving a theocratic “god” and nothing more, and is one we should all consider an enemy based on her behavior in congress thus far.

It is important to understand why enemies of American ideas want so much to push an emphasis on the Muslim religion and on visual conditions such as being women or people of color, because those value systems support the human trajectory of continued regression and rebirth that follows the Vico Cycle that I’m always talking about. In the Giambattista Vico 1725 book New Science the Vico Cycle of the rise and fall of societies was articulated properly as theocracy, aristocracy, democracy then anarchy are the traditional phases that all cultures go through. Understanding that it should be clear to everyone that the religion of Islam is a very theocratic one and by imposing it on the American nation, which traditionally is Christian, the hope is to take the United States back to a theocracy as opposed to a democracy as viewed by the enemies of the American Constitution. As I’ve explained quite emphatically over many essays, American culture is not a democracy but a Republic which has been a very effective hedge against the traditional Vico Cycles and made life in North America unique against the backdrop of global events. Of course this has spawned hatred by jealous rivals, but the results are unmistakable and extremely positive. The Christian religion has moved from being overly theocratic to much more conducive to the invention of capitalism and that is where change agents have the most problem and are trying to establish the Muslim religion as a more theocratic option. Thus, that is why Ilhan Omar gets a free pass to make an ass of herself in what was supposed to be a respectable hearing with a Trump official.

But Omar wasn’t trying to be civil, she is not in place to be part of the American experience, she simply wants to change it to reflect the views of her foreign experience and that is a hostile act by any measure. Accommodating her Muslim faith within a framework of anti-American sentiment is dangerous and downright insulting. She should never be put on any kind of committee assignment given her obvious hostilities against American values. I would have to think hard at any point in history that a congress person of any kind treated witnesses providing testimony so disrespectfully as she did of Elliot Abrams. Omar to my mind has lost the right to ever ask another question of anybody as a congresswoman and she doesn’t get a free pass just because she’s a young, inexperienced, radical woman advocating for a religion that is not traditionally part of the American legal order established at the start of the country. While part of the American experience is that people from anywhere in the world from any background can make a go at success under our capitalist system the fundamental values were Christian in nature. Any oath of office has to have some resemblance to that context otherwise a hostile agent can put their hand on a Bible and cross their fingers behind their back protecting their hostilities quite openly.

The enemy doesn’t get to hide in plain site just because they have physical characteristics that are suddenly off-limits for discussion, such as visual cues society has decided is more important than intellectual ones. Listening to Omar speak to Elliot Abrams it was clear that the only reason she won an election was the belief people from her district had that a woman of color should hold some kind of office, no matter what her actual beliefs were. It is the Obama complex all over again, people were tricked by the Democrats to electing a person of color into the White House just because he was black and we felt as a country that we had to prove we weren’t racist in our natures, which was again entirely an invention of the Democrat Party, to propose the question so that we were all forced to answer it at the voting booth. We weren’t supposed to really care what Obama believed, that he was a socialist who wanted to change America into something Indonesia would feel more comfortable with. The same is going on with this radical congresswoman Omar. We aren’t supposed to care about what she believes, only what color she is and that she is a “she.”

I don’t discriminate, I think everyone should be judged equally based on their conduct and creed, and for Ilhan Abdullahi Omar she is an obvious menace to the American way of life and its time to think of her that way. To call her a villain is an accurate description of her actions obviously on full display in the way she abused her power to make Elliot Abrams have to sit and take abuses in front of a large audience just for the political points it gained her. She wasn’t trying to uncover any kind of truth about the affairs of Venezuela. She simply wanted to attack the Trump administration any way she could so her party could continue to demonize capitalism and the Christian foundations of our nation so that the enemy could change us all into something else. That something else is why they are, and should be referenced as the enemy. As everyone knows in their hearts, evil can come in many forms and packages—if evil always looked ugly, nobody would follow in its wake. Often evil is presented as attractive and hidden behind taboos which give it strength to emerge into poplar culture. And that is clearly the status of Congresswoman Omar, she is evil trying to hide her malice behind concern for America as an imperialist terror she was taught it was in her youth. And to take action in favor of her original countrymen she has managed to get herself elected to congress so that she can dismantle it from within. And that is the danger most obvious in our republic, when democracies are driven not by intelligence, but visual based stupidity, the path to anarchy, then back to theocracy is clear. And once a society moves back to a theocracy, a strong central government can then take over the affairs of all people as individual rights give way to heavenly ones. But it’s always been a trick, and in the entire history of the world only America broke that cycle, for which the enemy of our nation seeks with everything in their power to put us back on.

It’s great that America was there for her as she came here to get away from where she came from.  But she does not have a right to change us into what she ran from.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “The Enemy Ilhan Abdullahi Omar

  1. Does she even qualify for her position. We can thank The Kenyan for bringing these people to our country. He established a community of Somaliaans in Minnesota.


    1. This is what they always planned, to bring in people who hate America from places around the world to turn us all into what they ran from inspiring the need for a one world government ran by the United Nations. A really stupid idea!


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