Public Education in America is a Disaster, Worthless and Filled with Elements of Communism

Every time I see one of these teacher strikes it makes me sick. What a bunch of lowlifes! The public education system itself is a joke in the United States. As many know, I have a long history with this subject and my attitude toward it has become more negative the more I’ve learned. My modern impression of public education is that it’s a worthless exercise and so are the teachers. What good is a teacher if they teach your kids all the wrong things. I honestly think children would learn more and do better in life playing video games rather than learn in the modern public education environment. The instruction on display is socialism and communism, and anti-American propaganda and we’d be better off as a nation if we just did away with it. The idea of a society which teaches its children as a first world country how to live in the world is a noble one, but the results have been an unmitigated disaster. Public education is a joke, kids aren’t learning the right things and the teachers are about as worthless as a fast food worker. They are lazy, pretentious and a big part of the problem is that our youth are growing up in the world without knowing what to do or how to do it.

Of course, there are always exceptions, there are good teachers and good people in the profession, but you can’t keep a massive brain drain, tax eating parasite just because a few people find good in it, or it may help a few students. I am of the mind that no public-school teacher should belong to a union. If people want to enter that profession, let the free market determine the results. No school should be attached to a zip code. Parents should never have to send their kids to a school that is not effective, they should always have a choice. And the curriculum that kids are learning should not contain any socialist concepts—at all. Kids should learn Constitutional ideas and American history from the point of view of exceptionalism only. They can ask questions about the merits of it later, when they are adults, but for their intellectual foundations, kids need to be learning about how America works, not how Marxist labor union teachers want America to be, which has been happening now for half a century—and the results clearly show in our society.

In my own background education is very important to me. I don’t think American citizens are smart enough. I don’t think people in general are yearning to be as smart as they should be. I would propose to every human being on the face of planet earth to read at least one book every week for all their lives, because the process of reading even trash is good for evoking proper thought alignments about basic concepts in any social structure. Our education system doesn’t go near far enough for me, and I am quite used to dealing with people every day with Master’s degrees and Doctorates. To me those indicators are not sufficient in establishing successful and complete people. Education should be more than that, but it always disappoints me to learn just how stupid most people are. It’s not that they couldn’t be, it’s that they put too much trust in the institutions of education and what they end up with is a bad product that they carry with them all the rest of their existence and it’s a shame. Most people are shells of what they should be because the education system let them down from pre-school to their sixth or eighth year of college once they produce their final doctoral thesis to some liberal loser who has no right or real authority to judge such things.

And we keep hearing that the teaching profession does not have enough people in it, and that there’s a shortage that must be filled with new bright-eyed participants. “Who wants to be a teacher when the pay is so bad” we keep hearing. Well, I’d argue that the pay isn’t bad and that we should be doing a lot more with less. We live in the age of autonomy where kids can learn so much more so quickly, that class sizes should be increasing not decreasing down to something less than 25 students per class. Anything along the lines of smaller class sizes and high employment needs for any district is the socialist labor unions talking. In the case of Denver, which is the latest strike the teachers are parading around with their “red for ed” t-shirts, which is to say that red stands for communism, because it is precisely what they are after, and they are declaring that they love their children so much that if only they can get a pay raise, they can get back to work. CNN shows on television that the kids joined in the protests and were fighting for their beloved teachers. What is happening is purely anti-American. The teachers do not love the children, they want too much money and the children would be better off homeless and in a street gutter than learning the system of communism that the teachers themselves are revealing. The lies and protests that are so common with unionized teachers isn’t worth paying for let alone the damage they put into the minds of our children and if we really cared as a society, we’d stop pouring so much money into that corrupt and useless system.

There are many ways to get an education, especially these days. The public-school route is probably the worst. It’s not a matter of funding, its whether we should even be talking about money, because the product is so bad. If there is anything good about public education it is gone the moment kids learn to read. Once they can do that, education should become much more autonomous than it is now and the adults involved should not be part of any collective bargaining agreements attached to tax revenue. Education should be an individual experience, not one the state is concerned with. The state’s original claim was that society needed to be taught how to be productive in the world but in the age of illegal immigration into America, employers are happy to get people who show up for work, let alone know how to read and speak in complete sentences. Anybody can have a job in the modern world if they grow up with parents who give them a work ethic. Kids aren’t learning how to have a work ethic in school so what’s the point?

It’s about time we come to terms with this diabolical menace which is the public education system. The subject itself is like talking about a public toilet, a public water fountain, a public park, a public library, a public anything. The sentiment is nice as a concept but the reality is never good. The idea that the public owns education, or land, or the means of an economy are just preposterous. The public doesn’t own anything but the right to rule themselves as individuals. They certainly don’t own our children’s minds, and it’s not up to the public to provide free baby sitting for lazy, pretentious, modern parents who don’t really want to do the job of raising children. And it’s not our job to help lazy real estate agents make money off good schools attached to zip codes when the real value of a community is in the offerings it has, schools being only one of them. The whole system is a disaster that needs to be rethought and every time I see a teacher’s strike like the one in Denver it reminds me of it.

Rich Hoffman

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One thought on “Public Education in America is a Disaster, Worthless and Filled with Elements of Communism

  1. I agree completely. The union was established by Communists that traveled to Moscow every summer for
    their indoctrination. Many good books on the subject.


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