What I Think of the Green New Deal: The Old New Deal was a travesty, violance will likely be the only option in the future

Speaking from the perspective that I have as an Anti-Federalist kind of guy the old New Deal from FDR was pure socialism and should have never happened. It weakened our country greatly and it shows today in the people of our nation. So this New Green New Deal that socialist Democrats are proposing using panic driven climate change to create artificial necessity for communist oriented legislation is nothing but a pipe dream going nowhere fast. But I think its only fair to warn those people what will happen to them should they manage any level of success, such as winning enough seats of power to implement their ideas in the future, after all, there are many Ocasio-Cortez socialists coming out of our public education system, because that was their goal from the beginning. When Democrats put a kid like her out in front of an idea to propose socialism openly and aggressively, then we must all consider the eventual fate of a future congress and senate that my actually try such a thing sincerely and not as a circus stunt. And should that day arrive we who are sane and still free are required by the Constitution to defend it from them even if violence becomes necessary.

To make something like their Green New Deal the nature of the American Constitution would have to change from protecting individual rights, the way it is now, to something that morphs into the rights of planet earth and group associations as a collective whole. The nature of the Constitution would change, which if you talk to the kid Ocasio-Cortez, is precisely what she and her generation are looking to do. That puts the burden of sense on the rest of us who know better, even if we end up in the minority regarding public sentiment. Presently we have in our republic lots of older people some who lived during the World War II period so they have seen what America is supposed to be, if only for a short period in their lives, and they vote accordingly. The beat-up kids of today coming from broken families, rap culture music and socialist training in public schools do not have such history to draw from making them susceptible to the socialists who have taken over the Democrat party. They can’t read the ingredient label on a beer let alone read and understand the Constitution. That means that there will likely come a time when law and order will no longer protect the Constitution from those elements and we will have to turn toward violence to maintain the sanity of our nation.

We don’t have the Second Amendment to hunt rabbits or to shoot at cans on a fence post. We have it to protect the American Constitution from insurgents who want to make things like the Green New Deal into law and to take away the individual rights of Americans in favor of some nebulous religion built on superstition and liberal fantasies. Guns are the safety valve of our culture because it keeps bands of protestors such as Ocasio-Cortez might think to organize at a safe distance and away from our homes. In gun free zones such as New York City or the streets of Washington D.C. it is safe for them to express themselves with the kind of force they are implying to even propose a Green New Deal—a removal of individual rights in favor of global rights meant to protect the earth and not the people living on it. Should our government be taken over by such characters then the rest of us will have to protect the nature of our country unfortunately with violence because there would be no other option at that point and we will need weapons better or at least equal to what that government would send to our homes to enforce compliance.

Reading the reaction to the insanity of Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal it is obvious that there are many people her age working in media today and that they are advocating for open socialism and communism across the world. I remember when I first started this blog over a decade ago and people thought my statements about the goals of public education were extreme and hate filled, because I insisted that we were breeding socialists in them and it was dangerous to our future. People like Ocasio-Cortez and the writers of The Guardian and Huffington Post currently were little kids back then being taught by left leaning radicals that things like the Green New Deal were needed, to hell with the Constitution. To them the Constitution was a living document which needed to represent the necessities of modern times, and from their perspective it needed to shift from protecting individual rights to protecting collective rights. So I am saying now that ten years from now when people like Ocasio-Cortez can run for president and actually sign insane bills like the Green New Deal that the Constitution may require violence to defend, because at that point our courts will be loaded with liberal activists and the House and Senate will fall to what we used to term, communist sentiment. Green is of course the new communism. Most of the young kids promoting the Green New Deal don’t have a good enough understanding of history to have context, but their objective is certainly radical and should they gain power by their sheer numbers, then it will fall on us in the minority to defend the Constitution, because they are seeking to change it into something else.

That leads to fair warning now so that we can all understand what that new world will look like. At that point guns would have long been made illegal because that is the only way a government can gain the kind of power Ocasio-Cortez wants to give it to enforce such a monstrosity as the Green New Deal. I personally think that the Trump presidency will hold and bring about another 16 years of Republican ownership of the White House, because people tend to vote for their own prosperity. The economy is great and in the end people are not going to vote against their best interests. But the threat is certainly there as proposed by members of the new congress with their insane Green New Deal. All the warnings that Ayn Rand provided in great books like Return of the Primitive are clearly evident. These are the products of the Woodstock generation who would rather dance naked and mindless in the mud rather than reach for the stars during the moon landing. The two visions are on the extreme opposite and cannot be reconciled together under one nation. The sentiments just don’t fit together. And should those radicals take over our government it will be up to us to take it back from them with violence. With guns and force. The words of the Constitution are only written, they require action to preserve. And when ideas like the Green New Deal are proposed we must come to terms with the intentions of the people who wrote them and understand that they mean violence to advance such a thing. So we must have in our minds the same, because it will be the victor of such a conflict that decides the way the world of tomorrow really looks. Peace with the radicals does not protect the Constitution or the nature of American citizenship. So it is not peace that is part of our future, but violence.

Rich Hoffman

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4 thoughts on “What I Think of the Green New Deal: The Old New Deal was a travesty, violance will likely be the only option in the future

  1. Omg Rich… you saw this and you predicted this . I am so furious at the total level of disrespect that is encouraged by women , and over my dead body will I ever willingly give my money to those “ unwilling to work” oh dear god please help us— it doesn’t appear that they’re kidding either 😦


  2. Anyone I have kept in my life knows the score. It was hard to shake off old friends but there was a big reason for that years ago as explained here.
    I agree completely with the whole of this essay. Sad times are coming.
    Standing by…..


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