The Great Speech by Teflon Don: It’s not an insult that nothing sticks, because the President is just too good at what he does

Well, that was a great State of the Union speech. By now most reading this would have seen it or heard it for themselves and have likely been exposed to various opinions. But I don’t think any speech Ronald Reagan gave was better or more poised against a hostile audience than the one President Trump gave on February 5th, 2019. Trump was relaxed, funny, compassionate, and a real visionary as his speech went well beyond what I was expecting. It was hard for anybody to not like what was delivered regarding a State of America’s Union. The speech itself was a remarkable exhibition of leadership, because only a leader could have pulled off such a feat. Even the protestors who wore white in the audience to represent women’s issues were up dancing around due to the natural enthusiasm generated during the hour and a half delivery.

Trump was firm, funny, hauntingly reflective, fatherly, and tenaciously optimistic all at the same time. His speech addressed many things that nobody usually talks about, particularly regarding the concerns of socialism that has emerged in the Democratic party recently quite openly. In truth, America has never been more prosperous, unemployment is low, the economy is very strong but for the first time the world is not a threat to us. North Korea is coming to the table to negotiate further avenues of peace. China’s once ominous economy has been revealed to have been a fraud, artificially propped up by the media to look like a villain we all want to become, not just avoid. Russia is a non-factor in the affairs of the world. They can’t hardly afford to make bread let alone buzz American planes in the Baltic Sea. Iran is in the same boat, they don’t have the money to go to war. America is now the largest oil provider in the world essentially robbing them of any global leverage. They are headed to the same place Venezuela is now. Their number one product is now made and exported out of the United States leaving their bank accounts empty, and therefore ability to make war. President Trump has done something in just two years that nobody else could have, he has brought peace to the world by making the United States once again the top economy with the best prospects of success going forward.

The President made a great case for border security which Democrats are only against because they have signed up for the borderless world advocates vision, which is now long dead. People see what’s going on and they aren’t happy about it. To really understand why there is so much criticism of President Trump by way of investigations, bad media, and even internal leaks by the establishment caucus it’s because those elements feared that Trump might at some point give a speech like this State of the Union. They didn’t want him to name names and articulate the real strengths of the American idea, but in spite of all that they have thrown at him over the last few years, and the level of betrayal that has occurred, Trump gave the speech as if he had been doing it for a century and like a Superman who had all the bullets shot at him falling harmlessly to the ground with a smile on his face. For a Deep State that is used to frightening off presidents in the past from going too far, Trump has stood strong and even seems to be enjoying himself, and that was quite clear during the speech which I didn’t hear many of the professional pundits point out in the aftermath.

Even with all the effort Trump went into the speech with a Rasmussen poll that showed him at 48% approval, which is extraordinary considering there was just a government shutdown which was largely blamed on him. In truth things look very scary if you watch the news, most of the people directly related to helping the President have gone to jail or are in the process of defending themselves from having to go. Media types who supported President Trump from the beginning like Alex Jones and Bill O’Reilly are no longer players in the industry and have been removed from their audiences in an obvious move at censorship. There is a lot to be bitter about if you are a Trump supporter. But in all honesty, nobody is watching television any more, and they don’t read newspapers. The media does not have the power they once had and President Trump understands that. The Drudge Report and Trump’s Twitter feed alone has far more power and it drives everyone crazy, but its part of our changing world. We are in the 21st Century, things are supposed to be different from what they were in the past, and they’ll be even more so in the future.

While announcing the approval rating for the President The Drudge Report mentioned that Donald Trump was a “Teflon Don” in its headline which is to say that nothing bad seems to stick to him. Well, that term has been applied to me many times in my life so it garners some examination. When an enemy says about you that you are a Teflon person, meaning that all their schemes and attempts at malice fail the reason is that if you are an above the line person of great value, the world is desperate for your services, so the intentions of malice that generally control the world do not work. That is why Trump is a popular president even after 95% bad news coverage. What’s 95% of nothing essentially, when people don’t care or aren’t watching traditional forms of media, who cares what the percentage is. People tend to point out that all these new media companies are liberal, but in the marketplace of ideas capitalism has put them in the positions they enjoy, and they need Trump far more than he needs them. Twitter may not like Trump but he is one of their biggest users and the President has been able to reach people directly without a media filter for the first time in human history—and the effects were obvious at the speech. Popular and unafraid the United States had a President that gave a speech of optimism and warning in a way that has never been done previously, and it is what people will remember as they turn back to their lives after such a large political affair happening two days after a Super Bowl.

When people say about you that you are “Teflon” they are expressing their frustration that punishment doesn’t come to your doorstep the way it would them because as an individual you have too many valuable things to bring to the table than to have punishment expressed so to rob the world of your gifts. When you are an above the line person, people desperately want what you have to offer because often it’s their only hope out of their position. The rules of the rest of the world do not work on people who by their very nature contribute so much more than average people and that is what made the President’s speech so incredible. Even after all that’s happened, Trump was able to stand up there at the podium in Congress in front of so many political enemies and be just as relaxed as if he were wearing slippers in his home with his favorite pajamas perched comfortably in front of a roaring fire in his private residence. He was unfazed by the political turmoil that has been roaring and people saw it during his speech. Making his offering at greatness much more appealing than anything else any political figure has offered since the inception of our Republic.

Rich Hoffman

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