Why Patti Alderson is Terrible for State Central Committee: Vote for Ann Becker and make the world a better place

As I have been advocating for Ann Becker to replace Patti Alderson on the State Central Committee seat it’s important to understand who the socialite is and why she needs to be replaced.  I often say there is a lot you can learn about a person by the way they dress.  Well, further you can tell a lot about people by their biographies and resumes.  Personally, I have found this particularly difficult for me to display myself because I have such a colorful background with so many aspects to attempt to cover.  In publishing for instance they want you to zero in on just things that are specific to the relevancy of your published work.  So I’ve never enjoyed doing them because they feel like I’m always leaving out bits of myself.  The same holds true for professional tasks—things you get paid for.  If you are doing high level work people don’t necessarily care if you like to read and climb mountains for recreation.  They just want to know what you can do for them and how much money you can make.  However, a phony is someone who tries to include everything they’ve ever done to attempt to pad their experience into appearing vast when in fact they are just social monstrosities who have only obtained anything in their life through their marriage and the luck of the draw financially.  That likely is the situation with Patti Alderson as she exhibited quite gloriously in the bio she provided on her campaign website.  Notice how she includes just about everything she’s ever done for anybody, almost as ridiculous as including going to restroom, taking out the trash, and hosting latté sipping meetings with Lakota levy supporters for the purpose of raising property taxes on residents not as rich as she is—then calling herself a Republican because the candidates gather at her house looking for a donation to their war chests.

Bio for Patti Alderson
West Chester, OH
State Central Committee Woman – Republican – 4th District

Born and raised in Maineville, OH, the only child of Irish immigrant Michael and wife Ruth Fox. Married to Dick Alderson in 1970 and moved to West Chester in 1972 where we began our family of two daughters followed by seven grandchildren.

1967: Graduated Valedictorian from Little Miami High School
1970: Graduate of Miami University, B.S. in Education, Major: Business

1970 – 1974: Business Teacher and Coach at Reading High School.
1978 – 1995: Secretary/Treasurer of West Chester Marketing, Inc. (Accounting & Human Resources).
1995 – 2000: Special Events Coordinator at Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati. Initiated the 1st Successful House Raffle in the Cincinnati area.
1995 – 2014: Mediator for Butler County Courts

Community Volunteer and Philanthropist:
1999 – 2015: Founded and Operated the Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty
2013 – Present: Established the Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty

Political Involvement:
1991: Worked on the Campaign for Dick Alderson for Trustee
1989 to Present: Held numerous (more than 65) fundraisers in support of Local, State & National Candidates
2004: Provided Election Day phone bank for President George W. Bush.
2008: Initiated a grassroots initiative of local citizens to form a PAC, Making Congress Accountable. Purpose of the PAC: to make Congress accountable for their vote to secure energy independence for the U. S. Our Membership: 30 committed citizens. Our group personally presented our petition to every Senator and Representative in Washington D.C.
2010-2013: West Chester Tea Party
2012 – Present: Served as State Central Committeewoman District 4
2012 – Present: Member of the Executive Committee of the Butler County GOP

Non-Profit Boards (past & current):
Board of Directors Butler County United Way
Parish Council President, St. Susanna Parish
Education Commission, President, St. Susanna School
Board of Directors American Red Cross
Board of Directors Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati
Board of Directors Ursuline Academy Foundation Board
Board of Directors, CEO & President, Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty
Board of Directors National VOA Museum of Broadcasting
Board of Directors, Treasurer, Ohio Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs
Board of Directors, Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty

2004: The Cincinnati Enquirer’s “Women of the Year”
2007: West Chester – Liberty Chamber Alliance “Women of Excellence”
2008: Greater Cincinnati Athena Award Finalist
2009: West Chester – Liberty Chamber Alliance “President’s Award”
2010: Keynote Speaker – West Chester – Liberty “Women of Excellence“ Awards
2011: Venue Magazine Class of 2011 “Venue Award” for Leadership & Service
2011: Named to Junior Achievement’s “Butler County Hall of Fame”
2015: “Philanthropist of the Year Award” presented by the Community Foundation


Here’s the problem with this listing, if I listed everything I’ve done over the last 30 years—like she has—I couldn’t contain the contents on less than ten pages of similar exhibition.   I mean she lists things like her involvement in the West Chester Tea Party and her husband’s political endeavors as parts of her experience.  She also listed a phone bank on Election Day for George Bush.  Those are ridiculous things to mention.  For instance, and I only mention it because its relevant to this blog site and concerns Patti directly because of dealings I’ve had with her through mediators—but I would never consider mentioning the $10,000 that was donated through Yes to Lakota Kids and all the media work I did for that campaign as part of my “history” even though it was more than successful.  If I listed every little thing the way she has it would be a small booklet.  Patti’s involvement with the West Chester Tea Party is interesting—I went to nearly every meeting they had from 2010 to 2013 and she was never there.  She contributed some space she had in one of her properties to Ann Becker so that she could keep tabs on the group, but withdrew that support after Ann went after John Boehner’s speaker seat for being an ineffectual RINO.  The West Chester Tea Party was then booted out to the street to find another location as area establishment Republicans went on a quiet crusade to destroy the group.   I don’t see that Patti mentioned anything about any of that.  She just mentioned the West Chester Tea Party on her bio as if she were some kind of member. That certainly lends speculation to the relevancy of all her listings.

What I see when reading all this is a modern woman who is struggling to appear as a liberated female from behind the rather large professional shadow of her husband.   She doesn’t have much experience at anything except what the money they’ve made has allowed her to enjoy from strictly a top down position.  It’s easy to sit on boards of directors when the people who put you there only want the money and resources that you could provide them with.  It’s quite another thing to slug it out on the ground level the way that Ann has had to do—and earn everything that they’ve ever achieved the hard way. Patti’s bio is quite clearly one written by a woman wanting to appear as a self-achieving feminist who wants to be socially enamored.  Now that is specifically something she needs to resolve within herself and her family—but she includes everyone in her district when she runs for private office with public motivations that have an impact on elections with an obvious neurosis not founded in self-reliance.

I have seen Patti and her husband at a Tea Party event in Liberty Township where Susan McLaughlin and Katy Kern were singing praises to her for some contribution she made.  Patti seemed pretty happy to be put in the spotlight that way, which I suppose was nice.  But at West Chester, she shortly withdrew her support of Ann Becker’s West Chester Tea Party after the 2012 elections when Becker came out against John Boehner and John Kasich—because neither politician had shown themselves to be “conservative” enough.  About that time Susan moved in the direction of Patti, membership declined dramatically in Liberty Township at the Tea Party group there, and a small little war within the Republican Party emerged with people like Ann and I on one side, then Patti and Susan on the other.  Of course Patti is friends with everyone, at least socially.  However her actions behind the scenes can be quite scandalous.  Nobody of any authority has called her out on anything, because essentially they all wanted to be invited to her next event—for the opportunity to solicit funds for their future campaigns.  That’s not to say she’s a bad person, but from personal experience, I can’t say that she has anything of any experience to dictate that she’s anything but a socialite who sways to the political left, and intends to hold the Republican Party of Butler County in that philosophic position with her influence gained exclusively through campaign contributions.  Her padded bio adds fuel to that fire by confirming her vast insecurities as a modern woman who wants to be everything to everybody but can’t hide the fact that she just got lucky and married the right guy.  That might make her a nice neighbor and charitable donor—but to sit on an important seat in a significant Central Committee position that makes decisions for the future of the Republican Party—Ann Becker is by far the best choice.

By the way, I’ll never forget the events that led up to this.http://www.lakotaonline.com/videos.cfm?vid=10436

We made a deal before this meeting to not put the levy on the ballot which I was largely responsible for, along with others.  Patti was working with the board to advance a tax increase on private property.  And she wants to run the Republican Party?  She needs to put that on her “bio,” that she supported tax increases on property her friends develop.  She put everything else on there.  Why not that?  Because she’s a Republican in Name………………………..Only.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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6 thoughts on “Why Patti Alderson is Terrible for State Central Committee: Vote for Ann Becker and make the world a better place

  1. You mean to say that she hails from “Shanty Irish” and she’s trying to prove she’s not a person of that
    ilk. I wouldn’t vote for Becker if you gave me $100.00. I guess that category would be a no vote on my ballot. Too many fall for the push and shove of people who are trying to climb up the ladder by defecating on those on the lower rungs. Or they use those on the lower rungs thoughts and works as their own. On the other hand Ms. Alderson just likes to flaunt her wealth that was gained through her husband. She is a society wannabe that was born and raised across the tracks. Nothing wrong with climbing the ladder, but just don’t put your accomplishments as your own when they are attained through the purse strings of someone else. Lots of WC people think they are socialites because they have a 45069 zip code. As long as I can remember most people of that zip code were hard working people that immigrated from Kentucky and yonder. Somehow builders decided to build Wetherington and other high priced subdivisions on cheap land. The future construction of the Union Centre Blvd. access ramp was known to very, very few. These few bought up the “cheap” farmland and were in a position to create new zoning that would make them one and all millionaires. That list of investors is known only to the few that created a “blind” corporation. As Madeline Albright said or rephrased, “there is a special place in hell for those that will lie and cheat their way to millionaire status.” I’m not naming names, but these people know who they are and they can await their maker by playing “goodie two shoes” when there is a real truth that is never uttered outside of the “group.” Some of the most religious appearing people turn out to be the worst characters on the block. The people that are prone to do the most good tend to accomplish their deed anonymously. That is what is known as “real character.”


    1. Patti should have never taken that microphone at the Lakota board meeting just prior to March 12th 2012 and spoken poorly of me to so many people. She used other people to try to smear me then turned around and told the public that her group was too wholesome to work with me? Seriously. That is a joke. Meanwhile she sells herself as a Republican while advocating for higher taxes. Talk about a RINO.


    2. Who ever believes this bullshit shouldn’t even vote because obviously they nothing about patti or how hard she works for something she believes in. Sounds like someone is jealous. ” that’s a terrible feeling.” Prey you can get past this issue and clear up mind and soul.


  2. She smears the people that are smarter. She has hobnobbed with people that she considers inferior to herself. That makes her the highest on “Ye Olde West Chester” totem pole. She has to remember the days she was helping her husband run the fish tank stone business in that little concrete block building on Cin-Day Rd. Many people that “made it” are admired for their works. Those that flash magnificent diamonds, designer clothes etc. etc. don’t always get the admiration that they so desire. Just because your picture is in the paper doesn’t mean you are admired. Dillinger made the front page many times.


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