The Deliberate Destruction of Millennial Minds: One of the greatest abuses on planet earth

The thought process of a Millennial is one of the most tragic examples of abuse that we have in the world today, and that includes sex trafficking, Islamic abuse of women, and the sexual abuse of children.  If you didn’t hear it Matt Clark at WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan did a show on this tragic topic with a guest that was just sad—because of the truth of it. He featured the now famous clip of the young Millennial woman who demanded on the Neal Cavuto show during a student march the relief of student debt, free college education, and a $15 dollar minimum wage.  Neal was gracious enough not to destroy the poor girl when he asked flatly—“who’s going to pay for it.”  The girl didn’t know just as Millennials everywhere don’t know.  Through their educations over their entire lives, those poor kids have been deliberately reduced intellectually—which is technically abuse.  Before moving on to the next paragraph listen to this Matt Clark broadcast.  It starts off by reminding people of the impending Al Gore crises which was predicted in the Academy Award winning movie, An Inconvenient Truth.  Well, he was wrong, and Matt had a little fun with that.  But after that segment is a truly sad story that really concerns us all because we have now an entire generation that has been raised in day cares, radicalized leftist public schools and weak American presidents with failed foreign policies.  Then they went to college because everyone told them to, to further destroy their minds into liberalism mounting tremendous student debts that start them out in life owned essentially by the federal government—and they don’t know any better—which was abusive.  They were deliberately abused by liberalized society for political purposes and this has robbed them of healthy adult lives and it’s a situation that should deserve prosecutions and jail time for all invovled.

If you listen to women’s rights advocates they will tell stories of the previous generation where men wouldn’t let their wives drive cars intentionally keeping them barefoot and pregnant to prevent them from having the mobility to cheat on them with other men.  We all know parents who abuse their children by spoiling them to the extent that they have deliberately sheltered the children from the realities of the world and they do so not out of love but their own selfish desire to control the child and prevent them from straying too far away.  By keeping the children overly dependent, they ensure themselves that they won’t have to endure the crises of having that child grow up and move away.  Then of course there are the civil rights abuses where people of a different color skin couldn’t drink and eat with southern whites.  Most sane people can agree that all those horrors are tragic and that many have worked hard to eradicate that kind of behavior from our society.  So it should enrage everyone that we’ve given public schools our children ran by teacher unions only to have those institutions openly destroy the mind of our youth—knowingly—to achieve a target demographic voter base committed to a new interpretation of socialism so to spread that ideology against American capitalism.

This is a topic I have covered for a long time.  When Matt’s guest on WAAM radio was only a teenager, I was in fact writing articles about the impending tragedy and doing a lot of radio to put a light on the potential problem.  Well, the problem isn’t just a potential any longer—it’s here.  The Millennials have arrived.  Now we are seeing these poor kids hit the marketplace and they don’t have a leg to stand on intellectually.  What has happened reminds me of primitive tribes such as the Nazca and many others who deliberately wrap their baby’s growing skulls with leather to elongate their heads into monstrosities of deformity to pay tribute to a culture rooted in mythology—not logic.  Kids in public schools and colleges have deliberately had their minds destroyed and now they are functioning adults screaming for socialism because that’s all they have been taught.  They were born during the Bill Clinton years, were children during the very low intellectual presidency of George W. Bush and they have been reassured by President Obama that socialism is the means for their future.  I can think of a few young people in my family who have fallen for this scheme—and I have had to watch these poor kids lose their entire futures to the promises of these intellectually damaging presidential platforms.

But the fault isn’t just on modern politics—it goes all the way back to strategies uttered during the beginning of the Department of Education where communism was on the agenda of the few at the top in the know.  The DOE was implemented in 1979.  Ronald Reagan was supposed to eradicate it at the start of his presidency, but after his assassination attempt, he lost his backbone for that kind of thing.   It was too rooted into the teacher unions and Kremlin conspiracies of that time and Reagan had his mind on outspending Russia as a means to defeat communism.   The KGB on the other hand was willing to play the slow game.  They planned to show the destruction of communism while at the same time spreading it to a world that had let its guard down.  By the time Reagan left office it was too late.  Public schools were essentially socialist training centers intent to implement several generations that would accept collectivist based management of resources.  Meanwhile Russia repackaged their message and progressivism took over Europe.  Two decades later a former leader of the KGB is president of Russia and they command from that massive country one of the only remaining superpower status countries with the exception of communist China.  Only the United States is left to face the wrath of Socialist International which has a firm foot in every country on earth.  Only in America where capitalism has been king is socialism still a bad word.  But, after two decades of training our youth with tax payer funded reprogramming, the KGB has implemented their strategy and here we are. (If you’d like to fact check me, just click on any hotlink within this article.  You will discover dear reader that what I’m saying is quite truthful, sadly.  I’d love to be wrong—but I’m not)

Now we are left with an entire society of these young people and they have no other option intellectually in a free society but to demand socialism as a cure to their woes—which has been done to them deliberately.  Every teacher who participated is guilty and they know who they are.  They were highly paid by tax payers negotiated through socialist based collective bargaining agreements to shut their mouths and teach what the state told them to.  Meanwhile the Department of Education from day one in 1979 was fully intent to teach communism to students within the public education system.  In a lot of ways President Obama is the first of these young people to hit the scene—when he was hanging out with other Marxists at the University of Chicago they weren’t trying to figure out how to extract wealth out of a new product launched to market—they were trying to figure out how to redistribute the wealth already created under the premise of communism as defined by Karl Marx.  They called it progressivism to take the edge off and hid the effort behind the mask of civil rights.

This abusive relationship is equivalent to the insecure man who will not let his wife learn to drive a car from days long past.  The man may tell the wife that he’s afraid for her life and to keep her safe he doesn’t want her to drive a car.  But what he really wants is to keep her home and out of the bed of some other man—or to give her the ability to check up on him while he sleeps around town.  Bad politicians have embraced communism for a long time as the KGB floated it into America during the 70s and 80s, and the effects are noticeable today.  You can hear it in the voice of Millennials who should know better, but they don’t.  All they know is they were promised something.  Their parents have been stripped away from them nearly at birth.  They were mostly raised in day care and public schools and they were told that the nanny state would care for them all their lives.  All they had to do is cry and someone would bring them some food.  They were deliberately kept in a stupid state for political reasons and now the impact of that tragedy is beginning to reveal itself.

So now these kids are crying and nobody has any money to give them.  The government has bankrupted our system—on purpose.  And the kids are looking for someone with answers—like Bernie Sanders.  They have not been taught math properly, so they don’t add up the facts in their minds and are defenseless toward critical thinking.  Like the poor little Nazca kids, their parents and society in general made decisions for them that ruined them for their adulthoods and now they have to deal with the ramifications of it.  It’s all a very sad story and for the purpose of this article, the point is to simply identify the problem in its enormity.  I hate to say it, but those Millennials are ruined for the rest of their lives.  We have to begin working on that follow-up generation with the right kind of thinking and we’ll have to endure the rough road ahead, which will likely last for the next 70 years.  The people who did this to all these kids should all be punished for their abuse.  They are now crippled for life to advance a political ideology, not through debate, but through ignorance.  That is the only way the KGB working through the United States government was able to spread global socialism.  And the abuse has happened right under our noses.  I’ve been pointing it out for years.  Some people have listened, but not enough.  Now, the facts are obvious, and we as a society have to figure out what we are going to do about it.  The problem is very real and it demands an answer.  Time is ticking away and the debts are mounting and the Millennials don’t understand why when they cry nobody comes.  Because they weren’t taught the reason.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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