Zecharia Sitchin Was Right All Along: Caltech reveals something big, exciting and menacing which impacts us all

I had to think about this information for a few days before commenting on it, because it’s a fairly massive revelation—literally.  It is a true game changer regarding science.  You might have heard that Caltech researchers have discovered the gravity signature of a 10th planet (I still consider Pluto a planet).  This fairly rocked my foundations as it harkened back to a writer I like quite a lot, a man who researched legitimately some wonderful archaeology in the Middle East, Zecharia Sitchin.  He was one of the few scholars in the world able to read ancient Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets.  So I enjoyed several of his books namely The 12th Planet.  I read that book years ago and all of the ones that followed.  They were compelling reads that I often considered with an eye toward science fiction.  He asked enough unanswered questions to convince me that there was more to just about everything regarding the origins of life on planet earth.  My biggest problem with Sitchin was his theory that Sumerians declared that there was a giant planet that was in our solar system which occasionally came into the path of other planets with a long elliptical orbit that took many millennia to rotate around the sun.  I figured that if such an object existed modern astronomers would have discovered it by now.  Well……………………………………………………..the Caltech discovery just made Zecharia Sitchin into a man way, way ahead of his time.  Before delving further watch this short video about Sitchin and his 12th Planet, (the sun and moon were considered by Sumerians to be planets).  This is not a conspiracy any longer, this is now apparently science fact—or at least it will be once somebody puts a telescope on the planet as they know where it should now be in an elliptical orbit.


The predictions early on, as this discovery is extremely recent news as of this writing, are that this new planet rotates one time around the sun anywhere from 15,000 years to 20,000 years.  The Sumerians knew about this planet eight thousand years ago so this certainly falls in line with many mysteries that are heavily speculated about in the time frame of 12,000 to 10,000 B.C.  There are thoughts that the Egyptian Sphinx dated back to that period and many other visible archaeological evidence left behind, and this would likely put this new planet within the celestial bodies visible in the night sky to those ancient cultures.  It would also likely be responsible for strange gravitational anomalies and other effects felt on earth by whatever species lived at the time.

This resurrects many of the mythologies of that long ago Sumerian period where there was talk about planets colliding and many other tragic events which occurred that didn’t make any sense unless there was some undiscovered planet floating around in space somewhere within the sun’s gravitational pull.  This also brings forth a lot of new thought on the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, which likely now is the remains of a destroyed planet that collided with this celestial object.  If there was life on Mars at the time—as I believe that evidence will eventually show, this may have provoked them to move toward earth for their own survival giving rise to a whole new species that suddenly evolved.  A whole lot of new theories built from mythology needs to be reanalysed.

Of course the green movement is in trouble.  When this planet enters the elliptical orbit of the inner planets, with earth being one of them, there will be major tidal forces pulling at our planet and really causing damage to our environment.   There are thoughts that there will be tidal waves thousands of feet high striking all the major coastlines and the plate tectonics around the globe will be shoved around like puzzle pieces on an empty tabletop.  That suddenly provides a lot of motivation for the various mountain ranges seen from the air where they look like coils of land masses pushed up against each other—like a rug that needs straightened out in a hallway foyer.  The forces that made those mountains would require tremendous gravitational force.  They are not something that would happen under normal orbits around the sun.  When this new planet swings in for its long multi millennial journey back out around the sun it will likely have a violent reaction to every planet in our solar system.  Maybe not catastrophic, but certainly it will affect the climatic balance of our terrestrial existence.

You have to consider dear reader that all of human life has essentially evolved since this planet was last seen among the orbits of the inner planets.  All of our religions and all of our recorded history.  The emergence of this planet points more toward the reality of Zecharia Sitchin’s theories which really forces us to look hard at all the archaeology currently being destroyed—I would say on purpose—by ISIS in the Middle East.  There have been numerous conspiracy theories about the planet Nibiru (otherwise known as Planet X) emerging for a long time—many of them fans of Sitchin.  The theory indicates that the Illuminati and many government entities have known about this for years—and that the Caltech report was the slow way to reveal to the global population that something of great concern is emerging outside their parameters of understanding.  What matters to me is that Caltech revealed the information and that NASA is going to back it up with evidence soon.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that earth may go through some serious stress.  Conspiracy theorists think that this planet will flying into the inner planet orbits in 2016.  In all likelihood, it is probably several thousand years away, otherwise amateur astronomers would have been talking about it in a more mainstream fashion—but who knows at this point.

The shock for me is that yet again evidence points toward how little we really know about anything—yet our education institutions have closed the book of understanding on way too many things.  It actually angers me to learn what I have about the mound cultures of the Ohio Valley—the complete lie politically motivated regarding American Indians, the source of human life, and the celestial bodies.  So be sure to watch the videos included with this article with the openness of a child.  You do literally have to unlearn what you’ve learned, because that is the only way to deal with things like this.  In a lot of ways this is like learning that you’ve had a spouse cheating on you when Zecharia Sitchin was showing you the pictures all along.  As a society we have not wanted to know the truth, but eventually it catches up to you.  Sitchin turned out to be right—at least a whole lot more than I would have thought when reading his books.  I think I told my wife years ago that Sitchin was a neat person, and smart, but that his thoughts were outdated and not supported by hard science. 

He traveled the globe for many decades gathering a lot more evidence than most universities applied to the task.  But based on the Caltech report, the biggest problem there was in Sitchin’s report of what the ancient Sumerians believed—has turned out to be a valid theory.  No wonder so many ancient societies were concerned about the stars and their positions.  A planet like the one recently discovered would really cause complications to any life living nearby as such a planet passes through our orbit radius would cause.  Likely there were times in the distant past that the planet was really close to earth while other years it was relatively far away.  What’s stunning is that there is actually merit to the conspiracy theories shown on this article.  So watch them all and stay tuned.  Things are really going to get interesting on this story.  This is bigger news than a lot of people yet realize.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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