It’s Up to You Iowa: A chance to make Donald Trump president and why you should

Iowa, this is your time on the stage.  Really, the next election for President of the United States begins and ends with you.  If you were to take a moment from preparing for the spring planting period, from life on your farms and industry to vote in the Republican primary on February 1st, you could put this thing to bed right now.  This particular site that you are reading gets particularly busy during election periods because most people don’t have time to pay attention to critical issues regarding politics.  Prior to elections they usually do an internet search, and they run across my articles.  They read them as opposed to other publications because I usually provide 1500 word articles that cover the details of an issue deep diving into the psychology and politics behind whatever is on the ballot.  People have lost faith in the mainstream news, and their local newspapers, but they do tend to trust me and it shows up in voting results usually with a small swing in percentage to the passage or failure of an issue.  In close elections—sometimes that’s all it takes.  At this point, I’m not sure that Iowa will be close for Republicans but just in case, you should take the opportunity to go out and vote and you should cast your support behind Donald Trump.  If you watch the following videos about Trump, you can see easily that he is already more presidential than anybody we’ve had the opportunity to vote for in several decades.  And he is the best option for 2016 on either side.  But, it takes feet on the ground to actually vote and you should after you’ve watched the following videos completely.  Then, pass them along to a friend to make sure they vote for Trump as well.

Trump is a successful person and as just a candidate he has shown that he can hold massive rallies.  It is easy to see what kind of president he would be—all encompassing and hard-working taking up the charge personally to jump-start our economy in America once again.  The best way to do that is to make the American brand something of value again just as Trump has made his family name nearly household recognizable before he ever ran for president.  If Trump can repair the American brand across the world, instantly, many of the things he is declaring that he’ll fix will resolve themselves.  Part of the concept of building a wall between Mexico and America is to make entry into the United States more valuable.  Any time there is market saturation of something its value goes down.  Open border advocates do not like the American concept so they count on lowering the value of the United States so that Mexico can diffuse Constitutional limits through elections and changing demographics.  Trump has the experience to ensure that limited access is the best way to command respect of a nice penthouse apartment in one of his buildings in New York.  Nobody respects something they get cheaply, or even worse for free.  Trump is the most poised of anybody to restore value to what being an American truly should have always been.

There are other good candidates running in the GOP primary.  But they just don’t have that next level of ability that Trump has.  Not only can Trump identify a problem, but he knows how to talk to people, even those who don’t like him.  I think he alone would make the House and Senate work properly with his sheer charisma.  I do not think I will always agree with him, but I think he will be very close to what all conservatives have always wanted because as a private sector guy, who owes nothing to any lobbyist, he can actually afford to resist the temptations to enrich himself with K-Street deals where every other candidate must acquiesce to some extent making them much less effective on a day-to-day basis.

The great power struggle in the beltway–what they really fear about Trump, is in losing power to a person elected by a majority of the voters for really the first time in over a century.  K-Street truly rules the beltway of Washington.  It’s not the House and Senate—it is the lobbyists who run our government and nobody has an opportunity to end that rule better than Donald Trump.  For the sake of our country this process of lobbyists controlling our politics in a constitutional republic has to stop.  If we don’t end it during this next election cycle, we will lose our country.  There is only one way out of our impending fiscal crises—which $19 trillion on the United States debt clock is looming over all our futures—and that is tremendous GDP growth that can only come from a dynamic personality like Trump.

Just prior to the Iowa vote the conservative publication National Review committed an entire edition to hit pieces against Trump from people like Glenn Beck Dana, Loesch, Bill Kristol , and other so-called conservatives.  Let me tell you something dear Iowa voter—nobody on that list is more conservative than I am.  Not a single person writing for the Nation Review beats me on conservative values.  I like a lot of those people the way I might like a typical liberal.  I might talk to them about a football game, or a popular movie, but they don’t want to talk politics with me.  They are not more conservative than I am.  I am extremely pro Second Amendment, anti-abortion, anti-entitlement, pro-American exceptionalism, anti-drug, and I’m against men crying…………..Bill O’Reilly to me is a bleeding heart hippie liberal.  My wife is a happy housewife who brings my dinner to my chair every night and we are happy in that traditional role.  I’m so conservative that I don’t even show up on a graph measuring conservativism—because I’m to the right of even that.  And I’m too smart to be considered a right-winged loon so that description doesn’t fit either.  These people, many of whom came into the national stage through Glenn Beck and are simply backing his vision of a constitutional republic that falls in behind a George Washington presidency—and that’s just not realistic or relevant in 2016.  Beck thinks he’s doing the work of God, but in reality he’s a former drug addict who is trying to rectify his past with a born again Christian optimism that does not have the ability to combat the problems on K-Street.  You can’t throw Bibles at the crooks and loons in Washington—you have to beat them at their own game.  The National Review is the proof of why conservatives have been losing for years—because they fail to identify the proper targets to attack and when they do they cannot come up with a strategy to deal with it.  Like Beck, they look for guidance through prayer instead of with their own eyes paralyzing them to act properly against evil.  While religious values are fine, the reality must be confronted that fewer people than ever can identify with religion and the 2016 election has to be about fiscal issues, not religious ones.  One thing certainly comes before other things and their priorities are strategically off at the National Review.

Being a conservative I’m also quite accustomed to being around people who make things in business and I understand why they donate money to politicians.  Because of the socialist polices embedded in the United States business people have to pay politicians off otherwise they won’t get their zoning approved, government regulators show up to shut down their businesses, and even worse the IRS shows up to destroy a company through the audit process—so job providers have to pay the troll or face serious ramifications.  I see in Trump a person so sick of that process that he has an opportunity to destroy it from within.  Aside from inflating his brand I think this is the other big reason that Trump is running for president—to take away the crony shackles that he had to navigate around in New York politics—and replace it with a more free market option.  Trump had to support democrats in New York, particularly the various mayors he’s had to deal with over the years otherwise his real estate investments would die awaiting approvals that those politicians had the power to control.  For the first time in his life, Trump is truly free—he has enough money that he doesn’t have to depend on anybody for his sustenance, which has allowed him to publicly discuss his politics.  Most people during their money-making years—30s through their 50s–avoid public declarations of their political leanings because it gets in the way of dealing with other people.  Older people can afford to make people angry with their opinions, so it is usually they who are the most vocal.  Trump is now one of those older guys who has all the money he will ever need, so he can afford to let his tongue fly which is why a lot of his opinions are now clearer on things than they used to be.  Why would Trump give money to Hillary Clinton—because she was a senator from New York and she could help him get things passed?  If he needed a New York mayor to get out of his way, he could call up Hillary and apply some pressure.  That’s the way it works.  It should say a lot about Trump that he’s been willing to attack the Clintons to get this far in the race.  It’s just business for Trump and he has shown that he’ll put American business in front of everything.

So it’s up to you Iowa.  You have the facts, you’ve seen the videos.  You know what you have to do.  Go out there and vote for Trump.  Put an end to this election from the very first vote.  Be the first and last state to decide who will be President of the United States in 2016.  If Iowa goes for Trump the rest of the states will follow and that will be it.  All you have to do is show up and cast your ballot for a real opportunity—the one last hope of saving America from a fiscal crises and a detrimental political system that is imploding as we speak.  Trump has accomplished more than any of the individuals writing for the National Review.  Trump is a conservative because of the way he runs his businesses and manages his family.  His actions tell the truth about who he is.  The interpretation of his actions are often read by people who aren’t smart enough or conservative enough to see what he is up to behind the curtain.  But it’s not hard for me to see.  And hopefully, Iowa, you are smart enough to see it to.  History is in your hands—so make the right decision.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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