Why You Can Trust Donald Trump: Understanding ‘The Art of War’

I almost hate to say it, but I predicted this too, Donald Trump being at the front of the race just ahead of the primaries and the Republican establishment reeling in confusion as to what to do.  So let me make it easy for everyone.  Trump is certainly the best guy for the job of president of the United States.  I have been ready to hire him for it since August.  CLICK THE LINKS in this article for all the reasons why I think that.  The only thing that is holding back complete support for Trump however is the trustworthiness of him, so for this little article I’ll offer the reasons why voters can trust him, why he won’t be a ruthless dictator, and why making “America Great Again” isn’t just a catch phrase used to get elected, but something I think he genuinely believes.  I can say these things because I think I probably understand the way Trump thinks better than even he knows about himself.  In all actuality, and this comes from my wife who loves him for a lot of the reasons she loves me—Trump is a complex offering who often works on many different levels of thought and presentation at the same time—so you can’t think about him in conventional terms.  As a master strategist, Trump knows that the way to make the best deal possible is to align as many people’s interests into an objective so that an intention can be secured.  Typical politicians and the media in general only understand one thing at time—typically an idea that can be captured in a 400 word article.  Trump cannot be understood in that fashion, it takes a great deal more understanding.  So let’s dive in.

Trump first and foremost is all about his brand.  That brand is what he will leave behind to his children—which is obviously on his mind as a 71-year-old man in the autumn of his years.   Trump has built that brand with excessive quality in the things he does.  In order for people to expect the best in something—Trump has worked hard most of his life to give it to them—with grand audaciousness.  Building a quality brand is not a trick—you cannot cheat the customer and expect to maintain a reputation of quality.  You have to actually deliver.  So when Trump paints his name on his airplanes and buildings, it is to signal to all who see it that what they are experiencing is a high quality endeavor.  Trump wants to make sure that the brand he has created will endure for many decades—to protect his children and grandchildren and all others who come about in the future.  Trump thinks big and he ultimately thinks biggest in regard to his family.  He has been content to do things the way he has for his whole life—so long as he had a full life to live.  But now, he’s a smart guy and he can see the end.  So he wants to secure their future for the sake of his legacy.  The Trump brand needs to mean something long after he’s gone and he knows there is only one way he can get there.

The world is a mess and being an experienced successful person, he knows that there are a limited number of people actually capable to solve all the complex problems of our day.  He is one of them.  Out of all the presidential candidates, he is clearly the only one who could actually solve everything relatively easily.  It is one thing to identify problems, but it is quite another to have the skills to solve them.  Trump is great at both, so being President of the United States is a perfect job for his particular personality type.  I don’t think he cares one bit about the money at this stage in his life, or the enamored position the White House would give him to the public—he already has all that.  I think he would personally give his own press conferences each day and would work from before the sun rises to long after it went down.  I think he would perform all the social engagements everyday with everyone while still putting in 12 to 14 hours of real administrative work from the Oval Office.  I say that from my own experience.  Anyone who reads my articles can see how much work I put into them.  To their point of view, they think that’s all I do each day because the sheer volume is so extensive.  But in reality it’s only like 1% to 5% of my total day.  The writing is actually fun for me—but in a given day, I perform a lot of work—much of it really complicated.  Trump is obviously a similar personality and at the stage of life that he’s in, he can easily do what Barack Obama would consider very hard, and Trump would do it all in a fraction of the time.  I really think more would get done well for America in the first 90 days of a Trump presidency than all the presidents have over the last century during their entire terms.

Trump cannot afford to just say anything to get into office, because he knows that ultimately it will hurt his brand—which is the most important thing to him in this whole effort.  To make his brand last for centuries, he has to do what he is saying on the campaign trail.   He will not be happy unless he is the best president of the United States in the history of the world, and the most loved.  Those are marks he has created for himself, nobody else can make them for him.  Trump knows he’s a selfish person, but that’s not bad because as a good deal maker he has aligned his needs to the needs of America so in the end nobody loses.  America gets to solve its many problems under a Trump presidency, and Trump gets to preserve his “brand” well past his years for all his descendents in the future.

Trump has run a masterful campaign over the last six months, he has attacked the establishment, and eradicated his rivals.  He has positioned himself on the high ground forcing everyone else to come up to meet him on all sides of the political spectrum playing a king of the hill game which anybody who has studied The Art of War understands the criticality regarding that strategy.  And now, just ahead of the primary, the GOP establishment is slowly trying to walk back their apprehension of him.   That is negotiation from a person very skilled in it—you gradually wear people down until they see things from your point of view.  You don’t move off your position, you make them come to yours—but because you don’t beat them over the head and change your tactics a bit, they believe you are compromising with them.  It’s basic strategy 101, but Trump is really good at it—almost seamlessly unconscious about it.

So to answer the question of how voters can know that they can trust Trump, it is easy.  Trump cannot afford to fail in what he’s promised because he doesn’t care about the nobility of the White House or the public adoration.  He doesn’t need money or fame—he already has it.  What he wants is respect for his family name long after he’s gone.  And the best way to do that is to live up to everything he has said in this campaign and provide voters with options they’ve never had before in a president.  Trump expects himself to be better than Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  But he can’t cheat his way there.  He has to actually perform—which he has done all his life.  But this time it’s for all the marbles and what he gets as profit from this deal isn’t money—its reputation.  A reputation that will boost his brand for the next century and care for all the people he loves.  That’s why I support and trust Donald Trump.  The only race he is running against is his own expectations of success.  And if he achieves that, we all benefit.

That is the art of the deal—any deal.  If done correctly, we will all be happy in the end.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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