Only Stupid People Like Socialism: Blame public education and really lazy people

You really can’t make these things up.  As fringe as a lot of people would like to think that socialism in America is—it’s actually quite fashionable thanks to the extremely liberal public educations that we’ve been feeding our children now for several decades.  For many years now I have been warning about this.  Many thought I was being a right-winged lunatic, but the facts have panned out to prove me 100% correct.  We have a presidential candidate who is a socialist running pretty effectively and several youth based socialist organizations that have emerged to market socialism to the lazy, the stupid and the diabolical louses of society.  And it’s spreading.  One of them recently found an article I had written and featured it on their front page, seen below.  It makes me feel very wonderful to have such an invitation from those socialists as they seek collective uniformity against my conservative leanings.  I wish them luck in trying to provide a legitimate argument against my accusations of their sheer stupidity. For the point of this article, it is important normal people know that socialists are real, and there are more of them than many people care to realize.Socialist International

American Socialist Party

The Socialist Agenda is the multi-platform communication project of the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd. The project opposes the ultra-conservative political insurgency. The project reintroduces socialism to America’s mainstream voters.


Argued on March 24, 2009 and Decided on January 21, 2010, the United States Supreme Court held that the First Amendment prohibited the government from restricting independent political expenditures by a nonprofit corporation, more specifically – by a Political Action Committees.


Anticipating the outcome of the Court’s decision, a select group of socialists in Indianapolis established the SCC as a political action committee (PAC) to promote socialist political issues in January 2010. The original committee consisted of a member of the Socialist Party USA, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and two independent socialists.


Immediately upon the Central Committee’s initial public efforts in March 2010, poorly educated members of the Socialist Party USA, which included its National Secretary – Greg Pason, began to disparage the Central Committee’s promotional efforts of socialist issues by inflicting the SCC with a constant barrage of false rumors, innuendo and outright lies.


Because of the continued disparagement by Socialist Party USA members, the committee decided to allow the SCC to be administratively deactivated in 2014. This move permitted individual committee members to pursue electioneering efforts outside the legal confines of the Federal Elections Commission.

Of course the root belief of their entire premise is that everyone is equal and that wealth should be distributed according to need—a need that is decided upon by collective consciousness.  That is one of the dumbest things anybody can possibly assume of course—but that premise is the primary ingredient taught in public schools and colleges.  It could be argued quite well that the type of Trump supporters who are most supportive of him lack college degrees.  That is not because they aren’t very smart—it’s because they haven’t been beaten by the education system into accepting collective based belief systems—like socialism.  Socialism offers the weakest and least motivated of our society a place at the table of power believing that after all the bad personal decisions they’ve made in life, all the herpes carrying sex they’ve had, the toxic ingredients they’ve put into their bodies, all the times they’ve slept until noon after playing video games all night neglecting to work a job as a priority—that they can still be considered good people when lumped in association with many other people all stuck in the same quagmire.  The sad thing is that socialism cannot save those people from themselves.  If they were losers before they adopted socialism as a way of life, they are still losers after.

Socialism is the mode of thought of a loser—someone who is afraid to compete at things in life, which is why teacher unions love to preach it to generations of students.  As teachers they fight against competition with each other, and other districts promoting fairness to protect their paychecks through collective bargaining agreements—and it is that culture that now supports Bernie Sanders and who read publications like the American Socialist Party to emerge within a capitalist society.  As anyone can read, these socialists want to be considered a legitimate force but the times indicate that they are trying to catch a train that has already left the station in the 1960s.

The Socialist Central Committee, Ltd. opposes the ultra-conservative political insurgency but what they are too stupid to understand because they are a bunch of pot-heads, is that the insurgency was created by the failed attempts at socialism from both political parties for several generations now and people are sick of their message.  There will always be college students hampered with debt seeking someone else to pay for all their silly mistakes, and desperate losers who want the masses to steal wealth from others so that they can live a decent life through the redistribution of that wealth which someone else created—but anybody who has half a brain is rejecting socialism and this is why Trump is in the news everyday with so much grass-roots support.  The rubber has finally hit the road and people are seeing what people like me have been warning about for years.  The socialists have already had their way—and they screwed up everything.

Scandinavia is still an experiment.  Socialism will not sustain itself there for more than a generation and China’s communism only works because they are directly attached as looters to the United States.   Without the United States, China would drown on itself and its policies of communism which is the next step of socialism.  There isn’t a single example of socialism that works without destroying the ambitions of a society’s best and brightest—which eventually leads to the degradation of culture in the long run.  Yet the world is on a march in support of it.  And they are less shy about it now than they used to be.  They see this as their time in the sun—several politicians particularly in Seattle now associate themselves as socialists, so they are coming out of the closet because they guess that the public will accept them now.

They think that because all socialists are essentially stupid.  They don’t know how they got where they are or where it will take civilization.  They only know that they want something that someone else earned because they are too lazy to get it for themselves.  That is why all socialists—every single one of them, are losers.  They are losers because they don’t want to earn what they get—they just want it given to them so they can make-believe that they are equal to the best that society makes through a lens of “equality” that their public schools taught them existed.  They are too stupid to know that those public educations lied to them—which is another reason they are losers. Since I’m on the front page of their publication, I’d dare anybody who thinks they are a socialist to dispute my claims.  It should be entertaining, but I bet you they can’t make one valid point that can hold up in a debate.  Not a single one.  Let’s see if they take me up on the offer.  They either won’t because they know they are too stupid for the challenge—or they are too stupid to know better—and that they can’t possibly win.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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