Congratulations Mark Welch: Lee Wong thinks West Chester government is “perverted”

Many who read here think that I am anti-government.  I am in fact anti-stupid and often when politicians are attracted to government positions for the healthy benefits provided, what you get are the dumbest people in our society signing up for the job because high quality people have better things to do in their life.  Government to me is all about management and I expect the best managers available to do the job of government who don’t need to personally enrich themselves in the process.  With that said I can say that in my hometown of West Chester, Ohio I personally like four of the five people in the below video—which is a trustee meeting for the local government.  One guy, Lee Wong is not one of those four.  I remember very well how he behaved for over six years, especially over a sidewalk he was working hard to extort from public funds near his home across the street from Jags—relatively speaking.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  He and Cathy Stoker blocked George Lang from being a part of the voting process until George worked hard to get a partner on the board to serve with him resulting in the election of Mark Welch.  When Mark was elected it knocked off Cathy leaving Lee to fend for himself.  Now he’s a disgruntled West Chester trustee.  His partner was eliminated in an election, beaten by Welch who is now the new President.  So congratulations Mark.   Watch the first two minutes of this meeting to see what I’m talking about.

Lee Wong said some very interesting things in that exchange; one was that he thought the process was “perverted.”  Below is the technical definition of perverted and it obviously doesn’t apply. 

Medical Definition of perverted

  • :  marked by abnormality or perversion <perverted pancreatic function> <relieve concepts or fears of perverted sexual interest—W. H. Masters & V. E. Johnson>

Where Lee is wrong about the process is that voters saw how he and Cathy had been running things so they elected somebody different in George Lang.  George then went to work looking for a managing partner on the board to help him with the district—because the previous team of Wong and Stoker were functioning from a much more socialist origin position.   You can hear some of that socialism coming out of Lee during the exchange at the meeting with Bruce Jones, the current fiscal officer.  Lee cited that he believed the board was unfair and that he should be elected president by proper rotation.  For George to agree to something like that it would assume that all the trustees were equal in value, and they obviously are not. 

George obviously trusts Mark to be the president, but Lee has shown that his personal values are not aligned with either of the two other trustees.  So to allow a seat of power to fall into Lee’s hands just so he could feel “equal” or “fair” is just ridiculous considering the voters just re-elected Lang doing things they way that he has now for a while.  Then they voted for Welch who was operating as a companion to George.  Between the two West Chester has really sprung into action bringing many exciting opportunities to an already lucrative area.  A lot of the very good things currently happening in West Chester right now could be directly attributed to the four people sitting in that video—excluding Lee of course. 

The world changed under Lee’s feet and he didn’t adapt to those changing circumstances. All through the last decade progressive viewpoints even among conservatives were fashionable.  Now they are not—instead Lang has brought a free market flare to West Chester politics which is allowing economic growth to escalate proportionally.   Lee is now a relic of the past and he doesn’t understand why.  That is why there was the really awkward silence during the meeting where everyone except Lee understood what was going on.  Lee Wong came out sounding like an out-of-touch grandparent demanding that people ride horses instead of cars as a mode of transportation. 

Lee also invoked that he was the top vote getter over both Lang and Welch.  Well, Bernie Sanders is also very popular—socialism is very popular among lazy people and there are some of those people in West Chester.  Government workers and companies that suck up to government workers love socialism.  That much was evident on Martin Luther King Day in January of 2016.  One of the busiest roads through West Chester is 747 at the foot of Beckett Ridge.  On that national holiday the roads were 2/3rds empty as too many people were off work.  I couldn’t help but wonder what all those people were doing on that day off if not something productive.  How could a vibrant society trying to achieve excellent GDP nationally afford to take off a day for the memory of a civil rights leader?  It’s nice to recognize such people with a national day of remembrance, but to take a day off from productive enterprise seems pretty silly. The kind of people who were off on Martin Luther King’s Day are the type of people who voted for Lee Wong—they tend to be lazy, and too addicted to government services—so Lee represents their type of thinking.  That does not mean that Lee should be in charge of the board.  Competition and the marketplace of politics should do that and George Lang has easily outsmarted Lee to achieve what he thinks needs to happen in West Chester.  The voters re-elected Lang’s vision and the businesses who are attracted to West Chester because of the vibrant economic environment that Lang has helped create along with the other four people at that trustee meeting, are a testament to his success. 

Putting Lee in as president just so his feelings weren’t hurt isn’t “fair,” it’s stupid.  For anyone who questions such a proposal just go back to the Beckett Ridge sidewalk story and watch Lee lecture Lang about being unethical and a whole series of slanderous comments that were certainly unfair.  It’s all on tape—CLICK HERE to review.  It is because of Lee’s actions that he’s now on the outside looking in.  Sure, a bunch of socialist lovers voted for him but if they were in the majority, Lang and Welch would not hold the dominate seats and be able to outvote Lee 2 to 1.  That happened because of what Lee himself did, not because the system is “unfair.”

I’m talking about this because I think every school board and trustee meeting in America should learn something from this form of government that George has envisioned to nurture along—with a lot of help from his friends.  If all branches of our government worked as well as George and Welch have helped make West Chester function—we’d all be a lot better off.  I don’t do as many local articles as I used to because honestly, I have readers in over a 170 different countries and the daily stats are quite good.  The power of the written word is like water—people see it sitting there and in small amounts it looks soothing and docile.  But over time it carves many of the rivers, oceans and continental barriers that we see and gives life to the entire planet.  So I put an emphasis on fixing the mind of people who are broken by their educations and cultural references and it takes time for them to see the light of day.  I write to eat away at what’s wrong, to propose that intelligence can imply on collective stupidity.  What good is a large collective mass of rock if water can erode it away into a pebble with a constant presence and pressure to reshape it into something else over time?  The written word has that kind of power.  But in this case the West Chester trustees and the people behind the scenes that make it work—except for Lee Won–are examples of how all governments need to strive to be.  They could take a lesson from George Lang’s playbook. 

Lee Wong is lucky that everyone is so nice to him.  As a functioning socialist George and Mark put up with Lee because they are respecting the voters—those same slack-jawed, lazy, losers who were off work on Martin Luther King’s Day when there were productive enterprises to embark on.  And I think that’s pretty nice of them.  They may not agree with Lee, but at least they let him sit at the table and aren’t ganging up on him the way Stoker and Wong used to do against George when he was still new to the board.  George is a lot nicer to Lee than he needs to be.  Lee’s definition of things needs to change from the kind of East Avenue activity that might actually be considered truly perverted.  The government of West Chester is not an example of absolute power that corrupts.  Absolute power is in working with another trustee to destroy another person while at the same time hunting for real perversions on the streets of Hamilton late at night.  George and Mark aren’t doing that.  Lee on the other hand can’t say the same.  Yet they treat him fairly—so long as he stays out-of-the-way.  West Chester is the example that other governments across the world should be copying.  And before it’s too late for them they need to figure out who their functioning socialists are and brush them out-of-the-way so real people can do the real work that government should have always been doing.  But they can’t allow people like Lee to be in charge just because it’s “fair.”  That’s just not how things work in a capitalist society.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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