The Frisky Nikki Haley: Not exactly the best strategy for the GOP

Apparently the GOP doesn’t get it. Why in the world they put Nikki Haley on as the response to Idiot Obama’s State of the Union speech from the standpoint of the Republicans is a mystery greater than the Bermuda Triangle.  As I watched her I couldn’t help but think that it was Haley who had caved into progressives regarding the Confederate Flag issue at the South Carolina State House.   Progressives applied pressure and she yielded giving them the victory.  Listen Republicans—compromise is a dirty word–when something is wrong and something is right.  The world is full of black and white—metaphorically—not literally, and compromising with wrong does not make it partially right. You’d think that the GOP would have looked at the current presidential frontrunners, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and they’d put up someone to respond to the president that more accurately reflected the values of current GOP voters.  Instead they put forward a RINO at best who said this:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans should resist “the siren call of the angriest voices” in how the nation treats immigrants, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said Tuesday as the GOP used its response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address to try softening the tough stance embraced by some of its leading presidential candidates.

The U.S.-born daughter of Indian immigrants, Haley said the country is facing its most dangerous security threat since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. That was a reference to the Islamic State group, which has taken credit for attacks in Paris and elsewhere and may have inspired last month’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.

“During anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices,” Haley, mentioned by some as a potential vice presidential candidate this year, said in her party’s formal response to Obama. “We must resist that temptation.”

No, the temptation against judgment where smart behavior must prevail over stupid behavior must not be compromised.  Having an open border in the United States is a foreign desire to destroy American capitalism with social diffusion, and anybody intelligent would understand that.  Instead, the GOP thought it was more important, and stylish to put a woman RINO who failed a contentious issue in South Carolina up as an answer to the GOP party platform going into the 2016 election season.  We are well beyond this kind of nonsense and trickery folks.

I’m sure Nikki Haley is a nice woman.  She’s somebody’s daughter, wife and mother.  She has a little bit of history with sleeping around with political bloggers and lobbyists which she denies, but I’m sure there’s some truth to it.  Funny things happen when people are in powerful positions and they share common values after hard-fought battles.  When you mix males and females together they tend to want to stick things into one another for pleasurable outcomes unless they can control their emotions—and politics is an emotional endeavor—extreme emotional highs and lows.  I actually knew a very driven political woman like Nikki Haley once and from 35 to 40 years of age, she was a bit of a sex addict—it went right along with the politics she was addicted to.  Her husband wasn’t a part of that world, so he didn’t understand why she was always so charged up all the time.   So there is likely some truth to the allegations against her—she fits the profile.   I personally don’t care.  She can do what she wants but with all things considered—she is what the Republican Party thought most represented their party?  Seriously?  Couldn’t they find anybody better—less controversial with a track record of success?  Is she the best that they have?

Apparently so, which says a lot.  I don’t think she’s done a bad job in South Carolina but I wouldn’t call her an example of excellence either.  I think with Republicans they picked her because she’s young, not horrible to look at, and she is “inclusive” to the open border policies foreign insurgents like George Soros are conducting against American sovereignty—which keeps campaign donations flowing into their political machine.  Maintaining borders in America is important to sustaining the value of American citizenship.  There is a reason that some of the highest per capita incomes in the world are within the United States.  It’s part of our “brand.”  If you let anybody into a movie how can its worth be measured but in ticket prices?  If everyone were just allowed to watch a movie how would anybody know if that movie is any good?  The price of a ticket and how many people buy one determine a movie’s value.  Even communist leaning liberals should be able to understand that.  The public has limited access to the celebrities in movies which drives up the desire for the market brand of those actors.  All that restriction causes increased value.  Limited access causes a desire to pay for a ticket price to see a movie with a particular actor involved so the viewer can at least be close to that person.

When a woman like Nikki Haley has rumors of one night stands with political lobbyists it lowers her brand.  The better thing to do is to be highly desired as a sex object without providing the sex—that way many people might yearn to be with her, they may even do what she wants them to do hoping to get access—but if people think she’s easy—sexually, her brand goes down because other people have already had her.  Whether or not it’s fair, it’s the rules of the game.  If a woman gives up sex too easily she is viewed as a slut.  If she is faithful to a husband or her family in general her brand goes up enormously because that person is inaccessible.  But if anybody can have sex with her any time they want, the value of sex with her is reduced to something much less spectacular.  The same holds true with an entire country, the more restrictive the access; the more people value it when they get access.  The less, the more they will want to abuse the situation to satisfy their personal whims.

Because of the rumors and the evidence by text messages and other aspects I have witnessed in real life, I think Nikki Haley probably has some trouble with maintaining her sexual poise in politically active climates.  That might impress members of the GOP who want to sleep with her sometime knowing that she’s easy game to tag, but it doesn’t do much to deliver the confidence that the GOP knows what they are doing. Then to compound the problem it was only this previous summer where progressives had beat her to a pulp over the Confederate Flag leaving her to compromise under the pressure. The racist insurgents didn’t give anything up to have the flag removed, it simply forced Nikki Haley to come off her position more to the center strategically—which was a loss for her.  Granted, it was a tough position for her to be in, and the GOP probably should have let a few years pass before they used her as the Republican answer to the President’s State of the Union address.  But they used her anyway because they thought it was a good idea.

But knowing politics the way I do I’d say somebody had other ideas given Haley’s reputation.  And that is just sad.  The GOP should be able to put up better, more reliable people other than Nikki Haley.  They didn’t—because they were unable to think of anybody—which shows why they are so far out of touch.  Some of those same idiots were seeking Obama’s autograph after the State of the Union speech even though it was a terrible speech speaking about a terrible presidency leaving the nation horribly in debt and a laughing-stock across the world.  It’s no wonder the GOP is failing just slightly less than the Democrats—they just don’t understand.  But in 2016, they’re going to learn just how much they don’t know and why they are going extinct.  And their extinction will make me very happy.  Right now, I’m just embarrassed for them.  They are so unimaginative and driven by primal urges—it’s just pathetic.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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