Guns are the Key to American Exceptionalism: Why a crying President Obama hates them and western capitalist culture


I have to thank Brownells for their service over the Holidays of 2015.  I was able to perform a “trigger job” on my Ruger Vaquero largely by the fine offerings that Brownells provided and I can say that I had one of the best holiday off-periods I can ever remember having.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW WHO BROWNELLS IS.  It was quite nice to stand at my workbench and perform the job which ran into complications until the very small hours of the morning.  Once completed I was able to test fire the gun from the same location and it was very nice to be able to do so as the clock on my garage wall indicated it was 2:30 in the morning.  As Obama unleashed his pathetic gun control executive orders shortly after the New Year crying like a an epic wimp of magnanimous proportions in front of millions of people, I couldn’t help but think what an alien concept guns were to the little kid from Indonesia’s foreign raised mind.  The idea of guns in a private residence is just something he can’t fathom because he has been taught incorrectly to his very core.  To say he’s an idiot is to curse him from the benefit of not being raised to be an American.  To be fair, he just doesn’t understand American culture and what an imposition he proposes as an inner city Chicago activist and lawyer to the freedom loving people lucky enough to be born and raised in the United States.  However, with that said and disclaimer given—he’s still an idiot.

To me Obama is an idiot because he refuses to see the superiority of American culture in relation to the rest of the world and how guns are at the center of that proper mentality which advances American Excpetionalism.  If he were smart, he’d see the writing on the wall and acknowledge cultural values appropriately.  Instead, he has bought into the progressive notion of “fairness” and “equality” without considering the root cause of either.  The gun makes the world fairer and more equal and Obama’s desire for executive orders puts too much responsibility on government management than individual effort.  If a person was smart, in spite of where they were born or raised, they should acknowledge a superior approach philosophically to politics and ethics and adjust their foundation beliefs accordingly.  Instead, Obama signed executive orders against the Second Amendment that even the AP news service thought was alarming.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s do-it-himself plan for keeping guns away from those who shouldn’t have them falls far short of what he’d hoped to accomplish through legislation after a massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School shook the country in 2012.

Yet even the more modest steps Obama will announce Tuesday rely on murky interpretations of existing law that could be easily reversed by his successor.

Obama’s package of executive actions aims to curb what he’s described as a scourge of gun violence in the U.S., punctuated by appalling mass shootings in Newtown, Connecticut; Charleston, South Carolina; and Tucson, Arizona, among many others. After Newtown, Obama sought far-reaching, bipartisan legislation that went beyond background checks.

I understand the situation clearly, and it is always made more tangible when I get to do gun jobs like the modification to my Vaquero, guns are about more than shooting other people.  In my case, I am working on Cowboy Fast Draw which is a relatively new sport born out of necessity that makes reducing the trigger pull and hammer strength a need just to be competitive.  It was very soothing to me to work on that gun, reload my ammunition, and troubleshoot my issues late at night when other people were sleeping.  I had on talk radio and was able to hear stimulating conversation and work with specialized tools to perform the task.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  The last thing in the world I was thinking about was shooting somebody with my gun.  I was thinking of making it work faster and being more accurate so that I could hit a target under pressure faster than a competitor in friendly all American competition.  There was no malice or ill intention in working on my gun that night and I felt more joy out of doing it than most anything I’ve done for many years.  It was craftsmanship that was specific to our American culture.

One of my son-in-laws is from Europe as I’ve stated before.  My daughter and he just returned recently from Iceland where they vacationed, and I get from them lots of fine stories of family and friends who are shocked by their American love of guns.  In England, where he’s from, it is unfathomable that any family would own one gun, let alone many.  They have been conditioned as a culture to put their trust completely in others for their own survival, and we’re talking about a culture that was nearly taken over by the Nazis during World War II.  Many grandparents there still remember airplanes being shot down in their towns and farmlands.  In spite of those near dangers and long history of war with rival European countries, the monarchy of England seldom showed their people that they trusted them with their own firearms.  So there is always a sense that Europeans are still the subjects of an aristocratic elite, which is still very common in all European countries.  My son-in-law came to America to essentially get away from that restriction.  He shoots somewhere several weekends a month and has quite a nice collection of firearms.  Most of the people in our family do as well, and nobody we know personally are hillbilly tobacco chewing drunks—which is the stereotype that Hollywood likes to place on our Midwest culture within the United States.  Everyone is affluent and well-educated.  And everyone is armed—well armed.

There is a measure of security of having so many firearms that puts in the American mind the knowledge that nobody will barge in on our homes in the middle of the night unfettered.  It is nice to know that we can defend ourselves. But owning guns is a lot more than that.  It’s about the craftsmanship of owning them, cleaning them, shooting them into small little targets that have a majority of the appeal.  Sports like Cowboy Fast Draw are emerging with roots in war and carnage—but so is football, and soccer.  The trigger job that I performed was all about specialization and achievement.  I ran into trouble when reassembling the Vaquero which drove me nuts for quite a long time.  After replacing all my springs with the lighter ones from Brownells I found that the gun would not cock while pointed down into my holster.  When I withdrew it and pointed it up it would then work properly.  That made no reasonable sense to me whatsoever.  After taking the gun apart several times and putting it back together trying to pin point the problem, I eventually figured it out.  I thought I had lost some kind of gravity activated spring that would cause such a condition but eventually figured out that the base pin spring was not pushing up against the transfer bar properly causing it to get caught under the firing pin.  Once that situation was rectified, everything worked wonderfully, and the new springs had really sped up the cocking mechanism.

It was New Years’ Eve by the time I got the gun working right and was enjoying shooting it over and over again to make sure there were no lingering problems.  It felt great to work through a problem that seemed really hard at first, but to overcome it with logic and craftsmanship.  In a lot of ways it defined the essence of the gun debate.  People who have similar stories to tell such as mine understand the magic of gun ownership.  People who have not found a way to leave Europe to the Dark Ages, or other places in the world who have not yet discovered such a hobby do not understand.  They are the ones who seek gun control because they have not yet fully embraced being an American.  Obama is not an American because he has trouble with his birth certificate, or because he was raised in Indonesia by a second father trying to tame a restless wife.   He’s un-America because he has not embraced the art and values of the culture within the United States.  Instead, he’s always trying to change it through radicalism and executive orders.  That is why I say that he’s an idiot.  Rather than learn about the value and success of our culture, he wants to change it into something the Europeans understand which is really stupid.  CLICK HERE FOR WHY.  The type of people who most want to change America are those who still look at Europe as the dominate culture and they are in our military, our politics, and just about every high level office in corporate and entertainment America.  They typically reject American Exceptionalism because they can’t bring themselves to the truth, that other countries essentially suck, and that is largely because they don’t allow their people to own firearms—which entrusts in them the ability to act freely and with responsibility.  In Europe, even to this day—most people are considered “subjects” to an aristocracy and that is just a foreign concept in America.

At that late hour with my gun fixed, talk radio broadcasting interesting debate, I felt wonderful not just for repair job successfully performed, but because the gun as a hobby was a reminder that in America I don’t have to worship at the feet of any aristocrat or noble character of any kind.  If the President walked up to my home at that moment there wouldn’t be any bowing or pandering going on.  I’d simply look at him like some little girl selling Girl Scout cookies—since he likes to cry so much.  I’d listen to what he wanted then decide to help him or not.  But I wouldn’t be compelled to do anything—and it is the gun that gives me that freedom and keeps us sanctimonious even as radical politicians create executive orders to make America into something they are more comfortable with—because they were essentially too lazy to embrace our culture and do the work themselves of adopting its values into their lives.  That is why Obama’s executive orders are such an insult and why Brownells continues to be one of my favorite companies on planet earth.  I just love those guys!

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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