Obama Couldn’t have Competed on ‘The Apprentice’: Understanding how severe the National Debt really is

Let’s assume for a moment that Barack Obama is not an insurgent economic terrorist attempting to destroy the American economy—but is rather—just an idiot.  Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt just for the sake of fairness.   Then it makes it that much more preposterous that during the White House Correspondence Dinner of 2011 that Obama roasted Donald Trump in front of a packed house diminishing greatly the television show The Apprentice which was a top rated program on NBC during its run.   CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Obama suggested that his role as president was so much more profound and that he didn’t have time for silly television shows that featured basic management techniques.   As a former community organizer now in the role of President of the United States, he was above that kind of silliness, and the crowd had a lot of fun at Trump’s expense.  This was very disingenuous, because the show was far more successful than anything that Barack Obama had personally ever done in his life and was about things that the President clearly didn’t understand like how to make money in a capitalist society.  The comments were a window into the ridiculous proposals economically that the POTUS embraced along with most of the world media and were just preposterous.  So for fun, and practical examples, let’s go back in time a bit to the very first Apprentice episode in 2004—where the contestants were selling lemonade in New York City for a chance to become an employee for the Trump Organization.

I never watched much television back then.  I knew most of what the television show was displaying and I was doing it in real life.  But it was interesting to go back and watch these shows—which aren’t that old and I noticed a few things.  First of all, the debt clock in New York during 2004 was at $6 trillion dollars which at the time seemed like a ridiculous amount of money.   However, just 11 years later, it is just shy of $19 trillion and is projected to exceed $21 trillion before Obama leaves the White House in just over a year’s time of this writing.  That far exceeds the yearly GDP of The United States and is really dangerous.  At that rate of growth, it will become impossible very soon to ever pay it off and nobody is addressing that issue—except for a few Republicans—Trump being one of the loudest voices.   For me, it is the number one issue of the 2016 election.  Whoever the next president will be has a tremendously difficult task in front of them.  The Nation Debt is the biggest issue of our time—our nation will not survive another ten years of neglect without dealing with the massive problem it proposals to each and every one of us.  Our federal government has mismanaged our resources in a terrible way, and now we are going to pay hell for it.

The other thing that is realized upon watching that first Apprentice episode was that Barack Obama wouldn’t even be competitive in that show.  Donald Trump could walk into any government office or company right now and rattle off four or five big things that the organization could do to save a few bucks and become more profitable.   It doesn’t matter what it is—he knows enough about management to perform the task at any level of endeavor, from selling lemonade to closing multibillion dollar deals.  I’ve said it before and it’s truer now than ever, Obama couldn’t walk into a McDonald’s right now and manage a lunch rush.  He doesn’t understand the basics of management—you can see it on his face and in the things he says.  He is completely lost when it comes to management of resources in a capitalist culture.  He is a big government guy who simply spends other people’s money—like a trophy wife who spends on her husband’s credit card without understanding the value of the money or what it takes to get it.

The winner of that first season of Apprentice received a job with the Trump Organization and led the way under careful mentorship to developing the Trump Tower in Chicago.  He did such a good job that the Trump Organization gave him a year extension to his original one year contract.  As the construction of that massive effort commenced the winner directed efforts toward sales and marketing the endeavor which turned out to be a glorious success.   It is one of the great towers of the world and is one of the most spectacular things on the Chicago skyline.  I don’t think Obama could do anything in the Trump Organization.  On his own merits he wouldn’t be able to get a job because he’s not qualified for anything.  Obama can certainly sell, but it doesn’t take long for people to realize that there is nothing to back up the talk and in the private sector he’d lose his credibility quickly.

The President’s berating of Donald Trump in 2011 comes off sounding like the Roman emperor Nero making jokes and enjoying parties as his country burns.  Strictly from a financial view, what Obama and virtually every member of the media are doing is criminal—the theft and mismanagement of public resources.   Getting out of this mess will be one of the largest comebacks in the history of the world—and I don’t know that it’s possible.  I write here everyday because it’s one of the only things that I can do to help such a massive global problem.   I don’t charge money for the primary material because what would be the point—if our economy collapses and the value of the dollar with it—it doesn’t matter if you make millions of dollars if you lose the value of it in the process.   So I have literally written millions and millions of words on this blog site pointing out things that I intend to have an impact on our culture-and it works.  There are a lot of people who come to things late in their life and they seek answers—and I give answers or at least something to think about.  Donald Trump has written a lot of books, most of them 80,000 word publications.    If all the links on just this article are put together there are several books worth of information here that should guide the reader toward some level of prosperity—and it’s all done for free, because I want people to be more successful in their lives and the best way to do that is to understand the value of money.   Click on these links and it will become clear just how bad that National Debt really is.

In many ways I think only Donald Trump is qualified to be the next POTUS.  The situation is so severe that there just isn’t another person available who has the energy, connections, and understanding to perform the ominous task of getting our American economy back under control.  Both of my daughters were born during George Bush’s presidency (#41).  They like a lot of Millennials their age have never experienced a successful president in the United States.  Everyone during their entire lives for a quarter of a century has been losers in the White House.  They don’t have any memory of a Ronald Reagan, a John Kennedy, a Dwight Eisenhower, or a Calvin Cooledge.   They only know losers who would be personal failures if not for the White House glamour and glitz given to them by voters out of hope because they could at least talk a good game.   In real life, performance matters and Obama clearly doesn’t understand why.  If he watched and understood The Apprentice he might have been a better manager in the White House, but instead he insisted on socialism and government control of everything—and that just hasn’t worked.  He had no right to laugh or make fun of Donald Trump and the rest of the media were idiots for churning on the President for doing something they dared not do themselves.   Now we are in serious trouble and it will take a real fighter—and winner to get the United States out of it.  The Apprentice is old enough that most of the episodes are on YouTube so I’d suggest watching that show again knowing now things that many didn’t know then and think about the kind of problems that are facing our nation in 2016.  We won’t get another chance to fix it.  By clicking on the links within this article, a picture will become quite obvious and it all comes to a head in 2016’s election.  At the end of we can only hope that Donald Trump gets to say his famous line to many thousands of overpaid government workers and looters off the tax payer by telling them “they’re fired,” so that the job can be done correctly from the White House for maybe the first time in history.  It is the only way I see out of this mess and honestly the success of The Apprentice more than qualifies Trump to perform the task.  But by that same measure, Obama isn’t qualified to scalp tickets to a Bears game in Chicago from a street corner.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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