Columbus Did Not Discover America: Indians are not “Native Americans”–understanding the infancy of archaeology

I’ve said it before, George Lucas has left his mark on the world not as a great filmmaker and creator of franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones—but on the world of archaeology and anthropology—which is what he originally wanted to be when he grew up.  Archaeology as a science is a very young profession.  It’s only just over a hundred years old as one of the big academic platforms of most universities.  I myself originally wanted to be an archaeologist—but pulled away from it when I realized that the women weren’t very attractive, the money was too  infrequent, and that most of the job was digging up junk in bad regions of the world then being restricted by university politics on what you could say about them.

   And for me, archaeology didn’t allow for guns to be fired while on the job—so I stepped away.   But many thousands of people didn’t essentially because they wanted to grow up and be like Indiana Jones.  This has allowed for some really good minds to enter the field and for money to find its way into excavations and television programming that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.  So it shouldn’t be shocking to many to hear broadcasts like this one below where lots of archaeological evidence is presented showing quite clearly that Minoans had settlements in the middle of a Tennessee region several thousand years ago—like up to eight thousand B.C.  Watch this!

It was really immature, and scientifically stupid to take the young field of archaeology and declare that everything discovered in the first half of the 20th Century guided largely by the Smithsonian would declare the history of the world for all time.   There just wasn’t enough evidence in the young field and not enough people doing the investigations.  To take a few finds from Howard Carter and declare for all time that “The West” understood the history of the world and that the case was closed to protect religious politics and university prestige from further discoveries was just a mistake.  There is a lot more to archaeology than that and our history as a human race.  The evidence is abundant that no history book is 100% correct.  It is really only because of George Lucas that further questions have been asked and thousands of Indiana Jones fans are running around the world uncovering that hidden past even when the politics of our societies is attempting to castigate them for doing so.

For instance, in the case of the above video, where it is quite clear that the Minoans were in America during a time well before Aristotle was having debates about individuality over collective Republicanism with Plato cultures were rising and falling in America many thousands of years before Columbus ever found a map of the ocean routes to what he thought was China from black market vendors in Calcutta that found itself hidden from the public in Portugal.  That’s a story I’ve told before, and is only relevant here because it points to the tip of an iceberg of basic archaeological foundations that are deservedly being tossed out the window as the evidence dictates.  Columbus didn’t discover America.  He only rediscovered it for Europe and the Roman Catholic Church—the rest of the world already knew about the “New World” and had been traveling there for a long time.

The first sign of evidence is that there are accents to Cherokee Indian speech that reflect regional infusion from the eastern Mediterranean cultures.  I often talk about the giants found in American mounds—people standing eight feet to nine feet tall who were in North America well before all the known Indian tribes now documented.  I have also written quite extensively of my disgust that the Miamisburg Mound near my home has been virtually untouched by modern science and had a massive government project set up around it preventing proper excavation techniques.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  I have also written about my extreme disgust about what happened to the Nework Mound complex just east of Columbus, Ohio.  Of course Columbus is named after Christopher and was established to preserve the European version of historical discovery.  So the way early settlers around Columbus dealt with the strange mounds at Newark was to put a housing development right thought the middle of it, and then put a golf course right through the northern octagon.  The Newark sight is a massive archaeological site that has been mostly destroyed by the third major culture to inhabit its terrestrial placement.   I say third because the European migrants only  recently replaced the Hopewell and Adena cultures that had been second-handers to the primary culture that built the mounds and had artifacts that were clearly from the same region as the archaeology found in the Tennessee Valley.

I have even went so far to show in great detail how the entire city of Lexington, Kentucky was built on top of an ancient city that would have been much more at home in the Tigris and Euphrates, area than what is typically associated with the American Indian.   I have covered the mysterious archaeological evidence found inside a major mound for which the center of downtown Cincinnati was built on top of, and is presently found in the nearby museum—mysteriously placed but completely unidentifiable by current scientific understanding.   A very good argument that the current highway system of I-75 is one of the most mysterious lines of road built anywhere in the world could be made.  Not only did it give us Kentucky Fried Chicken during its construction but it shows an almost human memory of a trade route that used to connect all these archaeological regions across a vast span of American frontier thousands of years before known history has attributed anything logical occurring before the nomad culture of the Indians were discovered in North America from 1492 to 1850.

A study of Indian myths and legends are all that’s left of an obvious advanced culture that spanned the entire world before the philosophy of Confucius emphasized personal and governmental morality in China during 551 – 479 BC.  There were cultures in America referred to only in the Bible’s missing Book of Enoch that had been around for many millennia and had risen and fallen following the Vico cycle.  The Indians were obviously part of that cycle and were capturing that earlier period through their mythologies, which they interpreted the best they could as a second-handed society of nomads.

So there is a lot of work to do, and without George Lucas, I don’t think there would be so much independent investigation which is uncovering all these marvelous revelations occurring outside of academia.  I’m not against academia, they are most poised to do the work, but they have not been open to the evidence pouring in from finds all over the world, and they have too much of a relationship with government censorship obviously motivated to preserve their version of history—likely to protect the religious foundations of their societies, whether that be European pride, or American Christianity.  Many of the most important archaeological sites around the world are off-limits because they exists in war-torn areas always brimming with political mismanagement that often looks to be to be deliberate.  Whether it’s the ISIS destruction of ancient cities in the Middle East, or the communism which has hidden Cambodia from legitimate investigation by a sex trade industry that flourishes to keep legitimate investigators away from the vile horror often associated with Phnom Penh.

Communism is a big part of the problem; try getting a dig permit in China where there is a lot of untouched archaeological research that needs to be conducted—which looks to reflect much of what has been found in North America.  Look at Central and South America where poverty from socialism has destroyed those economies leaving people desperate to make a basic living for themselves.   Only really seasoned travelers like Josh Gates—whom I think is a wonderful person often seen on the Travel Channel, can go to such places and resist the temptation to embark on the debauchery of a people who would sell their entire futures in exchange for a piece of bread—then stay for years studying archaeological evidence that no university in the civilized world wants to publish, for fear of it tarnishing their relationships with the British Museum, the Louvre, or the Smithsonian.  In the United States we can’t even get a reasonable excavation of the Miamisburg Mound by nearby University of Dayton, or the Great Serpent Mound by Ohio University, Athens, or the University of Cincinnati—let alone why no legitimate research into Shambhala in the Himalayas is taking place.

  The Dalai Lama can’t even have an afterlife without the Chinese Communist Party demanding that he reincarnate by their direction.  (Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up).  So having a legitimate scientific investigation into Shambhala is off-limits because of the communism of China and its impact on the surrounding countries.  The communist Chinese do not want to know what happened in their culture 8 to 10 thousand years ago.  They are more worried about the Dalai Lama’s afterlife.  Not even the great Ohio State can tell us Hebrew-like artifacts were found at Newark, which is only a 45 minutes drive to the east in a pretty nice part of town relative to the rest of the world’s archaeology.  There’s even a Wendy’s restaurant at the front door to the historic site.  But Ohio State can tell us how they plan to win another national football championship.  No really serious investigation occurs there but to attribute the site to the Hopewell Indians descending from the Archaic period.]

Do I believe that it was Minoans who were in America during that Archaic period?  I think there is lots of evidence that shows that they, or a culture that either spawned them, or the other way around was directly involved in trade between China, North America, and the Middle East likely 10,000 years ago and many of the cultures of that period have either been built over by successors or remain hidden by years of erosion.  They are right in front of our faces, but we do not see it because of modern religion and government vice.  The cause for instance of Cambodian sex trafficking is their authoritarian rule and history with communism.  As a French colony—which is a first world socialist utopia in Europe—the people were conquered and left to communism, which crushed their economy leaving families to sell their children to the sex trade.  The West keeps it going because they want access to the young virgin children which prevents any real science from occurring there by guilt of association.  Anybody with a trip to Phnom Penh on their passport feels they have to explain to people at a museum fundraiser that they were only there for “work” not sex with children. So no legitimate scientist wants to spend years studying Ankor Wat, but for the occasional photographer who goes there to get the fantastic pictures of a culture long gone and mysteriously sophisticated. The ones who do don’t get much of a voice on the world stage of academia—by design.  We are led to believe that such societies were not connected to places like Cahokia on the Mississippi River in North America, or the Tigres in the Middle East—but was a standalone culture that was a self-contained Hindu religion shut off from the world by terrain.

The lesson here of course is that one century of archaeology was not enough.  We really can’t formulate the history of the human race with just a few decades of a young scientific field.  Thanks to George Lucas, he pulled the restrictor plate off the science through imagination and now there are a lot of people like Josh Gates exploring the world living out their internal fantasies of being like Indiana Jones.  And that’s a great thing—because we deserve to understand who were are and where we are going.  But one thing is certain, Christopher Columbus did not discover the “New World” and the Indians were not “Native Americans.”  They came from someplace else as well and took over sites from a culture that had risen and fallen in the United States well before they built their first mythology for Tirawa—The One Above from the Pawnee Indian tribe.  Following the Vico cycle, the Pawnee like all the others were second-handers to a culture that had receded into a primitive state only to become nomads once again leaving a culture to clamor at the truth only through myths and legends.  But our true history is still being uncovered—and established archaeology is only just now getting started.  The history books will not be complete for several thousand years going forward—that is if we can avoid the Vico cycle ourselves.  That is the challenge of our present states.  Hopefully we can learn from that hidden history before it’s too late for us as well and we are reduced to a fragmented regional memory of a future country who thinks they understand the human race because they uncovered a copy of Star Wars under 50 feet of soil and reported to the government then that they have it all figured out.

To substantiate what I have said, click all the links in the text above and you will find dear reader enough free information to fill several books.  Then watch all the videos and you will discover enough evidence to last a lifetime, and it will change how you see everything.  I promise–all you have to do is look and read for yourself.  The evidence is more than abundant.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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