Bullies of the Beltway: Standing with Trump and Arpaio to do the right thing


To further illustrate the level of the fight we are facing in 2016 have a look at this 2011 video of the White House Correspondence dinner.  The first video is of Barack Obama roasting Donald Trump and the second is of Seth Myers from Saturday Night Live doing the same.  The issue of tension was that Trump had been the one to push for Obama to release his birth certificate—which forced the White House to finally do it after stonewalling for over three years.  It was quite a mystery and gave rise to the “birther movement.”  Trump after a lot of persistence pushed, and pushed, and pushed until a document was produced leading to the victory lap in front of the media at the special 2011 engagement roasting Trump who was forced to sit stone faced in the middle of the action and take it.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.  Sheriff Arpaio from Arizona put together an independent group of people to analyze the released birth certificate and what they discovered was that the document Obama’s people released was a fake created recently, and not in the year of the president’s birth.   All of this was reported of course reported by me, CLICK HERE to review.  The rest of the media relegated the material as “conspiracy theory.”  For some reason, they didn’t want to know, as a collective entity—they wanted to believe that Obama was something that he wasn’t.  And when he was caught lying, only a few really held his feet to the fire making them easy targets like Trump was at that White House Correspondence dinner in 2011.  The purpose of that roasting was to show others what happens to people who dare to take on the Bullies of the Beltway.

All that seems like ancient history now—Obama won his election in 2012, and Trump decided not to run for president that year against him.  It seemed for a long time that only Trump and Arpaio were the only legitimate voices willing to yell against the tide that something was really wrong with President Obama.   Shortly after the 2012 election, we had the IRS scandal with Lois Lerner involving the White House, and then we had Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi hearings featuring her poor decisions leading to that disaster.  Then we had the destruction of Hillary’s emails on her private server so the scandals and stories mounted up to such a degree that everyone forgot about the birth certificate issue being a forgery.  The White House had produced a forged document and passed it off in a way that was more concerning than all the mysterious reasons that Obama refused to release it in the first place—which was always troubling.   I mean if you and I signed up for a new job, they will demand that you produce a driver’s license and/or a birth certificate to satisfy their screening criteria.  Becoming president of the United States is a pretty important job, so at least a birth certificate should have always been a high priority.  Yet it wasn’t and the president avoided it, and when pressed by Trump—day after day after day for several years, the White House finally managed to produce a document that could only have been created in the modern age—certainly not in the early 1960s when such technology wasn’t even invented yet to produce a computer generated layered document instead of a scanned replicate of an original.  If you and I were to scan our birth certificate into a computer program such as Adobe, you’d get a single flat layer of imagery.  There would be no way to separate the fields of what we scanned because the computer would have recognized only the image scanned from the source.  In short, if the document had been scanned into a computer like it was claimed, there would be no way to manipulate the various fields within the document presented by the White House.  The Obama birth certificate was a fake produced under great pressure by Trump.  In spite of all that evidence, Trump was laughed at by just about everyone.  Trump being a guy who saw a fight and the depth of that conflict knew what he had to do to clear his name—and that was to run for President in 2016 so that he could work from the top position to solve some of these diabolical problems.  And that brings us to the present where Trump is way ahead in the polls and poised to be the Republican nominee in 2016 to run directly against Hillary Clinton.  The people who presented that forged document among other scandalous cover-ups are terrified of Trump in the White House, because it’s obvious that he’ll expose everyone for everything to prove his point.

I took a lot of flak for supporting Trump for president so quickly in July of 2015—I do occasionally cover conspiracies and strange phenomena, but I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  When I say something it holds up—and a review of the many things I’ve covered will show that to be the case.  I know that something is very wrong with our political class—which extends over directly into our entertainment culture.  We have real criminals in very powerful positions and they need to be removed.  Yet congress showed no desire to take on the Obama birth certificate and most in the media completely ignored the issue.  Even people like Glenn Beck stayed away from the “birther” issue no matter how justified it was.  This left Trump and  Arpaio to hang out on a limb with all their hard-fought evidence as the media proclaimed, if a tree falls in the forest and nobody was there to hear it—it didn’t happen.  The media collectively refused to hear the tree fall on the Obama birth certificate leaving Obama to rake Trump over the coals at that 2011 correspondence dinner.  Trump fuming to do the right thing at his first opportunity.  I believe that Trump made his decision hell or high water to capture the White House after that roast.

Arpaio was sued by the Holder Justice Department soon after the birth certificate report and Trump stopped short of running for president so that he could solidify his position.  If he was going to do it he’d do so from a position of strength.  Trump spent the following three years doing just that.  Knowing all this, that’s why I was so quick to join Trump for his White House run.  He’s doing what I’d do myself if I were in such a position, and that is to treat the whole thing as a war that had to be won.  When Trump said he viewed running against Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton as a war for the White House, this is what he’s talking about—an establishment that seeks completely to control everything political with the banter of school yard bullies who determine the trends of the day with raw force and mass persuasion.  These people who have been occupying the White House for a number of years, people like the Bush family and the Clintons have the whole system rigged in their favor and the press eats out of their hands.  Obama is associated with that culture by default.  The same system that ignored his birth certificate problems allowed Lois Lerner to get by with IRS abuse and a massive cover-up of the top-secret emails destroyed and utilized on Hillary Clinton’s private server.  I know how Trump feels to be the only one speaking out for what’s right.

But here’s the secret dear reader, these are bullies who are running our country right now—it’s not Trump who is the bad guy—as much as they’d like to make him appear that way.  Just like in grade school when you stand up to them, they have nothing to throw back at you.  They can threaten to beat you up with IRS audits, they can harass you at work, through the media, and they can follow around your loved ones and harass them if it doesn’t work on you.  They can intimidate and harass you until you do as they are doing—comply with the orders of the collective.   Well, I’ve had everything mentioned above done to me and my family and I have done just what I did when I was in grade school, which is the basic mentality of most people working in government—they are still 15-year-old kids looking for a date to the homecoming dance.   The entire Beltway culture is made up of those types of intellects and they have only one game plan—harass individuals who flock away from the herd.   Well, when I was in grade school, there are plenty of stories of what I did to bullies and I never yielded to them.  As an adult, I dealt with bullies in the same fashion.  When they came after me—which they did for over 15 years—during my entire 20s up until I was about 35 and had essentially outlasted them—I fought them the way Arpaio and Trump did over the birther issue.  What’s right is right—not what the masses accept as right.  Right has to be the priority in every circumstance, especially when it’s obvious that there is a massive cover-up going on.  Somebody has to be willing to stand up to fight for what’s right, even at great personal risk—because the real bullies have to be stood up against.

I’ve been called a bully myself.  In fact I hear it more now than I ever did.  I have more expression in the English language and natural verbal ability to sidestep the bully accusation than many people who are similar in personality to me, but are functioning without as many tools in the intellectual tool box.  But what I want, I get, and Trump is made of the same stuff.  When he is called a bully, it’s because the real bullies have been denied the ability to beat people up without mercy, to impose on them the imposition of collective sentiment.  But that’s where serious crimes are hidden—behind the “Bullies of the Beltway.”  They only make fun of Trump because they have no other means to exact their will.  The secret to beating them is to be tougher, and rougher than they are.  Because they are liars, they are scum bags, and they are maniacal fools fit for defeat and only that.  They deserve to have their asses kicked.  They deserve to be pushed and to have the tables turned on them, because it’s the only way that we get our country back in the hands of the competent.  We have to start by getting the liars and Bullies of the Beltway out of our White House and into the gutters where they truly belong.

You can’t appease a bully.  You can only kick the shit out of them when they challenge you.  They might cry about it, but they put themselves in that position to begin with.  When they do come, that’s the only way.   That is why I support Trump.  He has a long history of doing the right thing even when it costs him to do it.  Because he’s learned how to deal with bullies-you do it directly and with great fanfare.  And you outlast them because in the end, they have to hide from the public and that is their true weakness.  When it comes to beating Hillary Clinton, the only way to capture the White House for Republicans is to expose Democrats one great weakness—their necessity to manipulate the public from their true intentions.  And in the fight for what’s right, that is what I look forward most in 2016.  For that reason, it is a Happy New Year.  The best thing we can do is support those who are willing to fight the Bullies of the Beltway because in that way, you are making a decision to not be pushed around any longer.  When Bush says that Trump is not a serious candidate, he is talking about playing the Beltway game of surrendering to extortion by those bullies in power.  But its time for a new game.   For the evidence, just watch the above videos completely, and you’ll understand the enormity of the problem before us and the very nature of the elections of 2016.  We won’t get a second chance any time soon.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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  1. Power is an aphrodisiac. The founders knew it and it is one of the reasons George Washington was so honored – he astonishingly gave up being a king and trusted We the People. Such greatness if rare in the world. Such greatness is rare in DC and, as you rightly point out, the DC power brokers all too often use it for nefarious purposes – to punish, to suppress, to misinform, to bully as you point out.


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