Hillary Clinton for Prison in 2016: Life can be a bitch, so don’t vote for one

Hey, this very nice young lady understands, Linda Lleshaj has found herself in the middle of some vigorous media attention after she was photographed at a Trump rally wearing one of the Alex Jones t-shirts promoting Hillary Clinton for Prison in 2016.  As 2015 closes and 2016 opens a new fashion trend is emerging against Hillary Clinton as millions of Americans have watched her on live television snake her way out of the email scandals, and a movie about government incompetency that she is responsible for is at the movie theaters still trying to deal with the Benghazi killings of innocent Americans in Libya.  We’ve watched the debt clock continue to tick upward, then we’ve watched the FBI and the White House fight over the definition of terrorism in San Bernardino as two ISIS sympathizers murdered innocent people just as Obama was trying to cover the tracks of his folly in Syria by letting refuges implant themselves in America to avoid violence there that he caused-making lives for all of us far more dangerous.   Obama was far more concerned about gun control than the possibility of more ISIS terrorists coming to America on converted UPS shipping planes under his authorization—and we are all just supposed to go back to sleep?   Some are asleep, but many more aren’t and that number is growing every day.  Some, like this very fine young lady know that we are at war and she’s doing something about it—and that’s good to see.  You can get a shirt like the one she’s wearing at the following links and join the fun.





A radio guy got into a bit of a Twitter scuffle with me on Christmas Eve of 2015.  When he wanted out of the clash he said to me, “It’s Christmas Eve!  Go hug somebody who loves you.”  My reply was, that I had those bases covered and to remind him that he was the one who brought up the following subject, which apparently angered him:

Rich Hoffman ‏@overmanwarrior  10h10 hours ago

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It will be impossible for Hillary to be POTUS against Trump. She’s a criminal and he won’t let anybody forget it.

Rich Hoffman added,

Michael Graham @IAMMGraham

Serious Q for Trump fans: If you knew with metaphysical certitude that voting for Trump would make Hillary POTUS, you’d still do it, right?

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Upon reading that I thought of George Washington crossing the Delaware on Christmas Eve to gain a surprise attack against British forces for a victory that was badly needed for the revolution.   You don’t win wars sitting around eating turkey and ham and praying at church—you take the fight to the enemy and you stay sharp at all hours of the day and night.  For perhaps the 80th time in the short week leading up to Christmas Day I actually had to remind people that we were at war in America.  That war is raging and that it was because our incompetent government has refused to acknowledge it that few know that we are in it.  I have been saying things like that for longer than Trump has been running for President, as proof of these articles will testify to.  I’ve been saying the same things that he’s saying now while he was still giving money to Democrats to help with zoning issues in New York and was focused on his hit show The Apprentice.  But, because of what he brings to the fight, I welcome him with open arms—because he’s a tremendous asset to the cause of winning this “civil” war.

A few years ago the kind of people I explained this war to would have thought that I was a tin-hatted conspiracy theorist looking for a fight that wasn’t there.  But this year at the Christmas parties and dinners celebrating the close of the fourth quarter of our economy rational people are now listening and I explained to them that they better be ready. The only way that there can be a peaceful conclusion to this war is that Trump gets elected president and takes this fight to the legislative process from the people’s house in the Executive Branch.  Otherwise, the streets in America will become active as a civil war of chaos and anxiety.  It’s not an organized fight the way the Civil War was in the 1860s over a few definitive issues.  This civil war is over fundamental ideologies, the sovereignty of the United States as a nation, and the types of people who have tried to internally weaken it to allow the global community to merge with it.

On Christmas Eve my mail lady, who is a government employee, but is individually a very nice person gave me very strange looks as she brought several packages to my garage.   It was a beautiful day so I had the door open to enjoy the weather.  She was a little shocked to find me at my work bench wearing one of my guns holstered from my practice and working on several others.  I had some time to clean and oil them, so I took advantage of the opportunity.  She normally drops packages on the front porch and we never talk, but it was Christmas Eve, and she felt a need to make direct contact because my garage was closer than my porch for her.  I thanked her, even though I could tell that she was anxious about the guns—which she shouldn’t have been.  The packages were not Christmas presents, but were orders from Brownells for the maintenance of my guns.  Specifically, I’m performing a trigger job on my Ruger Vaquero and the new springs were among the parts that were in the boxes she brought to me.  I have been dusting off my old gunsmithing skills lately.  I’m not doing it for money as of now because I don’t want to go through the trouble of obtaining a FFL, as I’ve had before.  When you get one of those you have to get fingerprinted and an ATF agent suddenly has access to your premises to check your records.  That’s one of the reasons I gave it up years ago.  As she walked back to her delivery van I could see by the way she walked that she was still uneasy about me.  If this were communist China—as the Obama administration clearly shows an inclination—she would report me to the enforcement police for reconditioning, one government employee reporting the activities of civilian activity to other government employees.  They are nice people when you get to know them, but in their role as employees to the kind of system that is allowing Hillary Clinton to flourish as a Democratic candidate, they are the type of people who could be dire enemies tomorrow.   I imagine there were some colorful conversations about me when she arrived back at the Post Office.

A few weeks ago I had an arrival from UPS that required hazmat approval, as the material was explosive in nature.  The delivery guy expressed concern about the contents.  As a fairly young man he had been trained through social conditioning that deliveries like that were “suspicious.”  The government considers people like me more dangerous than their Syrian Trojan horses.   I told the kid not to worry about it—“It’s not for a bomb,” I told him answering the question that I knew he wanted to ask.  “It’s primers for my reloads, nothing bad.”  But to young people trained to be nice government employees from their liberalized public schools and social conditioning, guns are bad—in anybody’s hands.  So I added, “don’t worry, my mouth is far more dangerous than anything I have around here.”  And that’s the truth.

I am aware that everything I do is being watched by the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA.  So they know I’m no danger to the United States—because I am the embodiment of what an American truly is, or should be.  But I’m not taking any crap from anybody, because I don’t have to.  I know what it feels like to be watched, followed, and even have contracts against you, and it’s not a big deal to me.  I’ve dealt with all that before, and apparently Trump has as well.  What I like about him is that he’s not afraid of anything—which makes him my kind of person-regardless of politics.  I like and respect fearless people. My mouth is the thing they fear the most—and when you understand that, you don’t have to use a gun for offense.  The guns are for defense—in case some idiot wants to cross that line.  Otherwise, my mouth does more work than an army of gun wielding patriots would—and I’m fine to keep it that way.  But if someone loses their mind and wants to impose themselves on me or my rights as a free-born human being—they will have big trouble.

But as for offense, my mouth works just fine, because it is that kind of war.  And in this kind of war, Donald Trump is as good as boots on the ground.  He fights the kind of war the government is imposing well which gives a platform for young people like Linda Lleshaj to function within.  That poor radio guy who wants a certain kind of Republican candidate is falsely assuming that we are not a nation at war, and that the 2016 election is just another cycle of idiots and fools who make promises that they never keep once they get into office.   We don’t have time for another Paul Ryan type in an important government office.  We have to literally capture the flag, because domestic enemies currently posses it under rules of war and only then can we talk about some sanity in politics.  Because I’m not changing my life for anybody-I don’t have to.  I play by the rules, I pay my taxes, and I work hard every single day.  I take care of my family without government help and I give a lot more to the world around me than I take.  I am not the problem and I see clearly the mismanagement of the people who have been responsible, so I wear my guns around the house just in case some desperate fool decides to short-cut sanity and take something that belongs to me.  Otherwise, I will be happy to fight the war on the terms of modern battle, and that is mostly with my mouth and through potential elected candidates like Trump.

The essence, and cause of that war is Hillary Clinton and her support organizations—the people who keep her as a viable candidate in spite of severe criminal misconduct.  I lived through the Clinton White House during the 90s and I’m not about to put up with that garbage again.  She belongs in jail, not in the White House, and it’s about time that more people start realizing it.  To her credit, Linda Lleshaj is part of a new generation who has to grapple with that reality.   And it is great to see that she is awake and is actively trying to get other young people to wake up as well.  Welcome to the battlefield Linda.  It’s a Christmas present to me to know you’re out there.  That is my idea of a good Christmas.   So let’s all cross the metaphorical Delaware together and surprise everyone.

Don’t believe we are at war, watch all the videos above, completely.  The evidence is quite clear.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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