Why ISIS Terrorists Want to Kill Americans: What it means to eat from the Tree of Life

I have listened to countless hours of talk radio and watched many segments on television, read many articles from the mainstream press and all have missed the mark in identifying why San Bernardino assassins Syed Farok and his wife Tashfeen Malik dropped off their six month old child at a grandmother’s house telling the unsuspecting woman that they were going to the doctor, neglecting to give any hints that they would probably never return—no final goodbyes to their child or parents, no hint of what was to come. Then to get back in their car and go to the government office where Farok worked to kill 14 people and wound many others in what they knew would become an international incident of terror. But why–how could that possibly have been justified in their minds to give up so much and to bring so much hurt to others if they were such devoted Muslims who read from the Quran so intently—supposedly a book of peace?

The answer is a rather disturbing one, and it cannot be reasoned with by fancy appeasement speeches and psychological evaluations. But it does explain why Barack Obama sympathizes with terrorism and why the political left seems to take similar positions against America as the San Bernardino shooters did. Ironically the answer is within the 2014 movie Noah by Darren Aronofsky—in how progressive types interpret Biblical events and the type of maniacal behavior that can sometimes be associated with religion. I’m one who enjoyed Noah by Aronofsky. I like Aronofsky’s work, particularly Pi, Requiem for a Dream and The Wrestler, so I gave Noah a chance, and immediately recognized within it distinct elements not just from the book of Genesis, but the Book of Enoch—which is a kind of deleted scenes group of stories from the Bible. Aronofsky certainly intended to shake up the foundations of the viewing public by throwing The Book of Enoch into the traditional story of Genesis—and I thought it was a pretty good idea to combine action film elements with the classic story to form a unique mythology. The response from the religious community was brutal and Aronofsky was deeply criticized. The film did pretty well at the global box office and was an ambitious project which I enjoyed. But of course there is more to it—as there always is.

In Aronofsky’s Noah, the biblical character was a bit of a madman following the will of the Creator with a maniacal ambition that could have easily been interpreted as insane. There are many hints to a time before Noah through his grandfather who lives atop a mountain protected by the fallen angels known as The Watchers. This grandfather Methuselah was played by Anthony Hopkins quite brilliantly and obviously possessed a Merlin like quality directly inherited from Enoch. Methuselah lived the longest of the Noah family at 969 years which is interesting. I happen to believe quite emphatically that the Bible has many missing chapters and what has been presented to the public at large through the churches over time are only the pacifist passages, and not the whole work—only the parts that would placate the masses. So I enjoyed very much the back story elements of Genesis within the movie Noah. This is quite a study in itself, but lets not get off track, the purpose of this article is to understand the rationalization behind terrorism and how religion can provoke such extremism. It could be said that many of the characters in Noah were radicals in their own way, Noah for building an Ark based on a vision from the Creator leading his family to safety through the end times for a rebirth of civilization, and Noah’s Tubal-cain who had an almost Ayn Rand concept of mankind—which I actually agreed with. In Aronofsky’s version of Noah Russell Crow’s self sacrifice as the classic Biblical character was an environmental one that very neatly pressed in the modern Green Movement into the film’s message as Tubal-can played by Ray Winstone was a pro man type of capitalist. I enjoyed all the various perspectives even though I don’t agree with much of it. I noticed the obvious Hollywood politics quickly which of course spilled over into the Obama Climate Summit in Paris.

Leading up the San Bernardino shootings Obama and his friends were in Paris which is still recovering from acts of ISIS terrorism of their own and declared that global warming was the greatest menace facing our world. If you really get to the meat of what they believe, they are not unlike Noah in Aronofsky’s movie. They want to erase mankind from the earth and return the world back to nature—so from their perspective, global warming is the greatest threat—because they don’t like the achievements of mankind. To Obama and his progressive friends, they have radicalized their foundations of social communism and economic Marxism into a new religion centering on the environment, which ties directly to the movie Noah—who believed he was not being saved to keep mankind alive, but to save the animals of the earth from Tubal-cain’s vile superiority as a species of man. In typical Christian understanding the moral of Genesis was a combination of Tubal-cain and Noah, but in Aronofsky’s interpretation, it was directed at the environmentalists who have a great desire to start a new religion of earth worship making the whole planet a kind of eternal Garden of Eden. Keep that in mind.

As anyone who has read the Quran knows, it is essentially another version of the Biblical Old Testament–it shares many of the same characters as it’s Christian counterpart and I believe with that book as I do with the Bible that the chapters were put together by former emperors and religious leaders to control their populations with stories conducive with “service”—so there are missing elements that will likely never be recovered but through myth and legend. This is the book that many of these modern terrorists are gravitating to, and with a singular focus such as what Syed Farok obviously displayed—where peripheral concerns were ignored, much like the prophets from the Quran assumed that they were the hand of god doing the work of a higher purpose even if it meant an end to the human race. If taken literally, the characters from the Old Testament and the Quran were extremely self-sacrificial and functioning from their unique connection to their deities. To the outside world this appears quite insane, but to them, it is justified.

Now enter the communist spread from the Soviet Union that is behind the current environmental concerns and the Islamic caliphate which has adopted various degrees of Marxism as a means toward collectivism to assimilate more closely with Allah. The goal of such assimilation is to recognize that one’s spirit belongs to Allah and that whatever he wishes for us, we must perform. To them the villain of Islam is the kind of mentality that Tubal-cain exhibited. Of course Tubal-cain is the West, Israel, the United States, Europe and all places that have elements of capitalism within their cultures—because capitalism is the religion of “man,” not of the “Creator” whatever name is placed upon it.

Viewed in this context things make a lot more sense—politicians like Obama use global warming as a way to attack western ways and the Tubal-cain nature of mankind—the capitalism of the United States. Radical Islam uses the prophet heroes of the Quran to do the same, their motive is to show Allah that they are pure in spirit and not attached to the evils of capitalism—that their values of self-sacrifice are paramount and worthy of an eternal walk in the Garden of Eden—that they don’t identify with the paradox of knowledge of good and evil, but that they eat from the “Tree of Life.”

I’ve read all these books—many times actually, and am 100% sure that when Syed Farok and his wife Tashfeen Malik dropped off their six month old child at grandmother’s house forever that they weren’t emotional about the issue, and that they didn’t feel bad lying to family members about what they were about to do. I would go so far to suggest that they purposely kept their eye on the higher goal of appeasing Allah because they justified their lives as eating from the Tree of Life-not the Tubal-cain based capitalism that corrupts mankind from the perspective of the Marxist. And thus, you have the reason that Obama cannot condemn Islam, and why global warming is the greatest threat to civilization. It’s not mankind that they are protecting, but mother earth and they share with radical Islam the belief that the capitalist West is the shared villain of their religious doctrines and that all of them are willing to sacrifice their life in the here and now for the benefits of an eternal afterlife with the “father.” And if you are a president with daddy issues like Obama is, an everlasting father in the clouds of heaven is an appealing idea. What he shares with the terrorist Syed Farok is the desire to end capitalism and all the Tubal-cain’s of existence for the might of a savor only written about in books ultimately controlled by churches and politics reflecting a fragmented past not conducive with the ambitions of America.

The goal of the terrorist of course whether it is the literal attempts by radicals like Syed Farok or politicians like Obama who obviously sympathizes with terror acts as his friend Bill Ayers from Chicago shares much in ideology with Farok—they intend to strike fear into mankind to force them to give up individual freedoms in favor of collective enterprise. And to their rational, if people have to die to serve the greater good of their maniacal deities, then so be it. They do so with their eyes off this terrestrial existence toward a greater good defined by their religions, whether that religion is Islam, or the more modern Mother Earth worship. All those ideologies share a common past one that spans the centuries. More recently it is rooted in communism, but it spans back further toward the desire of ancient rulers to keep their subjects under submission through religion that all these beliefs were fostered. If taken correctly many of the lost books of the Bible and the Quran, there would likely be different values expressed, but we’ll never know. Aronofsky played with the idea a bit in Noah, but ultimately carried the message of his film toward the values of his dinner time friends around Hollywood—the religion of conservation—and the desire to reacquaint themselves with the Garden of Eden as agents of light. Syed Farok and his wife obviously felt so strongly in their actions against the villainous West that they were willing to sacrifice everything to terrorize that representation of Tubal-cain into submission to the collectivism of Allah—even if it meant never seeing their child again.

But they all have it wrong, Aronofsky, Farok, Obama, and all the church leaders who edited these religious texts for the purpose of social control. Man wasn’t meant to stay in a Garden of Eden built by a creator. Man is the creator, and it is the task of civilization to build a Garden of Eden for each and every one of us to live within. Because when we finally peel away all the mysteries of quantum mechanics we will find that the creator wasn’t out there somewhere, but always inside. As Jesus said, “the Kingdom of God is all around us but men do not see it.” That statement didn’t mean that men were to be graduated from only to reconcile through death with the creator of all things. It was intended to evolve mankind into a true understanding—and the reason that men do not see the Garden of Eden in their own lives is because they are listening to all the wrong sources. Go to Trump Tower in Manhattan and you will see the Garden of Eden, the Kingdom of God—the Tree of Life. You will see the gates of heaven built through capitalism and the morality of productivity for the first time in human history. And that is why Syed Farok is a villain of epic proportions rooted in a medieval religion that is outdated and manipulated through the ages toward collectivism by power-hungry rulers who wanted nothing else but to control the masses to their selfish desires for terrestrial concerns.

For those who want to know my source material for this article, consult the metaphorical Tree of Life. The rest of these idiots are still eating from the Tree of Knowledge and they weren’t supposed to.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman