Ruger’s Plan to Help the NRA: Using Second Call Defense to help stop Jihad at American borders

Fortunately, most Americans understand the situation, on Black Friday 2015 a record was shattered as there were 185,000 background checks from people buying firearms. That averages out to roughly 2 checks every second. And those Americans weren’t buying guns to hunt deer. Hopefully, many of those guns were from Ruger who is donating $2 for every Ruger sold between 2015 and 2016 intending to raise $4 million dollars for the NRA. I did my part and bought a new Ruger, and I’m very proud of it. In spite of the government insisting every couple of minutes that more gun control is needed to slow down the violent mass shootings erupting all over the country, the only real solution to the mismanagement of the social affairs that have contributed to the violence is more guns carried by responsible people, not less.

After the San Bernardino shooting on December 2nd 2015 Obama went straight to the airwaves to proclaim the need for more gun control and made a point to declare that other countries don’t have the problem of gun violence that America has. He failed to say why. Most of the rest of the world has terrible poverty and severe gun control restrictions and their people are mass migrating from those places trying to get into the United States. They aren’t immigrating to America because they like their homes. All is not well in the world, so Obama’s comparison is out-of-touch and extremely naive. He could only make such a global comparison by ignoring many facts, dangerously to his own detriment in judgment—which is obviously extremely flawed. America is a superior place to live, and guns help make it that way. Obama clearly doesn’t connect the dots. Because there are two things that are common to many of these mass shootings over the last couple of years—most of the shootings involve young people fresh out of their progressive educations. Second many of them are related to radical Islamic behavior. Fewer guns empowers these demographic groups toward terrorism—it doesn’t deter them.

The husband and wife shooter in San Bernardino recently were clearly Islamic radicals stoked into a froth of terrorism by fellow Jihadist activists. The situation was so embarrassing to the government that the wife had been permitted into the country on a work visa passing the Homeland Security check, then marrying a U.S. citizen whom she likely instigated into a Jihadist conversion. It was astonishing as of this writing that there was not yet a picture of the wife produced anywhere on the Internet. Surely there were some, but the authorities avoided putting her picture up because she represents a new level to the prospect of terror, the conversion of devout Muslims to Jihad through the power of sex. Without question, she is not alone working now with the United States. Obama cannot deny it— or anybody else. They propose gun control for one of two reasons; they have either promoted these extremists to come into the United States hoping to spread a Middle Eastern caliphate, or to cover the follies of their own terrible mismanagement as government officials. It is either deliberate promotion of these terrorist attacks or the result of gross incompetence. Given Obama’s social position against Israel, his reluctance to name Islamic terrorism by name, and his tendency as a foreign raised child to view America as an imperialist empire—that speculation as to his loyalty has reasonable traction to consider insurgency. His insistence on Syrian refugees entering the United States points to possibly thousands of additional terrorists raising more home-grown radicals just like this husband and wife team. These insurgents plan long and patiently. They fully intend the death of America like a long time family pet being taken to the vet to be euthanized. They say nice things to our ears, but their intentions are to woe us to sleep before the injection takes place.

Given all those raw facts it is clear that in either case, our government has been grossly incompetent. The terrorist husband in San Bernardino was a government worker, the investigators were government employees, the Homeland Security that allowed all this radical behavior to foster were government employees. All the freedoms we gave up, Constitutionally guaranteed, did not prevent the attack from occurring, so what was the point of it all? What’s the point of the HSA, the TSA, the FBI, the CIA or any of them if they couldn’t keep an online dating service from sending a girl from Saudi Arabia to an American born Muslim to ruin his mind with sex and radicalism until he was ready to shoot up an office building while maintaining a bomb factory at his home in full view of his neighbors—who were shushed into silence for fear of being labeled “prejudice.” Government incompetence is at the heart of every issue, so the obvious conclusion is that they cannot be trusted.

That is why gun sales are up, because normal Americans see the writing on the wall and they know they need to protect themselves. If an active civil war between factions of political ideology must break out, then the fault is on the government for failing to protect our private property from potential terrorists. We have the Second Amendment as a back-up–the way it was always designed, to take matters into our own hands if government proves itself to be so grossly inadequate. It is good and highly encouraged that all Americans obtain a concealed carry permit and began making themselves active resistance to this impending terrorism within our borders. Ruger is doing their part in offering to boost the power of the NRA with a donation for every firearm sold during this upcoming year, so if you’re planning to buy one, make it a Ruger.

One of the most exciting things about a possible Donald Trump presidency is that he is very pro Second Amendment and has a plan to make concealed carry permits viable in all 50 states. So if you get a concealed carry permit in Ohio, it would be good in California and Hawaii—which would be wonderful. If there had been armed people in that government building, those two terrorists could not have emptied so many rounds into innocent people. Some gun carrying protectors could have shot back ending the dispute right then and there. There may have still been some killed or injured, but the number would be far less. The response to these terrorist threats cannot be passivity, and gun restrictions. It has to be the opposite, more guns and expanded conditions for which private people carry them.

Of course this all points back to why I am now a recruiter for Second Call Defense. If you are going to carry a firearm and you find yourself in a self-defense shooting—say some Jihadist nut job came into your place of business or a fine restaurant you were taking your wife to for a nice dinner and these scum bags come in to spread their intentions of a global caliphate—and you shoot them—you will have to defend yourself from the same government that let those idiots roam free—that same government that refused to publish the picture of a young Saudi woman who used sex to convert the mind of a peaceful Muslim into a radical Jihadist. So you have to protect yourself from that government—because they will be looking for a straw man for their incompetence. Second Call Defense takes that ability away from them. First you shoot the terrorist saving as many people as you can, then you call Second Call Defense and let them handle the government investigation into the matter protecting you and your property from further incursions of blame. Just as Barack Obama took the side of Trayvon Martin in the George Zimmerman case in Florida putting the shooter at a severe legal disadvantage in the process, you don’t want the same thing to happen to you if you put down a terrorist Jihadist that the government let into the country to fulfill some political goal they have at our expense. If that happens, be sure to let Second Call Defense handle the case. Just use my name in the redemption code when you sign up and you will get the first month free. I wouldn’t put my name on something like this if I didn’t think it would help people and help spread the use of firearms in these types of cases.

Ruger specifically is one of my favorite firearms manufactures. I absolutely love my Vaquero; it is machined to perfection and is just an astonishingly wonderful product. I have shot it nearly a thousand times over the last couple of months and it gives me great pleasure to stand at my workbench in the garage and clean it back to its original finish after each shooting session. It is a wonderfully American thing to do as I listen to talk radio and listen to conservative discussions free of liberal sentimentality while cleaning a very nice firearm after a hard day of shooting, carefully, with great craftsmanship—to use an array of tools to care for something that is fun recreationally, but can also defend your property from the fools of the world—which are numerous. As I clean that gun I think of how special we are in the United States to have those privileges—we are probably the only place that has such an ability—free speech, free access to the finest firearms in the world, free from unreasonable searches and seizer—but it is all those rights that these terrorists are attacking. Their military objective is to erode our freedoms with terrorism, to force America to overreact into accepting gradually bigger government and much more restriction—like what terrorists achieved after 9/11. But we have to stop that game in its tracks right now. We have to give them the opposite. We need gun sales to spike; we need more people openly carrying them, and we need to make it easier for them to carry guns in more places. That is the only solution to the gross government mismanagement to the current Jihadist threats. And toward that aim, Ruger is a good place to begin fighting back. Second Call Defense is the next.

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Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman