How to Peacefully Destroy ISIS: Why America created the terrorist group and what to do about it

Just for clarification, the United States created ISIS. While Russia and Iran supported Bashar al-Assad’s regime of terror in Syria, the West, Turkey, and the Gulf States supported removing him. So America essentially supplied the weapons of war to the rebels against Assad to defeat him. What occurred in the aftermath was ISIS. That is why to this very day America cannot join Russia in teaming up with Assad to fight ISIS, because that would be far too embarrassing. The Obama Administration made a serious blunder and there is no going back now. For proof that the U.S. Government wanted ISIS to emerge in Syria watch this Reality Check from Ben Swann, who has a new job at CBS 46.

Good job Ben Swann, now watch a video he did two years ago predicting the creation of ISIS. Pay very close attention to the little boy singing approximately 6 minutes in. There are thousands of kids like him and there will be absolutely no way to reason with that child poisoned with extremism. That is the fight that is before us, created by Barack Obama’s horrible mismanagement of the stand-off with Syria—remember when he drew a line in the sand, Assad crossed it, then Obama walked back and drew a new line—which Assad crossed again. So Obama along with Republican Senator John McCain sought to supply weapons to the Free Syrian Army to overthrow Assad. But what that army did instead was attack outlying villages and begin to purge Syria and Iraq of Christians, Jews, and invalidate a peaceful exchange by Muslims toward the rest of the world.   Watch closely—this is what the “media” is supposed to be doing—reporting the facts.

Now, there is no way the United States could possibly work with Russia to help Syria against ISIS, because America created ISIS to destroy the current Syrian regime backed by Russia. Do you see the problem dear reader? That is the very definition of the path to hell is paved with good intentions, and hell is quite hot these days. Obama drove us here because he couldn’t read his GPS system, even though it was beeping with alarms the entire time. We now have a severe mess that there is no easy way out of. There is no solution which takes everyone back to peace. The Middle East will never again return to a glory day of Arabs practicing peacefully in the arts and sciences of Aristotle’s brand of Islamic faith. Communism and radicalism are now centerpieces of the Middle East and factions of more severe terrorists are breeding at an extraordinary rate. Little children like the kid in the Ben Swann video are going to grow up and bomb Europe and the United States with increased frequency. War has been declared whether or not we open the mail to read it. They are coming, and we empowered them to do so. If you were smart dear reader you would fire every government official connected to this failure at the very next election. The situation is catastrophically epic.

So here’s what has to happen to rectify the situation. America needs to unleash its oil potential. Currently we are sitting on 285 years of oil and Bill Gates has agreed to pour tens of millions, perhaps billions of R&D dollars into renewable energy yet to be discovered. We should be able to achieve that within 285 years. We could probably do it in 20. So the plan should be to completely cut off the Middle East of oil sales to the U.S.. Saudi Arabia sponsors too much terrorism, and there is really no good way to defeat radicalism in the Middle East so long as good and bad Arabs are plotting against the United States using our dependency on their oil as the leverage mechanism to deal with us. That means we have to cut them off, starve them out, and force them to peaceful negotiations on our terms. They have to want our money otherwise they are unmotivated to deal. Instead, they will continue to use our money and our weapons to fight us. So they need to be choked off—all of them, the entire Middle East. If they are mad at us for our participation in Sykes-Picto, then let them have their land and all the worthless oil on it.

But opening up the oil reserves in America to the point where oil prices would be under $1 a gallon would jump-start our economy again and bring down the global price per barrel everywhere. This would take the wind out of the sails of the only thing the Middle East has by way of economic sustenance. Because of their flirtations with communism, they would not be able to develop any other economical means, and would be forced to face their failed ideology. Their fights would turn on themselves instead of outwardly being united against America and Europe. By completely withdrawing from the region, the United States could take itself out of the debate and leave the red meat to the wolves to fight over. In just a few short decades kids like the one singing in the Ben Swann video would snuff themselves out fighting for the same piece of bread. Oil funds the Dark Ages mentality of ISIS with the belief that they are equal to the developed world outside of their attempted caliphate. But they’re not. Without the United States, they would become like an island of head hunters in New Guinea, isolated and primitive—like they truly are.

I don’t propose letting Israel plunge into possession by the barbarians. We should still support them—they have other economic engines to keep them going, and should be a lesson to Jordan, Syria, and Iran on how to conduct a proper economy. Eventually when the money runs out—which it will, the oil barons in Saudi Arabia and at the UAE would be forced to eat out of the hand of America for basic income. Within a few decades those dust pits in the Middle East could be like modern-day Puerto Rico, one category under statehood, and be forced to adopt American policy and capitalism just to survive. That would be good for everyone.

We are at war, forget about the environment. Global warming is a false prophecy advocated by the political left with a religious like fervor. It has no grounding, or basis in reality—it’s just another communist inspired scheme by old hippies to cripple all forms of capitalism in worship to a deity called Mother Earth. Screw mother earth, drill for oil, choke off our enemies from the easy money, and advance civilization off this planet for destinations yet unknown traveling among the stars. It’s stupid to stay on earth. The rest of the planet needs to learn from the United States. China needs to give up on communism. Russia needs to expand its economy and come out of the Soviet era economic beliefs also centered on state controlled economies. Europe needs to give up on socialism including Sweden and Norway. It doesn’t work as well as they prop it up to appear. In a few years their youth will show signs of complete complacency and those are not the type of people who will voyage to Mars resettle that red planet from what will prove to be a history that we share. We are already in World War III. So we need to pull together and do what it takes to win that war, and unlike the weapons of the past, this current one is financial. The best way to defeat the Islamic caliphate is not with troops on the ground, but with opening up American oil reserves to choke off the world with our isolation so they can’t mooch off our wealth any longer—then get mad at us for giving them that help.   Cut them off and live happily ever after.

The kid shown in the video above won’t be reasoned with. He won’t be won over with flowers, or even a show of power. Those Arabs are filled with hate and stupidity and there is no way to deal with them rationally now. Forget the deals with OPEC, forget the meetings with the World Bank to keep oil prices at a certain place to secure the economy of the Middle East. End all those deals and cut off those terrorists so they can’t buy a bag of beans from Russia and Iran let alone nuclear weapons. Take away their oil not through theft or possession. Do it through currency devaluation of the price of oil. If you love mother earth so much, then leave her to her home while we as a human race move out into our own homes. We can come back and visit on Holidays, but as a species, we need to think bigger. We need to advance to space; we need to use up our 285 years worth of dirty oil to destroy those who hate America forcing them to unite with our freedom and style of republic democracy so that when we do move into space, we can all get along for a change. But before we do any of that, we have to understand that we created much of this mess, so now we have to commit to fixing it for everyone’s sake. And we should not listen to the idiots who caused all this in the first place—people like John McCain and Barack Obama. Open up the Keystone Pipeline and drill for oil in New York. If Andrew Cuomo doesn’t like it, send him to Iraq to trade in beads—while the rest of the world moves on under American leadership and a dollar valued by capitalist countries.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman