People like Euric Cain Cause Racial Tension: The strategic objective of pitting “blacks” against “whites”

If the people considered “black” were all like Ben Carson, or John Boyega from the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, we wouldn’t be having the conversation that we are about to have. The racism that the black community protested over the last week in Chicago doesn’t exist, it’s a made up fantasy promoted by George Soros progressive type activists. It’s a fiction. For instance, most of America spent Thanksgiving watching NFL football games and journalists would be hard pressed to find a single case of racism where fans boycotted viewing one of those events because most of the players were black. The color of skin does not matter to white Americans. I know I could care less about skin color or even nationality. Most of the people I like best come from other places in the world—and I welcome them as American citizens. Most conservative white people who I know feel the same way. They are not prejudice in any way. They wear their AJ Green jerseys to their luxury boxes and cheer on that player at Bengal football games without thinking for a second about that player being black. And if AJ Green asked those same wealthy white Americans to lick his feet, they would, just to be near him. Racism in America is a created story designed to undo our freedom. That is the end of the story.

But you didn’t see that crooked bastard Barack Obama come out on national television to protect the reputation of Euric Cain seen shooting a white Tulane University medical student in New Orleans did you? I say bastard as the correct term for the little boy from Indonesia born to a mother who had loose relationships with men. I don’t know who the father of the current President of the United States was. I don’t know if it was some Kenyan dude, the communist Frank Marshall Davis—which was quite possible, or some dude that she had sex with in some other escapade—because she was that kind of girl. So there is no way of knowing the truth about Barack Obama’s actions because his parental heritage is very “sketchy.” Not his fault, he is likely as clueless about his parental heritage as the rest of us, but it is an element to his behavioral mystery. This is important because Barack Obama is well-known to have come out in defense of black criminals like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Both of those “black men” exhibited similar behavior as Euric Cain, a 21-year-old hoodie wearing punk who was robbing an innocent woman then shot a man who stopped to help her. As seen in the video above, Euric tried to shoot Peter Gold in the head just for showing up to help—this after severely wounding the helpless man. The nation was shocked to see the callused nature that Cain indicated as he pulled the gun on Gold shooting him then trying to shoot the victim in the head before the gun jammed. Cain then left the scene in an SUV only to be tracked down later.

The president didn’t have a press conference asking for more gun control to keep guns out of the hands of people like Euric Cain—who obviously is not an NRA supporter and would have guns regardless of any legality. However, if Gold had been armed—which he should have been—and shot Euric Cain dead in self defense—then blacks all over New Orleans would be protesting, just as they are now in Chicago, and many other places. Because blacks under this current president have been “community organized” into radicalism to artificially create another civil rights movement in America with the underlying intention of promoting economic communism as the end goal. If you look carefully at the motivations behind Black Lives Matter and other George Soros funded endeavors regarding gun grabbing politics and artificially induced racism debates—you will see that they openly profess socialism and communism as the answer to their quandaries. But you don’t hear about that on the news either—do you dear reader? Instead, the press quickly tried to kill that story about Euric Cain. The media carried it as an obligation, but the talking heads on the cable news stations and prime outlets like the Today Show got off the story like a teenage kid being caught with a pornographic magazine as a deeply religious mother stepped into his room unannounced.

So I’ll say it, Euric Cain was a maniacal thug, a supreme loser and is the reason that “white America” is skeptical of places where lots of people of color reside. It’s not the skin color that whites fear, it’s the collective behavior of “blacks.” When you watch the ease for which Euric Cain pulled the trigger of a gun on another human being and left him for dead, it is clear why anybody would be fearful of a group of people. It’s not because of the color of Euric’s skin, it’s because he demonstrated behavior that indicated he could be a ruthless thug. Euric Cain was dressed like a number of other young black people do these days, so when others see this kind of thing they’ll associate it with all future interactions. If black America actually wanted to integrate equally into “white” neighborhoods and be treated fairly, people like Obama would have come out in a press conference to denounce the actions of Euric Cain. Instead, he, along with rest of the progressive oriented media sought to look the other way and put their effort into every white cop who shoots a black youth—like exhibiting the same kind of behavior as Cain only as police they shoot too soon. In our current society, you have to be wounded first otherwise lawyers will prosecute you until the ends of the earth robbing from you everything that the criminal assaulting couldn’t get in an actual crime. Instead the money is still taken, only it’s gathered in a courtroom instead of on a city street. The blacks in those types of legal cases are used as a means of wealth redistribution—as a military objective. If the black criminals on the streets don’t get the money, then the government legal system does. Either way, the attack is against “white America.” Defend yourself with a gun, and you lose everything you ever had. Show up to a gunfight without a gun, like Peter Gold did, and you end up either giving the criminal whatever you have, or you end up dead. It’s just another form of terrorism being induced against “white” America for the purpose of wealth redistribution. That has always been the goal.

There is a reason white people cringe when they see a group of rough-looking black kids dressed like Euric Cain on a street corner. Well behaved moral white people don’t want to see people who they identify as criminals in their shopping malls, in the parking lot of their grocery stores—and they don’t want to see them at the Post Office. They don’t want to deal with them, period. It’s not their color; it’s their behavior that scares white America. Of course it’s not just whites, but all colors of skin tend to duck away from situations that they perceive to be dangerous. That perception is formed by people like Euric Cain. We’ve all seen them and dealt with them and that forms our impressions of future dealings.

Additionally in New Orleans about the same time as this shooting involving Cain and Gold was a gang related shooting that took place at a playground during a music video shoot. 16 people were shot in the exchange. I can promise this much—none of the shooters were NRA members. They were thugs, losers, and punks—probably all of them people of color. There may have been some Mexicans with some white people who want to be seen as black so they can live out the “thug” life that is so popular in video games like Grand Theft Auto and other urban myth making machines selling thuggish behavior to kids with an otherwise good future in front of them. But nobody talked about that shooting either. The story died within a few hours of breaking once it was discovered that the perpetrators were progressive creations, not NRA members or Tea Party supporters. If they had been, the news would have spread like a wild-fire across the world instantly, and white America would have been further prosecuted for their racism and love of guns.

Do you see dear reader what’s going on? We are at war—only nobody has formally declared it. Keep your guns close and sign up for Second Call Defense. Things are going to get much, much worse because this thuggish behavior isn’t localized. It comes from the top and is flowing down through society with strategic objectives in mind. So when the time comes, you don’t want to be a victim like Gold was. You’ll want to stop people like Euric Cain in their tracks. Then let the defense network at Second Call help you through the minefield that has become our legal system which in its current form is there to protect the criminal from the truly good, regardless of skin color.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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