Wear Your Guns to Dinner: Fixing the incredible mess that liberals have created in the world

It’s a very dangerous world, made more so by incompetent politicians and gun grabbing despots. So I propose a change in American fashion effective ASAP. Americans who possess concealed carry permits should be able to openly wear a holstered firearm wherever the public gathers to insure the safety of our nation. With ISIS making constant threats it is obvious that proper action is mandated to protect not only ourselves, but also our friends and neighbors from harm when those radical lunatics attempt to attack us in our homes, parks, and other commercial destinations. We don’t have to sit around waiting to be victims. We need to take action to protect ourselves which is why we have always had the Second Amendment. We are supposed to be able to openly carry firearms, and we should—especially now in these very scary times.

The big cover-up is that government has failed us—but they won’t admit to it. They have failed to secure our borders and contain threats from abroad—which is their primary task. They have not been successful, and have in many cases actually provoked our enemies by not naming them as such, empowering their current level of aggression. In government nobody gets fired for poor performance. On these very pages I have shown pedophiles that molest children who get off free legally and still retain their jobs in government. We saw how the game worked with Lois Lerner—she committed crimes, as did Hillary Clinton, and they go unpunished. Government is a labor force of complete losers and they cannot be trusted—least of which with our personal security.

Even though there are many good people in our fire and police departments, I don’t trust them completely with the safety of our nation, or against an imminent threat. It takes roughly 5 to 20 minutes for a police officer to respond to a threat. We need people on our streets and communities who can respond to danger within .750 of a second—which are the times roughly of newbies in my shooting group the Cowboy Fast Draw Association. The threat needs to be recognized, a firearm drawn from a holstered position, and the projectile sent to seek justice faster than an eye can blink. Call the police and fire department after the threat has been neutralized. For your own protection, call Second Call Defense to handle all the legal trouble that often follows such an unfortunate occasion. That is the best way to handle this current crises advocated by ISIS.

Hey, they asked for it. They are the ones making the threats. The government has hidden from us the severity of their strategic objectives—which was a crime in itself. Like the Volkswagen company doctoring up their emission testing results to save themselves the disgrace of public ridicule—the government has been caught lying to us—for the same reasons. This current government has been so obsessed with their progressive agenda items that they ignored the ISIS threat. Well, I haven’t and neither have you dear reader. ISIS asked for aggressive action to come their way, so we have to give it to them. They made the choice for themselves.

Along those lines, right now if you haven’t already, you should join the NRA. That is an essential organization to the security of our nation. People against the NRA are those who have helped empower ISIS with poor strategic planning and passivity ideologically rooted to our extremely liberal college campuses. So join the NRA and be a part of solving that problem. The other thing that is absolutely essential in this current political and legal environment full of leeches, and government parasites looking to make money off your misery is to join Second Call Defense. I believe so strongly in Second Call Defense that I have actually become a recruiter for them. It all started on Matt Clark’s radio show in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I had on George Lang from Cincinnati who is one of the founders of Second Call Defense. We offered a first free month to listeners of that show, which is still in effect—because it’s been so successful. Just type in Overmanwarrior in the redemption code, or Cliffhanger and you’ll get your first month free—because of me, and the good people at Second Call Defense. If you are planning to carry a firearm with concealed carry, then you should be a member of Second Call Defense. They are the best organization in the nation right now for this specific service of helping people who find themselves in legal trouble after a self-defense shooting. It’s a no brainer—it’s the best insurance you can buy in today’s volatile, government mismanaged society. They created the problem, and now we have to clean it up. But you still have to protect yourself from the government—which the police are part of the government—when you use the Second Amendment to do anything. You MUST have the Second Call Defense card in your wallet or purse—especially if you have to engage an ISIS threat. You don’t want the government and media to make a circus out of your life because they feel guilty for their role in bringing ISIS aggression against innocent Americans. So let Second Call Defense do the work of protecting you from those most guilty of causing all this mess. That is why I am now a recruiter for the group, because I want to help people stay out of trouble for doing the right thing.

The correct thing for us all to do is to open up and expand the concealed carry laws to more areas and introduce open carry. Men should wear holstered guns with their business casual attire. Women need to apply a nicely holstered Berettas to their trendy fashions of the moment and to be ready to suppress any threat presented whether to them personally, or to others around them. Guns need to be a much more openly embraced aspect of our culture and the necessity is most prevalent because of the ISIS threats to our national security. The government has already blundered the situation beyond repair, so now it falls to us as American citizens to solve the issue. By using the Second Amendment for the correct purpose, we can quell the violence that is being threatened upon us. But you need to protect yourself by joining the NRA and Second Call Defense. If you really want to do your part, join a shooting club and get good at the skills our country needs for this tumultuous time—like I have by joining the Cowboy Fast Draw Association. With them if it takes you longer than a second to draw and fire your weapon, you are failing. It is in those skills that the proper protections will be afforded to our nation. Voting for more government nonsense to continue failing just isn’t an option any longer. It never should have been to begin with.

Encourage legislation that promotes open carry, buy yourself a really nice holster and find a way to incorporate it into your daily fashion. We live in times where such things need to be commonplace. Nobody should look at an individual with a holstered gun and think of them as a threat. Quite the contrary—they are symbols of safety and people you should want to be near. Firearms are a necessity in a free society and that’s what the ISIS terrorists want attack. So give them the opposite, much to their own detriment. And when the liberals cry about it, hand them the blame for the terribly mismanaged world they have made for us, and let them choke on it. They deserve it! Meanwhile make dinner reservations at a nice local restaurant and start the process of normalizing the appearance of firearms in open society. When the law allows for it, wear that gun to dinner and enjoy a nice bottle of wine—and make it part of your evening fashion.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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