“Everyone Wants to Rule the World”: Terrorist assassins Hasna Ait Boulahcen and the Bond girl Fatima Blush

Have you ever listened to the words to the old song by Tears for Fears titled “Everyone Wants to Rule the World?” It points straight to a distinctly human problem—no matter how advanced we become as a species, there will always be among us an inclination to rule over others. From the local boss at your day-to-day job, to the heavily Agenda 21 trained zoning administrators who crack down on some businesses over others for the pure thrill of ruling over the powerful with rules and regulations—to the maniacal religious fanatics who are always looking to unite the masses behind the banner of their terrorism.
Hasna Ait Boulahcen comes to mind, the 26 year-old party girl of French nightlife who recently died next to a suicide bomber when French authorities raided her cousin who happened to be the mastermind behind the Paris terrorist attacks in November of 2015.   If you strip away all the decorations of contemporary life, it really comes down to a primal need for control over others that drives much of the terror humans inflict on each other just for the thrill of being considered a form of king over the masses for just a flash of time spent living within the confines of human flesh during an earthly lifetime.

Speaking of Hasna Ait Boulahcen she reminded me actually of the assassin from one of my favorite James Bond films, Never Say Never Again. I was able to watch that film recently as it replayed on the Epix cable channel along with all the other Bond films over the long week leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Like the Tears for Fears song there was an inherit truth to all those fun thrillers that point toward essential faults in the way the human race interacts with each other. I was actually amazed how accurate the 1982 Sean Connery classic Bond film was in showing how the organization Spectre was actively promoting terror in the Middle East while hiding their desire to have world domination behind a façade of philanthropy. As much as Never Say Never Again seemed like the adolescent fantasy of every 12-year-old boy—in the world—it was remarkably accurate in predicting the future. The villains in that Bond film were stunningly similar to George Soros types of today—actively spending a lot of money to promote splinter groups into attacking each other so that he could achieve objectives important only to him because “everyone wants to rule the world.”

So that brings us to the obvious objective behind President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s open support of Syrian refugees coming to America and their position in destroying the Second Amendment with increased gun control.   We know where all this activity leads, because we have seen it before. What’s been happening in Paris and London is now happening in the United States. Young people like Hasna Ait Boulahcen living wild nights of reckless activity-finding easy access to drugs and sexual impropriety breaking down her basic value system is seduced away into evil becoming the soldiers of radicalism while the originators of all the sins, the drug smuggling, the sex trade, the night clubs and money generated from the taxes on alcohol, the radical Islamic attempt to spread Middle Eastern collectivism to the far corners of the world helped by gun confiscations so that private citizens are forced to rely on government workers to protect them from threats, are created by the same people banging wine glasses together at charity events. Spectre isn’t such a radical notion as proposed in the James Bond movies ranging from this latest one to the early days of Sean Connery. The complexity is easy to see in our human art, but not so easy to see when it’s happening right in front of us.

Hasna Ait Boulahcen led authorities to her cousin Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected ringleader of the Paris bombings because she was under investigation for drug trafficking and her bank movements were being traced. That’s how authorities found her after the Paris attacks. Like the Bond girl Fatima Blush Boulahcen was flamboyant and a little crazed who had lost her identity completely to the service those wine glass banging philanthropists who had silently organized those Paris attacks behind the veil of Paris, London and New York social life. The characters at all levels are easy to see for anyone who cares to look. Open border advocates promote refugee influx from regions where their money has fed the flames of insurrection to “cause” the mass migrations. Wearing down society with loose drug laws and permissive societies that are ridiculed for judging others, the foundations of terrorism were set. Hasna Ait Boulahcen came from a broken family, which is another aspect of progressive politically funded groups—destroy individual families and the structure of a secure home life so that young people like Boulahcen will do their work on the streets of Paris, trafficking drugs, weakening society gradually, and ultimately becoming carriers of terrorism. For every girl like Hasna Ait Boulachcen who finds themselves dead as a result of her extremist views there are thousands just like her ready to be used for the progressive causes that the masterminds of terrorism wish to advocate.

Following logic it would appear that Obama supports Islamic terror as he refuses to name it as an evil menace, which it clearly is. By advocating more Syrian immigration from the war-torn region that he largely caused through his inaction, there are likely countless Hasna Ait Boulahcen girls in the making coming with parents stuck between radical Islam and the more passive Koran reading fundamentalists who just want to live their lives in peace. So they are being encouraged to come to America. Once they get here the temptations of seduction will tear some of those families apart leaving the government schools to finish raising the children. Then they’ll get access to drugs and lower their personal resistance to mass coercion. Like Hasna Ait Boulahcen they may go from dressing like a western girl, complete with the cowboy hat she was known to sport in night clubs as she slept with countless people lowering her chances of finding a good husband to build a family with, they take the steps toward radicalism for redemption as a last resort.

Compound that with the drugs they start taking as part of that lifestyle and hopelessness ridicules their consciousness making them run toward extremist religions to rectify their bad behavior—which was fanned within them the moment their families left their homeland. That’s when they put on the niqab and start cheering on ISIS—as a last act of hopeful redemption after all their honor had been previously stripped away from them. That is when they become a terrorist, and why many of them are so young. But their lives were shaped by those philanthropy driven despots who want to rule the world. Their money buys many things, it feeds rebels in war-torn regions, it feeds progressive groups that want to destroy traditional family structure in every way possible, and it buys politicians who need their money to run their campaigns. Trace the money to people who have given donations to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and you will discover much of that money is also pouring into Paris politics, London immigration promotion, open borders, drug legalization, and finally destabilization of the Middle East. And why doesn’t the media cover this issue, because that same money buys ads in their newspapers and television stations, and if reporters pry into that secret world, the money dries up. Look what happened to Glenn Beck at Fox.

You might wonder dear reader how I figured all this out. Well, it’s not very hard. It’s in every James Bond film ever made. The villains are all very powerful cardboard characters obsessed with world domination. But you know what—most of the villains in real life are just as shallow when you break them down and get to know them personally. Fiction is not so far off from reality.   If the human mind can conceive of something in a fictional sense, then an actual villain with access to billions of dollars can also think of it, and when they have the tools, they use them. Because deep down inside most of us—not all—but most of us is this silly desire to do just as Tear for Fears suggested—“Everyone Wants to Rule the World. And when they have the money to do it—they do.

Hasna Ait Boulahcen like the Bond girl Fatima Blush was a creation of the imagination. One was in a fictional movie. The other was created by progressive avocation groups-but both were the same—creations made to tell a story. In the case of Boulahcen’s case, that story allowed Paris investigators to make their society feel relatively safe. Once she and her two partners were killed Paris was able to go back to sleep. Sure, they will say the are looking for more radicals in the future—and there are likely hundreds of them around Paris, London, and now within the United States who are just as prone to terrorist activity as Boulahcen was—but killing them made people feel “safe” again. It was a nice bookend to a terrible story. But like a Hollywood movie, the story will be told over and over again and nothing will change, because the philanthropists still want to rule the world, and there are many thousands of others who want their money and will blow themselves up to get a taste of the drugs, sex, and momentary rapture of a life following some defined course—even if its evil. Because within human beings is the immature notion that Tears for Fears so many years ago captured in a seemingly simple song. And until that changes the story will always point in the same predictable direction. Just like a Bond film the same essential story told in the 2015 film Spectre was told before in 1982’s Never Say Never Again. But nobody did anything to stop that story from taking place, so the ending always repeats itself. And Hasna Ait Boulahcen won’t be the last.

Watch all the videos in the order I presented them and you’ll see how the story connects.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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