Roger Waters is Just Another Brick in the Wall of Anti-Semitism: Pink Floyd’s socialist propaganda

I have never been a fan of Pink Floyd. First of all the name is ridiculously passive. Secondly, I associate them with the drug culture. But most of all, the music is just too depressing. It belongs in 1980s East Berlin or at the grave of Karl Marx as opposed to the vibrant white picket fences of Indiana, or Kentucky—the heart of the United States. While certain songs I understand, like “The Wall,” along with the music video from the movie—the front man for the group, Roger Waters, who is part of the British Invasion of that country’s contributions to American music—is a flaming socialist—by his own admission. So I have never liked them as a group. Actually, their music disgusts me, even when I was young and the music was popular. In a race between the suckest bands in history—to me the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd are engaged in a homosexual coupling at the finish line. In my car at the height of Pink Floyd’s popularity during the 80s there were two things completely off-limits to anyone who rode with me. First, nobody was allowed to smoke. I had very strict rules against smoking. Given that I had one of the nicest cars in my graduating class, people forgave me for it—because they wanted to ride in my car. It was a place to be seen, so people didn’t smoke in my car. Second, Pink Floyd music was not allowed. I was sometimes violently opposed to it because it was so anti-American to me. It did not have the optimism I expected from American culture and I flatly rejected it. In regard to Roger Waters, I despise him as an artist and a human being because he is the face of Pink Floyd.

In that regard I find myself strangely agreeing with Howard Stern whom is another pop culture personality that I’m not a fan of. Regarding Howard, I don’t like his moral position, I don’t like his on-air belching, and I don’t like his sophomoric perversions. But I did like his movie Private Parts and his persistence within the radio industry. Knowing friends in radio who have been through what he has, I can at least respect what he did as a capitalist. Howard Stern may be a lot of bad things, but he is pretty smart and is a product of American capitalism. He stuck to and fought through a lot, so I can at least admire parts of him. But he’s not someone I share many opinions with—except lately when it comes to Roger Waters.

Recently, Stern and Waters have had a very public feud between them over the United States relationship with Israel. Waters is mysteriously anti-Israel—Stern pro Israel—definitely going against the grain within the entertainment industry. If Waters is so angry at Israel and the Jews for living somewhere, then he should be angry at his own country of England for their structuring of the Sykes-Pikot agreement right after World War I. That is what caused all the current mess. The United States was a reluctant participant. Both Stern and Waters are wrong to compare the eradication of Indian populations with the Jews living in Israel against Palestinian will. Jews have to live someplace and they have been driven from every land they inhabited at sometime or another. The Indians were at least given the time of day after they were conquered. The reason for the conquest was out of necessity—but compassion was at least provided to them. They were invited to assimilate into American culture and given a seat at the table through cultural integration. You don’t see Southerners protesting the town of Cherokee, North Carolina because it is largely ran and operated by Indians. Tourists flock to the region and enjoy Indian culture. Nobody is trying to kill them just because they existed or still hold property in America. Americans and Indians worked out their differences and shared the wealth as much as possible, so its time to stop complaining. The two issues are not comparable, Jews and Indians.

The feud has gone on over the last several months largely through progressive publications. Readers here likely didn’t notice the remarks in Salon, or Rolling Stone as the two pop culture icons have fought it out over support of Israel within the left-leaning entertainment sources. Waters even went so far to send an open letter against Bon Jovi for performing in Israel recently—which is how radical his position is. Clearly to me when you understand Middle East politics beyond the Sykes-Pikot agreement the underlining issue to the political right and left regarding Israel is one of support of capitalism over socialism. The Palestinians and much of the radicalization of the Middle East from ISIS to Iran comes from the Iranian Revolution during the 70s where Russian-backed communists overtook the country. The American CIA and other forces tried to off-set the communists with dictators to fight them off and keep the region from forming a communist caliphate using oil to fund another global power directly connected to Russia. The fights in the Middle East were not about oil so much as it was about keeping oil out of communist hands to feed Russian aggression toward the United States during the Cold War. Out of all the areas of the Middle East, really, only Israel has embraced capitalism. Every other region is a dust pit of repressed people broken and poor because of the failures of Marxist philosophies that have been carefully hidden behind radicalized Islamic religion. That is precisely why those on the political left are anti-Israel and anti-American in regard to Middle East involvement. Here is how Rolling Stone reported this issue in a way that the masses can understand.

Roger Waters may not want to “waste a single precious breath on that asshole” after Howard Stern accused the Pink Floyd co-founder of wanting “Jews to go back to the concentration camp,” but on Stern’s radio show this week, the host made it clear he wasn’t going to lay off the subject. “I’m not the only asshole,” Stern said. “I’m just the only asshole brave enough to take him on. For some reason, it’s become very important to Roger to tell artists where to perform. There’s so many countries with histories of abuse and slavery, but he’s very focused on Israel. To me, he comes off like an anti-Semite.”

“Defending Israel isn’t fashionable, I know,” Stern said. “It is a tremendous distraction for Arab leaders to say, ‘Let’s get the Jews, let’s get Israel, it’s all their fault.’ As long as their poor people are focused on Israel they don’t wake up and realize who is stealing their money. Their lives aren’t getting any better from all this crap, so don’t be fooled by Roger and his statements.” Read more:

If you doubt dear reader what I’ve said about Roger Water’s open support of socialism keep in mind that he currently supports Bernie Sanders for president and he has said so glowingly in that same Rolling Stone magazine, only in a different article. You can read that in the section below along with a link to the source. This is what the front man for Pink Floyd is all about. This is the person you have supported all these years by listening to Pink Floyd music. Isn’t that nice to know?

I just think the term “socialist” freaks a lot of people out.

Socialism is a good thing! What is wrong with socialism? You are the only country that I’ve ever heard of that buses its kids to school in the morning. What is that if not socialist? I am serious! I know nowhere else in the world. Then you go, “What the hell is that about?” “Well, we don’t want our kids to walk through dangerous neighborhoods to get to school, so we send a bus to pick them up at their front door and take them home afterwards.” And you go, “Wow, great.” That is pure socialism, and it is correct.

If you had socialized medicine as well, then we could really start calling you a socialist country. At least you have a better medical system now, thanks to Barack Obama, thanks to the executive branch of this administration that we are now seeing draw to a close. But it’s nothing like the healthcare you get in any of the other 30 major civilized countries in the world. Your healthcare is great if you are very, very, very rich and you have some rare form of cancer. You have the best brain surgeons or whatever in the world, but they service a tiny, tiny proportion of people. But by and large, your healthcare is dreadful, and the cost of it is almost double anywhere else in the world, and you get half the service for it. You know why?

Why? Because it goes to the fucking insurance companies and to the profits of the drug lords and drug companies. It has skimmed off its profit, and it shouldn’t be! Medicine should be provided to all the people, all of the time, for a moderate cost. Of course the drug companies should make moderate profits and of course insurance companies should make moderate profits, but they don’t. They are like loan sharks. They are ripping the heart out of everyone, and they are gouging as hard and fast as they can. That is the world we live in.

That should do it, Roger. Thanks for doing this. You know what you need, don’t you?

What? Socialism!

Ha! Well, it was nice talking to you. Cheers.

Read more:

Could the situation be clearer? Here is a person who has made vast amounts of money selling the same damn album for thirty years to millions of drug induced idiots then he takes that money and the platform provided to him through capitalism and advocates socialism—which is currently crippling Europe economically.

It is because of Roger Waters that I have always hated Pink Floyd—as it was always the product of his radicalism. I hated the movie The Wall—it was not a work of genius the way kids used to think it was—it was a loser’s opinion on a life out-of-control largely because the artist was a victim of socialism and used capitalism to launch his opinion to the world. By the way, Roger Waters is terrified that Donald Trump will become president of the United States—which he talked about in that same interview. That is even more of a reason that I so adamantly support Donald Trump for president—because if he does nothing else, he will make Roger Waters angry—and terrified. An upset member of Pink Floyd is a wonderful thing. They may have legions of fans that grossly outnumber conservatives on this issue, but one million insects really isn’t much of a fight against one large conservative foot.

Listen, America has endured constant attacks by thousands of people like Roger Waters over the years and capitalism has held up, as well as the United States, under really intense scrutiny. Waters is right about school buses picking up kids and taking them to school. Parents should drive their own kids, and parents should have the ability to pick the best school for their kids with open competition. I won’t argue with Waters that our education system is corrupted beyond repair with socialism—vast amounts of it. I’m ready to end it all and rebuild it completely with free market alternatives. But its time for America to stop apologizing to idiots like Roger Waters and his radical leftist friends who need you to smoke a lot of dope to think their music is brilliant, and to advocate the things you like without guilt—such as support for Israel and guns—a very armed public loaded to the teeth with guns, guns and more guns. Because the socialists are out there in just about every mode of entertainment and industry, and they want the fruits of your labor. And they are more open about it now than ever before. It’s time to show them the results of that approach and what it does for them. It’s nice to see Howard Stern doing the right thing. In the case of speaking out against Roger Waters, I am a Howard Stern fan.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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