Yes there was Life on Other Planets: NASA reveals a truth I told you was coming all along

I’m not writing this for today, but for about twenty years in the future so that I can point back to it and declare how correct I was, before anyone else was ready to admit it. This is not science fiction, or just inflammatory speculation—but a hypothesis based on observed facts, a study of history, mythology, and political tendencies around cultures nurtured through human necessity. Of course I plan to explore this concept in much greater detail in my Curse of Fort Seven Mile stories, but for the sake of future validation, this is to say I told you so. To begin, please consider what Ellen Stofan said early in 2015 about alien life. Ellen is a bleeding heart progressive at NASA, who is a bit of a political advocate on behalf of women and global warming, but she is pretty smart. She loves science and the possibilities of things beyond the orbit of earth. With that I share quite a lot with her. In reaction to her activism on global warming I would tell her to forget the earth and to use space to move humanity to another place. Earth is like that apartment you had in college that is dirty and used up. Its time to build a home in space for mankind—so who cares about global warming. It would only take a sustained solar wind to strip away earth’s atmosphere, as it appeared to have done with Mars, so let’s take our technology and ambition and head for the stars. But first, here’s what Ellen Stofan said:

“I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade, and I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years,” NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan said Tuesday in a live webcast.

 “We know where to look. We know how to look,” Stofan added. “In most cases we have the technology, and we’re on a path to implementing it. And so I think we’re definitely on the road.”

For a long time my family has vacationed at Cape Canaveral and opportunities to speak to NASA employees off the record present themselves at local restaurants and shopping complexes. Most of the time they only know what their classifications allow, but a lot of them look at the stars now with a changing emphasis. Add to that the free market push to commercialize space and the government realization that they can’t keep a lid on the topic any longer is materializing quickly. NASA is a victim of budgets, so they have to ride the line of politics to keep their funding flowing. When Obama announced that NASA should study Islamic contributions to science, of course there was more to the story. NASA stopped going to the moon after the Apollo missions. The space shuttle was cancelled, and the proclamation of returning to the moon by George W. Bush was nixed. Meanwhile rovers have been exploring Mars as the news coverage of those adventures have been scaled back—considerably. The reason is that there is far more than enough evidence discovered in just our infantile attempts to explore space just outside of earth’s atmosphere to confirm that our Biblical history is incomplete. Mankind did not start with Genesis, but with prequels of other stories long since lost.

Evidence of those early chapters are all over the moon and Mars where monuments of achievement similar to Teotihuacán, Ankor Wat, Giza, and many other places seen across the earth are visible to cameras and early space explorers.   On earth there is plenty of commercial development that has occurred that has destroyed much of our pre-Biblical history, and religious radicalism through inquisitions from most major religions have forced millions to deny what their own eyes can see. But on the moon their history was frozen in time. It has not been paved over for a new housing development or destroyed by religious conquistadors, leaving NASA in the precarious position of being an eager gatekeeper stuck between a rock and a hard place. They want to go and study those relics with the cold, emotionless eye of science, while their political funding wants to prevent humanity from the fragile realization that we are not, and never have been, alone. That our religions are but the childhood stories of the true reality—maintaining a grain of truth while leaving out vast amounts of the details.

When the Spanish Inquisition was issued by Pope Sixtus IV on November 1st 1478 the intention was to push out Jewish heretics from the country. The job of the Inquisition was to find such people, torture them until the admitted their crime, then kill them. Columbus found himself in lots of hot water once he discovered America for Europe as the Catholic Church wanted to maintain their control over what Columbus was seeing and keeping their flock from fleeing to shores beyond and learning of events occurring in the outside world—such as that the Chinese were already there and had been trading around the world for many years. The Church wanting to maintain authority over their people had a nice little Inquisition to keep loose tongues quiet and to maintain their control over their region—politically. They wanted people to believe that the world was flat, and that if people strayed too far from the Church and its control, they’d fall off into some hell below. This wasn’t the first Inquisition in history—earth has experienced many of them. The Spanish Inquisition was just one of the more recent ones that successfully destroyed tremendous amounts of archaeology not just in Europe, but in the New World as well, most spectacularly when Henan Cortes and a legion of Tiaxcalan warriors captured the emperor Cuauhtemoc at the city of Tenochtitlan. The Catholic inspired city of Mexico City was built onto top of the ruins of that once great metropolis preventing any real excavation of its history. In present day Iraq and Syria where much of human civilization started as an advanced concept erupting suddenly from the previous hunters and gatherers that we had been—ISIS is running around destroying everything that isn’t historically connected to Islamic faith—which as everyone knows is not all that ancient of a religion. Historically speaking, it has a pretty shallow past and if not for Aristotle, would not exist at all. Historically speaking, Muhammad only founded Islam in the 7th century. Human history likely went on for many thousands of years prior. Possibly because of the Vico Cycle, it may have risen and fallen many times every few thousand years prior—but much of that history has been erased by modern religion.

However, on the moon and likely quite spectacularly all over Mars are untouched relics of the distant past that shows a civilization that was jumping all over the solar system, even to the point of traveling along the arm of the Milky Way galaxy we live in, to other colonized planets. We’ll discover that Mars wasn’t alone, but was to galactic explorers similar to a McDonald’s along our own highways where societies stopped, did their work and moved on. That there were connecting societies in South America directly trading with the Martians and that the Indus Valley was another popular stop. Modern day China is littered with evidence showing a tremendous amount of archaeology that is overgrown and points to a prehistory that is completely uncharted. But nobody is exploring those regions because communism prevents that knowledge from getting out of state controlled governments. Instead they keep the funding cut for further excavations because they don’t want the information getting out to their public. The same could be said in Siberia. Russia was a communist country, now it’s an impoverished one—and they don’t have the extra money for such excavations and since they are a closed country mostly, they won’t allow for foreign permits to do research in their country without strict oversight.

These government inspired control mechanisms to conceal actual human history are prevalent across the earth over all regions. It is clear to me that this is the primary reason that NASA stopped going to the moon. And it’s also why delays to Mars have persisted so long. I have noticed that all global governments are supporting the progressive push toward non-religion—whether they pit Muslims against Christians, or Muslims against Jews, or Buddhists against secularists—the intent is to get each to destroy each other and keep the minds of mankind illiterate to the truth, and to assimilate the youth into more of a secular view which government then controls. Only then will governments be comfortable in humanity learning the truth of what’s always been out there—because eventually we will find out. They already know. So far its just relics from the past, half covered by soil, but it won’t be long before the full story gets out and we directly connect those societies to the myths and legends of our own ancient past and learn that they were more rooted in truth than fiction.

The sum of all this surmising is that it will be soon confirmed that earth is not our origin of birth. Our religions do not help us understand that relationship and our governments have been constructed by our religions to keep the book closed on the topic. But science has advanced far enough to let us peek just a bit at the pages inside. And within a few short years the book will have to open by necessity and at least the American government knows that the inevitable is about to occur. They will have to break the story officially very soon to the public, and when they do a major crises will unfold across civilization—history books will have to be re-written, religions will have to cope, and humanity will have to come to some uncomfortable terms with itself. It’s not that we will find life on other planets or the evidence of it that will be the breaking point—it will be that we will have found our long-lost selves in the process. We are already out there—and always have been. The evidence is sitting right there in full view of a powerful telescope.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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