Joe Crachiolo’s Cat Snowball: Why he was wrong to suspend a six-year-old for playing a hero

It’s been about five days and I think my temper has calmed down enough to talk about this activist liberal at the Lady of Lourdes elementary school in Cincinnati, Ohio. Claiming to have a zero policy toward violence, imitated or otherwise, principal Joe Crachiolo over reacted to a 6-year-old pretending to be a Power Ranger at recess with a pretend bow and arrow shooting another kid during play. The suspension lasted three days and is in effect as of this writing. The parents, obviously better than the average public school participant because they cared enough about their school to send their child to something other than a public school—which is far worse than Lady of Lourdes—took an active role in defending their child from the progressive activism of Crachiolo.

Now, I know Crachiolo has a cat named Snowball, so he’s seen that animal as a kitten play with yarn—or mock hunt a piece of paper from a gift wrap. Hunting and defending oneself is part of every living things most primal instinct. What the young Miele boy was doing was perfectly normal and should be encouraged. Yet Crachiolo decided to accept the modern passive stance in favor of collectivism and radically impose on a first grade child something he obviously knows nothing about. Crachiolo’s concept of a valiant human being is one embodying passivism that does what they are told. The young boy from the Miele family wants to be a hero, where the individual helps society from the benefit of personal decisions and aggressive action. That’s what such young children are pretending to be when they play aggressively from the vantage point of a hero.

I share in common with Crachiolo a love of Disney World. For a time he taught 7th and 8th grade religion and social studies at Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary in West Chester—so he can’t be all bad. He grew up in Loveland and graduated from St. Columban. He also went to Moeller and studied at U.C. and Northern Kentucky University. Apparently he and his wife only have a cat in their family named Snowball, as they have not had the opportunity to test themselves as parents actually raising a child through the furnace of reality. Joe instead had done the next best thing after receiving a lifetime of progressive education in primarily religious institutions—he has taught young people. But at the end of the day, unlike the parents of the Miele boy, he goes home to his wife and his cat with his hands clean of the actual responsibility of raising a child.

Abusing his power as a principal at Lady of Lourdes elementary school hoping to cash in on some brownie points as a defender of violence so prevalent these days in schools of all kinds—as society has lost it’s values and is turning toward death and destruction as a by-product of mismanaged lives—Joe is trying to destroy in children their innate need to defend themselves. What Joe is attempting to do to the Miele child is equivalent to de-clawing his cat Snowball after raising it from a baby to be fed every day in the luxury of their home then suddenly dropping it off in the woods to fend for itself from other cats, raccoons, and coyotes and expecting that cat to live through the night. These modern educators at virtually every level have been taught incorrectly how to prepare children for a world they know nothing about. They live in a bubble of academia that has been shaped by progressive sentiment, and they are destroying entire generations of young Americans in just this very way.

In spite of educator’s efforts to “manage” society away from violence through either religion, or institutions of learning, all they have achieved is the weakening of valor among our otherwise gifted youth leaving them like that example of Snowball de-clawed and helpless in the woods at night to hunt for itself in a world wanting to eat it. Snowball wouldn’t last two hours in a hostile environment, unable to hunt for its own food because it had no claws, or defend itself from other predators. Joe and similar educators are attempting to do that same thing to our youth by taking away the weapons of their minds and altering them to be nice pets that do what they are told by a society who manages their lives.

Like most educators Joe Crachiolo gets to live through other people’s children. The parents of the kids he teaches take all the responsibility for actually raising the children. Joe just sits on an intellectual pedestal untested in reality like his cat Snowball and pretends to be an authority on what’s best. By teaching he gets to give himself the illusion of shaping the minds of young people, but without the burden of having the responsibility of actually doing it. People like Joe—who list their cats as actual family members—have very little understanding of what it takes to raise a child outside of an education institution. Within that world of religion and intellectual Starbucks philosophizing—he may be a hero for attempting to de-claw a child from pretending to be a hero at recess—but in the world outside of institutionalism—he is just another vile activist destroying our American children.

I’m proud of the Miele parents for standing up for their son in the face of so much national attention. It is embarrassing that such a thing is actually happening in Cincinnati. You might expect it in liberal cesspools such as San Francisco and New York, but not in Cincinnati. But the mood of instruction most taught these days to our youth is this de-clawing method of breaking down children into a kind of mush for public consumption—wealth-redistribution, social justice, and all the trappings of the Pharisees who prosecuted the defenseless Jesus Christ. Turn society into the weak and meek so that they can give people like Joe and his cat Snowball a seat at the table of valor—without having a cell in their body behold the value. When we allow overly educated activists to destroy the values our children need to have to live in a capitalist society, then we have crippled those young minds for no reason but to bridge over the insecurities of intelligentsia. The real motive has always been to de-claw children starting with their minds with the hope that our capitalist society would fail leaving nobody able to act aggressively against anyone else. But what they’ve done in the process is destroy the essence of what it means to be a human being.

The world needs more heroes not less of them. I commend the young six-year-old in playing Power Rangers. He’d fit in well around my house where I openly play shoot em’ up with my grandson quite a lot. Good luck in stopping that—a lot of people have tried. Activists know what happens when they sneak around my house looking for ill intentions of submission and blind compliance.   They don’t get close to what they came for—quite the opposite. I think every child in the world should be required to play cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, or Power Rangers, whatever invokes in them the spark of learning self-defense so when they are confronted at some future time with actual violence, they know what to do.

Further people like Joe Crachiolo should be required to carry a gun otherwise they would be unqualified to manage a large contingent of youth gathered under his care. If a bad guy came into that school, it would be his job to eliminate that threat, not sitting in his office planning his next Disney vacation. Anyone who loves Disney World, especially the Frontierland understands that Uncle Walt fully intended that Americans not forget about their past in fighting for their freedom. In Frontierland, playing with guns is something the place naturally invokes. Modern progressive management at Disney World may think as Joe does, that violence needs to be eradicated from our society with a gradual emphasis away from such tasks and on to more intellectual pursuits. But they’d be wrong—of course. All they are really doing is de-clawing children needlessly and to their own future demise. Just ask Joe’s cat Snowball. I doubt that poor animal could hold its own against a wild raccoon. And in the future, neither will the children taught under Joe’s care. When they fail, it will be his fault and many people like him.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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