‘Secrets of the Demons’: Thank Matt Clark for more of ‘The Curse of Fort Seven Mile’.

Matt Clark from WAAM radio had been encouraging me to release more Cliffhanger stories. There are currently three published and available on the sidebar of this information site, but he was eager to see how the story continues. The Cliffhanger stories embodied in the overall work called The Curse of Fort Seven Mile is an endeavor dedicated to those with conservative leanings who have found themselves left behind in a world plunging toward the political left. For a conservative, music, movies, television and literature is absolutely terrible any more so an organization started with me years ago, Cliffhanger Research and Develop has cast forth the effort to resurrect what we love about classic pulp stories while firmly establishing a philosophy for the 22nd Century.517bSgL-wcL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

That goal is set so far out because it will take time. We are already a decade into the 21st Century and the temperament of our geopolitics is worse than ever. I have had the fortune to know several entertainment types at all levels of the industry and can report firsthand that it doesn’t get any better. Clearly the fine book The Naked Communist from 1958 has taken full root and is being implemented as we speak, and there is no coming away from that. Once something emerges into your overall culture, it is there to stay until a new static pattern replaces is. At Cliffhanger Research and Development we have no intentions on changing anything quickly. But we do intend to offer a correction to the current paralysis block by block, and of those lofty goals, the fourth Cliffhanger story in the Curse series is a foundation stone. The story is called Secrets of the Demons.

Evil is amok through the police departments, school houses and every political crevice of Fort Seven Mile. Labor unions, secret societies and drug cartels are revealing their deep plans constructed by a global menace; “The System” to unleash complete control over the human race. An era of chaos seems poised to unleash hopelessness into every home throughout the world, except for the emergence of a curse that refuses to submit. From the shadows comes a solitary savior who seems unstoppable and is threatening to shine light everywhere that darkness rules. In the wake of the masked avenger known as Cliffhanger, the town of Fort Seven Mile is uniting around the heroic obscurity. However the greatest mystery of all is the origin of this gallant madman who defies all odds at every turn. A race is on by the forces who wish to maintain control of mankind’s minds, and a lone reporter who is uncovering a carefully concealed secret which has been suppressed since the emergence of ancient civilization. The Curse of Fort Seven Mile is loose and the world will never be the same again.

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Yes, it is a pretty exciting story. We are very proud of it at Cliffhanger Research and Development and we are also happy to offer it in either a download option or as a printed product. image image imageAdditionally, we are offering several of our books in both formats because if you are like me, you still love an actual printed book. Many people these days download books to their mobile devices, but I’m still one of those old school types who love actual books. Mobile devices go out of date every few years or so but a book you can hold in your hands can last several lifetimes. It’s safe to say that by the time we get to that 22nd Century we will still love books, but the mobile devices we used early in this present century will long be outdated and replaced by something else.

My novel Tail of the Dragon has officially been re-released under full control of Cliffhanger Research and Development now. The new cover design reflects that ownership and is an important step in taking control of its future as a literary work. It is the greatest car chase story in the history of the world. There is no second place contestant. And the story is a classic tale that should appeal to conservatives. Of course these stories are for everyone. I have enjoyed novels and films that were done by bleeding heart liberals. I have been tolerant of their work and even enjoyed it. But they are not as tolerant of conservatives and much of the products of my imagination fall under that category of discrimination by highly radicalized media intent on using art to spread their liberal philosophy.51i5ms0yJvL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

As a preview of the Cliffhanger 5 story upcoming before Thanksgiving I can say that it has a direct tie-in to Rick Stevens from Tail of the Dragon. These literary endeavors are part of a large philosophy that I have been working on for a long time that step well beyond Nietzsche and Ayn Rand to a new level paramount to the role the individual human being played against the backdrop of the universe. To my eyes Plato opened up Pandora’s Box with philosophy leading all future democracies and republics toward an emphasis on collectivism—including our modern education institutions. But this has turned out to be 100% wrong and its time to address those issues with a future solution. Even though the Cliffhanger stories are pulp in their nature and may have a style similar to H.P. Lovecraft, or Johnston McCulley they are for me Jules Verne types of tales with a scope about them to shape the future—as he did.

Experience tells me that the big book publishers of our day and movie production houses are not equipped to deal with the type of material offered by The Curse of Fort Seven Mile—especially offerings like Secrets of the Demons. That particular installment is a combination of the third part of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged combined with Robert Jorden’s Wheel of Time novels and their supernatural revelations set against the backdrop of a reality shaped by quantum physics. I am very proud of Secrets of the Demons and the next installment upcoming. It may take readers several decades to accept some of the proposals, but readers here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom will find that their minds are prepared for the philosophic expansion they should expect from a paid product.

More than anything I have to thank Matt Clark for constantly reminding me of the importance that Cliffhanger can play in the modern marketplace. Its people from his generation that could most benefit from the efforts of Cliffhanger and the stories of those adventures—the first goal of commercial writing is to entertain. But at Cliffhanger Research and Development, we want to do more than that—and it should be quite clear from these literary offerings of the direction and mode of that effort. They would make wonderful Holiday presents and unique gift giving options for the person in your family who is yearning for something better than what the mainstream sources of film, music, literature, and television are presently offering. They are reflections of that old adage, “if you don’t like the way things are being done, then do them yourself.” At Cliffhanger Research and Development, we are, and we think you’ll enjoy the results and will find a home within their contents that is safe, enlightening, and supportive of whom you are as an individual.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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