Pot Users and Insects: How they are one and the same

One of the biggest problems with the way the marijuana push to legalize it within the state of Ohio was displayed clearly in the ballot language itself, shown below. The emphasis of protection from “weed” use and sales was placed on “public” places, such as public schools, churches, parks and libraries. But what were completely ignored are residences and especially home schoolers. What if a neighbor is smoking pot in their backyard in full view of a family who happens to be home schooling their children? Issue 3 and the recreational push for marijuana across the country completely ignore this issue which is probably the most devastating imposition of the proposal. Here is how the ballot languages was presented—notice that the emphasis of the entire legislation is on public protection, not private individuals.

The official ballot text was as follows:[1]

Issue 3

Grants a monopoly for the commercial production and sale of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Proposed by Initiative Petition

To add Section 12 of Article XV of the Constitution of the State of Ohio.

A majority yes vote is necessary for the amendment to pass.

The proposed amendment would:

Endow exclusive rights for commercial marijuana growth, cultivation, and extraction to self-designated landowners who own ten predetermined parcels of land in Butler, Clermont, Franklin, Hamilton, Licking, Lorain, Lucas, Delaware, Stark, and Summit Counties. One additional location may be allowed for in four years only if existing facilities cannot meet consumer demand.

Permit retail sale of recreational marijuana at approximately 1,100 locations statewide. Such retail establishments must have a state license that may be obtained only if the electors of the precinct where the store will be located approve the use of the location for such purpose at a local option election.

Legalize the production of marijuana-infused products, including edible products, concentrates, sprays, ointments and tinctures by marijuana product manufacturing facilities.

Allow each person, 21 years of age or older, to, grow, cultivate, use, possess, and share up to eight ounces of usable homegrown marijuana plus four flowering marijuana plants if the person holds a valid state license. Allow each person, 21 years of age or older, to purchase, possess, transport, use, and share up to 1 ounce of marijuana for recreational use. Authorize the use of medical marijuana by any person, regardless of age, who has a certification for a debilitating medical condition.

Prohibit marijuana establishments within 1,000 feet of a house of worship, public library, public or chartered elementary or secondary school, state-licensed day-care center, or public playground, however: after a certain date, a new day-care, library, etc., cannot force a preexisting marijuana establishment to relocate by opening a new location within 1,000 feet of the business.

Prohibit any local or state law, including zoning laws, from being applied to prohibit the development or operation of marijuana growth, cultivation, and extraction facilities, retail marijuana stores, and medical marijuana dispensaries unless the area is zoned exclusively residential as of January 1, 2015 or as of the date that an application for a license is first filed for a marijuana establishment.

Create a special tax rate limited to 15% on gross revenue of each marijuana growth, cultivation, and extraction facility and marijuana product manufacturing facility and a special tax rate limited to 5% on gross revenue of each retail marijuana store. Revenues from the tax go to a municipal and township government fund, a strong county fund, and the marijuana control commission fund.

Create a marijuana incubator in Cuyahoga County to promote growth and development of the marijuana industry and locate marijuana testing facilities near colleges and universities in Athens, Cuyahoga, Lorain, Mahoning, Scioto and Wood Counties, at a minimum.

Limit the ability of the legislature and local governments from regulating the manufacture, sales, distribution, and use of marijuana and marijuana products. Create a new state government agency called the marijuana control commission (with limited authority) to regulate the industry, comprised of seven Ohio residents appointed by the Governor, including a physician, a law enforcement officer, an administrative law attorney, a patient advocate, a resident experienced in owning, developing, managing and operating businesses, a resident with experience in the legal marijuana industry, and a member of the public.[5]


After the measure was defeated on Election night 2015 a pot supporter wrote me on Twitter to advocate that pot was so similar to alcohol that it was an unfair prohibition. Well, I’m rather sick of that argument. It is not the same, and for the record, I don’t like to look over the fence into a neighbor’s backyard and see a bunch of drunks drinking beer and carrying on. If they stay to themselves, it’s a personal freedom issue, but if that carries over into my life, it’s something else that intrudes on me. Intoxication in all forms is disgusting and is something I don’t want children I care about to see as their young minds are building hope for their futures.

I saw two young people smoking dope in the car next to me at a traffic light just the other day, a West Chester cop sitting behind both of us watching smoke pour out of the windows. The kids probably anticipating the mood of the nation and potential of Issue 3 to pass had an arrogance about them that I’ve only seen recently. Just five years ago with a cop car behind them, those same types of kids would be stuffing that pot under their seats afraid of being caught. Now dope smoking millennials have been led to believe that marijuana is acceptable in public due to the massive amounts of money that has been spent promoting it by progressive groups. When I was a kid it was actors like Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood who were the stars of cinema and they didn’t smoke pot on-screen. There are reports that Ford smoked it with the cast and crew of the Star Wars films, but that was kept tightly under wraps until the present time, because it used to be shameful. Now young people have Seth Rogen, Seth MacFarlane, and several others who openly advocate pot use. Kids today don’t have a chance as their role models are dead head pot scum. They don’t care about the current laws because they’ve been convinced that its equivalent to the prohibition movement of a century ago.

But pot is different; it’s a mind altering drug that stays in the fat cells of your body way too long. With alcohol, there is a natural regulator, it takes a toll on your body to consume too much—so there is a natural risk and reward element to it. If you drink too much, the next day there will be a price to pay. Marijuana steps around that issue and gives all the fun about “losing your mind” without the negative effects which provides too much of an incentive for a country to be weak-willed and lack luster. Progressives are obviously behind the pot push to change the country from a conservative one into a liberal one in the same fashion that Indians were easily conquered by getting them addicted to alcohol. The same is happening to our youth.

I’ve been to rock concerts and parties where there was a lot of pot smoked, and I have always felt the way I do about it. I never took it and I never will and I always looked down on people who did it. It’s a weak and pathetic substance that isn’t good for the human mind in any fashion. And I shouldn’t have to smell it in my back yard. Kids shouldn’t have to see it in a car at a traffic light. And I shouldn’t have to walk down the road and see a pot store next to anything. As it stands right now, I don’t see pot. It may be easy to get, but so are insects. If I want to find them, I can. But I typically don’t notice them out in the open. Drugs and insects have that in common. What pot users want is to function out in the open, and that is an insult to me and people like me.

The next step for the pot people is to try again with medical marijuana as a gateway to public acceptance. They won’t go away. They will be back just like insects are when you leave food out too long. Their parasitic nature will mandate it. What they want is for their vile behavior to be accepted—legally, and if we allow that to happen, it won’t just be arrogant kids in cars smoking weed—they’ll be in out in the open everywhere, because the stigma will have been removed. And once that happens, it’s over. You can’t get back to a time when pot heads, losers, and scum bags hid themselves form the sight of the righteous. Once pot is legal in any way, the insects of our existence will have a foothold into the world of goodness, and will seek with every effort they have to ruin our lives with their presence.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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